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A list of Iceland newspapers that contain sports news, Iceland travel news, business news, daily news, national news and international news,

Iceland is one of the highly developed countries in the world located in Northern Europe. The country is known as the land of fire & ice, also for the beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage.

Iceland National Newspapers

Here are the top newspapers in the Icelandic language in Iceland given below.


Frettablaoio is one of the most read Iceland newspapers in the Icelandic language. The tabloid formatted newspaper is free that is printed five days per week.


Morgunblaoio is one of the most popular newspapers in the Icelandic language. The daily newspaper has a news site that is also the most viewed website in the country.


IceNews is an independent online news site that provides business news, country news, economy news, health news, political news, lifestyle news in the English language.


MBL.IS is an English language news portal that publishes cultural news, political news, natural news, weather updates, Iceland travel guidelines to the Icelanders.

Bæjarins Besta (BB)

Bæjarins Besta is a major newspaper among Iceland newspapers in the Icelandic language. The newspaper delivers popular news, sports news, trending news in the country and worldwide.


Eyjafrettir is a community newspaper in the Icelandic and English languages. The daily newspaper delivers the latest news of Iceland, sports news, cultural news and events to the Icelanders.

Felag Leiosogumanna

Felag Leiosogumanna is an online news site that gives updates of Iceland travel news, guidelines, tip and relevant information in the Icelandic language.


Feykir is a regional newspaper in Iceland that covers community news, sports news, recent news, cultural events to the Icelandic people regularly online. is an online newspaper in Iceland that features health news, human life, sports news and local news weekly, also has a TV and radio stations for the nation.

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Iceland News Live

Along with Iceland newspapers, Iceland news channel, and news sites also publishes news regularly.

  • Skessuhorn – Skessuhorn is a local newspaper among Iceland’s national newspapers that contains community news, current news in Iceland, and regional updates.
  • – is an Iceland news channel that casts rural news, lifestyle news, Iceland news now, travel news and cultural events in the Icelandic language.
  • Víkurfréttir – Vikurfrettir provides is a news site that mainly sports news and cultural news, events to the Icelanders among Iceland sports newspapers.
  • Kopavogsbladid – Kopavogsbladid features relevant information, Iceland news today, blogs, Iceland news live, articles, and political discussions to the Icelandic people around the world.
  • Vidskiptabladid – Vidskiptabladid is a weekly newspaper that provides business news, financical news, commercial news founded in 1994.
  • Pressan‎ – Pressan is an online weekly newspaper in Iceland that covers daily lives news of people, national news, and international news.
  • Sykkisholms Posturinn – Sykkisholms Posturinn is an Iceland blog site that contains development and planning of municipal areas of Iceland.
  • Austur Frett – Austur Frett is a national newspaper that publishes local news, Iceland news now, domestic news, country news to the nation.
  • ‎Hunahornid – Hunahornid is a leading newspaper in Iceland that gathers community news, local news, Iceland news today, and interesting events happening there.
  • Sunnlenska – Sunnlenska is also active in social media platforms to keep updated readers and create a community.

After all, Iceland newspapers provide us the latest and major information of the country.

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