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A list of Estonian newspapers that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, national news, and international news.

Estonia is an incredibly highly developed country situated in Northeastern Europe. The county is known for its advanced technology lifestyle, well standard life, and untouched natural beauty.

About Estonian Newspapers

Estonia has a vibrant and diverse media landscape with a wide range of newspapers available in both print and online formats. Here are some of the most popular Estonian newspapers:

  1. Postimees – Founded in 1857, Postimees is one of the oldest and largest newspapers in Estonia. It has a daily circulation of around 50,000 and covers national and international news, politics, business, sports, and culture.
  2. Eesti Päevaleht – Eesti Päevaleht is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1944. It has a daily circulation of around 15,000 and covers news, politics, business, and culture.
  3. Äripäev – Founded in 1989, Äripäev is a daily business newspaper that covers finance, economics, and business news. It has a daily circulation of around 9,000.
  4. Õhtuleht – Õhtuleht is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1995. It has a daily circulation of around 21,000 and covers news, entertainment, sports, and culture.
  5. Maaleht – Maaleht is a weekly newspaper that is focused on rural issues, agriculture, and countryside life. It has a weekly circulation of around 40,000.
  6. Kesknädal – Kesknädal is a weekly newspaper that is aimed at Estonia’s Russian-speaking population. It covers news, politics, and culture.

These are just a few examples of the many Estonian newspapers available. There are also a number of regional newspapers, as well as online-only news sources.

Estonian Largest Newspapers

Here are Estonian largest newspapers given below according to the most circulated newspapers in the country.


Aripaev is a financial tabloid formatted newspaper among Estonian newspapers. The leading daily newspaper was founded in 1989 in the Estonian language.


Ohtuleht is one of the biggest Estonian newspapers formatted in tabloid style. The national newspaper is the first to appear online daily in Estonia.

Eesti Paevaleht

Eesti Paevaleht is one of the largest newspapers among Estonian newspapers in the Estonian language. The newspaper has a sister paper named Eesti Ekspress that is published weekly.

Eesti Ekspress

Eesti Ekspress is the first-ever politically independent newspaper in Estonia that is printed once a week. The newspaper is considered one of the most popular newspapers in the country.

Laane Elu

Laane Elu is a common regional newspaper based in Haapsalu, Estonia in the Estonian language started its journey in 1989.


Sakala is the first political and one of the most read newspapers in the Estonian language that is printed daily in Estonia.

Uma Leht

Uma Leht is the only newspaper in Southern Estonia in the Voro language that is founded in 2000 in Estonia.

Delovye Vedomosti

Delovye Vedomosti is a financial newspaper among Estonian newspapers that is published in the Russian language. The national newspaper is founded in 1996 and distributed once a week.


Maaleht is the biggest weekly newspaper in the Estonian language that is distributed in Estonia and was established in 1987.

Harju Elu

Harju Elu is a regional weekly newspaper based in Harju County, Estonia. The paper was founded in 1944 and printed in the Estonian language.

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Estonian News Online

Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and several languages are very common in Estonia. However, people are also familiar with the English language.

  • Kesknadal – Kesknadal is an Estonian weekly newspaper that is focused on political news founded in 1999.
  • Saarte Haal – Saarte Haal is a daily newspaper in the Estonian language based in Saare County, Estonia.
  • Postimees – Postimees is one of the biggest daily Estonian newspapers owned by Postimees Group.
  • Sonumitooja – Sonumitooja is a local newspaper that features sports news, political news, European news, entertainment news, and business news.
  • Pohjarannik – Pohjarannik is a regional newspaper that covers rural life, European news, community news, local news, and national news.
  • Jarva Teataja – Jaarva Teataja is a regional newspaper based in Paide, Jarva County owned by the Postimees group.
  • Severnoje Poberezje – Severnoje Poberezje is a community newspaper in the Estonian language known for Estonian daily updates.
  • Virumaa Teataja – Virumaa Teataja is another common newspaper that serves Estonian people with Estonian news, current affairs, and issues.
  • MK Estoniia – MK Estoniia gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news, current news, and Estonian online news to the people.
  • Narva – Narva is a local newspaper in the Russian language that is based in Narva, Estonia publishes daily.
  • Vooremaa – Vooremaa is the official newspaper in the Estonian language based in Jogeva County in Estonia.
  • Hiiu Leht – Hiiu Leht is a national newspaper based in Estonia that serves Estonian people around the world.
  • Baltische Rundschau – Baltiache Rundschau is a German-language newspaper that contains business news in Estonia.
  • Raplamaa Sonumid – Raplamaa Sonumid is a major newspaper among Estonian newspapers that provides current affairs in the Estonian language.
  • Lounaleht – Lounaleht is an Estonian newspaper that publishes news on health, education, business, culture, and arts.
  • – is an Estonian news site that features Estonian daily news, European news, political news, cultural news, and international news.
  • Kuulutaja – Kuulutaja is a national newspaper in Estonia that features relevant information, different articles, and trending topics in the Estonian language.
  • Komsomolskaya Pravada – Komsomolskaya Pravada is a digital newspaper among European newspapers to the Estonian people.
  • – is an Estonian news site in the Estonian language that gives Estonian facts, daily news, and international news.
  • – is a general newspaper known for articles, and blogs on European, Estonian and international issues.
  • Telegram – Telegram is a popular newspaper for containing international news, political issues, and European news.
  • Baltic Times – Baltic Times is an independent newspaper that features business news, political news, economical news, and cultural news that is distributed monthly in the English language.

As Estonia is developed in the technology sector so it is quite common for Estonian news sites along with printed  Estonian newspapers.

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Q: What are some popular Estonian newspapers?

A: Some popular Estonian newspapers include Postimees, Eesti Päevaleht, Õhtuleht, and Delfi.

Q: Is it possible to read Estonian newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Estonian newspapers have an online version that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: Are Estonian newspapers published in Estonian only?

A: Yes, most Estonian newspapers are published in the Estonian language only.

Q: Can I subscribe to Estonian newspapers if I don’t live in Estonia?

A: Yes, most Estonian newspapers offer digital subscriptions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: Are Estonia newspapers politically biased?

A: Most Estonian newspapers strive to maintain journalistic integrity and impartiality, but some may have a leaning toward certain political views.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Estonia?

A: Yes, the Baltic Times is an English-language newspaper based in Estonia that covers news from the Baltic states.

Q: How frequently is Estonian news in English published?

A: Most Estonian newspapers are published daily, but some are published weekly or monthly.

Q: How can I submit an article or letter to the editor of an Estonian newspaper?

A: Most Estonian newspapers have a website where you can submit articles or letters to the editor. You can also contact the newspaper directly for submission guidelines.

Q: Are there any free Estonian news in English?

A: Yes, some Estonian newspapers are available for free, such as Pealinn and Linnaleht, which are distributed in the capital city of Tallinn.

Q: Can I trust the information provided in Estonian newspapers in English?

A: Most Estonian newspapers have a reputation for providing accurate and reliable information, but it is always important to verify the information from multiple sources before forming an opinion.

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