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A list of Haiti newspapers that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, cultural news, national news, and international news.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world located in North America. The country has gone through a lot of crises and still owns beautiful scenery, beaches, and mountains.

About Haiti Newspapers

Haiti has a vibrant and diverse newspaper industry, with several daily and weekly publications serving the country’s population. While the industry faces several challenges, including limited access to resources and political instability, Haiti’s newspapers continue to play a crucial role in informing citizens about current events and promoting freedom of speech.

One of the most prominent newspapers in Haiti is Le Nouvelliste, which has been in publication since 1898. Le Nouvelliste is a daily newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and culture. The newspaper is known for its in-depth reporting and investigative journalism and is considered one of the most influential media outlets in Haiti.

Another well-known newspaper in Haiti is Haiti Liberte, a weekly publication that was founded in 1994. Haiti Liberte covers social and political issues in Haiti and is known for its left-leaning perspective. The newspaper is published in both English and French and is widely read by Haitians living in the diaspora.

Other newspapers in Haiti include Le Matin, which was founded in 1908 and is one of the oldest newspapers in the country. Le Matin covers a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, and culture. Another notable newspaper is Le National, which was founded in 1994 and is known for its investigative reporting and political commentary.

While Haiti’s newspapers face several challenges, including limited funding and political pressure, they continue to serve as an important source of information for citizens. The newspapers play a crucial role in holding politicians and other powerful figures accountable and promoting transparency and democracy in Haiti. Despite the obstacles they face, Haiti’s newspapers remain a vital part of the country’s media landscape.

Haiti Newspapers Online

The French language is the official language of Haiti, so the news media are here in the same language but the English and Haitian Creole.

Le Nouvelliste

Le Nouvelliste is one of the oldest and largest newspapers in Haiti newspapers in the French language. The newspaper covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Alter Presse

Alter Presse is a news media in the French language that covers Haiti news today, the latest news of Haiti, breaking news, and national, and international news to the Haitians.

Haiti Libre

Haiti Libre is a leading newspaper in the French language among local Haitian newspapers that contains daily news, cultural news, sports news, and political news.

Loop Haiti

Loop Haiti is an online newspaper in Haiti founded in 2004. It provides cultural news, national news, daily Haitian news, and international news.

Rezo Nodwes

Rezo Nodwes is a Haitian online news site in the French and English languages that publishes daily news, and the latest Haiti news regularly.

Juno 7

Juno 7 is a national newspaper in the French language that contains news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle for the Haitians regularly.

Le National

Le National is a county newspaper among Haitian local newspapers that provides national news, community news, city news, and world news daily.

Haiti Press Network

Haiti Press Network is a Haitian online news media that contains relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.

Ici Haiti

Ici Haiti is an English-language newspaper in Haiti that reports on all the latest news of Haiti in briefs to the Haitians.

Haiti 24

Haiti 24 is a popular news site that features 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and current news in the French and English languages to the Haitians.

Tout Haiti

Tout Haiti gives coverage of Caribbean updates, Haiti national news, international news, current news, and Haitian facts in the French language.

Haiti Liberte

Haiti Liberte casts Haiti tourism updates, travel guidelines, upcoming events, and cultural updates in the French language.


NetAlkole is an online newspaper among Haitian newspapers established in 2016 that publishes daily Haitian news, current news, international news, and Haitian facts.

Haiti Progres

Hait Progres is a weekly newspaper based in the USA founded in 1983. The newspaper is available in the French language, English, and Haitian Creole languages.

In addition, Haitian news sites are very popular including Haiti newspapers to the nation.

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Q: What are some popular newspapers in Haiti?

A: Some popular newspapers in Haiti include Le Nouvelliste, Haiti Observateur, Le Matin, and Le National.

Q: Do Haitian newspapers publish in English or French?

A: Most Haitian newspapers publish in French and/or Haitian Creole. Some may occasionally include articles in English.

Q: Are there any online newspapers available in Haiti?

A: Yes, many Haitian newspapers have an online presence, including Le Nouvelliste, Haiti Observateur, Le Matin, and Le National.

Q: What topics do Haitian newspapers cover?

A: Haitian newspapers cover a range of topics, including politics, economy, social issues, culture, sports, and entertainment.

Q: Can I subscribe to Fouko Haiti news today if I live outside of Haiti?

A: Yes, some Haitian newspapers offer online subscriptions for readers outside of Haiti.

Q: Are Haitian newspapers reliable sources of information?

A: As with any newspaper, it is important to consider the credibility and bias of the source. However, many Haitian newspapers have a reputation for quality journalism and investigative reporting.

Q: How often does Haiti libre news publish?

A: Most Haitian newspapers publish daily or weekly, with some publishing less frequently.

Q: Can I submit an article or opinion piece to Haitian time?

A: Yes, many Haitian newspapers welcome submissions from readers, although it is important to follow their guidelines for submission.

Q: Are Haitian newspapers available in print or only online?

A: Haitian newspapers are available in both print and online formats. However, some newspapers may only be available in one format.

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