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A list of Lithuanian newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, national news, and international news.

Lithuania is a highly developed European country in the world. The country has the oldest language, also known for beautiful natural scenery and beauty.

Lithuania Main Newspapers

Here are the main Lithuanian newspapers in the Lithuanian and English languages given below.

Lietuvos Rytas

Lietuvos Rytas is one of the most read Lithuanian newspapers in the Lithuanian language. The daily newspaper has several supplements such as Rytai-Vakara, Sostin, and Laikinoji Sostinė.


Respublika is one of the most circulated Lithuanian newspapers in the Lithuanian and Russian languages. The national newspaper has several sister newspapers such as Vakaro Žinios, and Žalgiris.

Verslo žinios

Verslo Zinios is a leading newspaper in Lithuania that is distributed weekly. The national newspaper is based on business news, commercial news, and financial news.

Vilniaus Diena

Vilniaus Diena is one of the most popular Lithuanian newspapers in the Lithuanian language. The daily newspaper is owned by Diena Media News located in Vilnius.

15 min (Penkiolika minučių)

15 min is the largest news site among Lithuanian newspapers online. It distributes free daily newspapers in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda.

Kauno Diena

Kauna Diena is a renowned regional newspaper that is distributed in Kaunas. The national newspaper has sister newspapers such as Vilniaus Diena, and Klaipėdos Diena.

Vakarų Ekspresas

Vakaru Ekspresas is one of the largest regional Lithuanian newspapers. The daily newspaper provides several supplements named Eteris, Autosalonas, Sveikata, and more.


Voruta is a Lithuanian newspaper that is mainly focused on historical content. The major newspaper is founded in 1989 in Lithuania.

ELTA (Lietuvos naujienų agentūra)

ELTA is an online news agency in Lithuania in the English language that publishes news on sports, politics, culture, business, and more.

Alytaus Naujienos

Alytaus Naujienos is the only regional newspaper in Southern Lithuania in the English and Lithuanian languages that deliver community news and updates.

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Lithuanian Newspapers Online

Lithuania news sites and news portal gives update 24/7 to the Lithuanian people.

  • Druskonis – Druskonis is one of the detailed Lithuanian newspapers that is published weekly.
  • Banga – Banga is a city newspaper in Lithuania that reports on business, culture, and social news.
  • Kmintys – Kmintys is a local newspaper based in Kupiskenai that provides community news and updates.
  • – is a Lithuanian-language newspaper that features national news, Lithuania news now, and international news.
  • Grokiskis – Grokiskis is an independent newspaper that gives regional news,  Lithuania news, country news, and events.
  • Lietuvos žinios – Lietuvos Zinios is one of the oldest newspapers that started in 1909 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • BNS (Baltic News Service) – BNS claims to be the largest news agency in the Baltic States that casts national and world news.
  • Siauliu Krastas – Siauliu Krastas is a regional newspaper that is distributed in Siauliai, Lithuania.
  • ‎Klaipeda – Klaipeda is a city newspaper that delivers news on business news, culture news, Lithuania news, and world news.
  • ‎Bernardinai – Bernardinai is an online independent newspaper in the Lithuanian and English languages.
  •  – is a prominent newspaper in Lithuania that gives updates on European latest news.
  • Litovskiy Kurier – Litovskiy Kurier is a Russian-language newspaper in Lithuania that delivers Lithuanian daily news and local news.
  • L24 – L24 is an English-language newspaper among Lithuanian newspapers that gives coverage 24/7 in Lithuania and Lithuania news today.
  • Nyksciai – Nyksciai is a regional news portal based in Anykscial in the Lithuanian and English languages.
  •‎ – is a local newspaper that provides Lithuanian news now, Lithuanian news today.
  • Anyksta‎ – Anyksta is one of the most circulated domestic newspapers located in Anyksta, Lithuania.
  • ‎Veidas – Veidas is a national newspaper that covers political news, Lithuania news today, abroad news, society news, and Lithuania news.
  • Santarve – Santarve delivers national news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news.
  • Ukmerges Zinios – Ukmerges Zinios is a community newspaper that is published in Ukmerge, Moletai, Sirvintos, and Anykscial.
  • Gyvenimas – Gyvenimas is a regional newspaper that is distributed in Prienai and Britons.
  • Santaka – Santaka features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Kedainietis – Kedainietis is a community newspaper that provides regional news and events.
  • Delfi – Delfi reports daily news on health, education, business, culture, national, and lifestyle.
  • Utenos Diena – Utenos Diena is an independent Lithuanian language newspaper in Lithuania.
  • Gimtoji Zeme – Gimtoji Zeme is a well-known newspaper in the Lithuanian language in Lithuania.
  • Telsiu Zinios – Telsiu Zinios is also available on social media platforms for national and international readers.
  • ‎Elektrenu Kronika – Elektrenu Kronika publishes trending news, latest news of Lithuania, recent news.
  • Suvalkietis – Suvalkietis is a daily newspaper in Lithuania that has 24/7 coverage of Lithuania.
  • ‎Svencionu Krastas – Svencionu Krastas is also on social media to create a community for readers.
  • Kalvotoji Zemaitija‎ – Kalvotoji Zemaitija is a Lithuanian news portal that publishes Lithuanian news now, and Lithuanian news today.

Hence, Lithuanian newspapers are a great source of daily communication for Lithuanian people.

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