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A list of Hungarian newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, cultural news, daily news, and international news.

Hungary is one of the highly developed countries in the world situated in Central Europe. The country is one of the oldest countries in Europe and is especially known for Olympic medal winners.

Top Hungarian Newspapers

Here are the top Hungarian newspapers in the Hungary language given below.


Blikk is one of the most circulated Hungarian newspapers in tabloid format. The daily Hungarian language newspaper has several editions named Vasarnapi Blikk, Blikk Tv Magazine, and Blikk Nok.

Magyer Namzet

Magyer Namzet is one of the most popular Hungarian newspapers founded in 1938. The broadsheet formatted newspaper has an online presence for readers around the world.


Nepszabadsag is a daily newspaper among Hungarian newspapers based in Budapest & owned by a Swiss media company that publishes in the Hungary language.

Nemzeti Sport

Nemzeti Sport is a sports newspaper among Hungary sports newspapers in the Hungary language. The newspaper is one of the largest circulated and reliable new sources of sports in Hungary.


Nepszava is one of the most read Hungarian newspapers based on social democracy. The Hungarian language newspaper was founded in 1877 that provides Hungary news daily.


Vilaggazdasag is a daily leading newspaper based in business in Hungary. The Hungarian language newspaper has a weekly sister newspaper named Heti.

Vas Nepe

Vas Nepe is a regional newspaper among Hungarian newspapers that is distributed in Vas County. The daily newspaper has weekend editions on automotive, construction, television, and radio reviews.

Mai Nap

Mai Nap is a Hungarian news site that promotes country news, sports news, world news, cultural programs, tv programs, and entertainment shows in both Hungary and the English languages.

Budapest Times

Budapest Times is one of the most read Hungarian newspapers in the English language. The monthly newspaper has a sister newspaper in the German language named Budapester Zeitung.

Elet es Irodalom

Elet es Irodalom is a weekly newspaper in the Hungarian language that covers political news, literature news, and updates in Hungary.

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Hungarian National Newspapers

Hungary newspapers provide local news, Budapest city news, and international news to the people around the world.

  • Figyelo – Figyelo is a Hungarian magazine mainly focused on business news, and updates that are printed each Thursday.
  • Bors  – Bors is a Hungarian language newspaper that is also available online, started its journey in 1989.
  • Budapester Zeitung  – Budapester Zeitung is a leading weekly private-owned newspaper in the German language based in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Pester Lloyd  – Pester Lloyd is a daily German-language newspaper online that focused on Hungary news and Easter Europe.
  • – is an online newspaper in the Hungry language, one of the most viewed websites in the country.
  • XpatLoop – XpatLoop is a well-known news portal in Hungary that features traditional news, cultural news, Budapest news, European news, and business news regularly since 2001.
  • Budapest Beacon – Budapest Beacon is an online news media in Hungary that casts daily Hungary news, the latest news of Hungary owned by Real Reporting Foundation.
  • Portfolio – Portfolio is an online newspaper among Hungarian newspapers that covers financial, business, and commercial news.
  •‎ – is a Hungarian blog site that contains different lifestyle news, European news, Hungary news now, article, and relevant information to the Hungary people.
  • ATV – ATV telecasts different programs, shows, news, and interviews in Hungary and English languages to the nation.
  • Szeretlek Magyarorszag – Szeretlek Magyarorszag is a culture-based online newspaper in the Hungary language.
  • Mandiner – Mandiner is a news magazine that is distributed once a week in the Hungarian language and owned by Mandiner Press Kft.
  • – is an online newspaper among Hungarian newspapers that contain daily Hungary news, Hungary news today, and international news.
  • Heves Megyei Hirlap – ‎Heves Megyei Hirlap is a regional newspaper in the Hungary language based in Heves County.
  • Le Petit Journal‎ – La Petit Journal delivers political news, business news, financial news, Budapest news, and lifestyle to the Hungarian news.
  • – is a Hungarian language news site that publishes news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Pecsi Napilap – Pecsi Napilap reports on policy, economy, sports, culture, and world news in the English and Hungarian languages.
  • Pecsi Ujsag – Pecsi Ujsag provides mainly sports news, local news, financial news, and foreign news to the Hungary people.

Hungarian News Portal

Hungarian news sites and news media covers 24/7 news and updates of Hungary, Budapest city news and world news.

  • Nógrá – is an online Hungarian news site that gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and current news to the nation.
  • Origo – Origo is an independent Hungarian news portal that covers health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • – reports relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Hungary language.
  • 444 – 444 is a community news site that reports on county news, current affairs, international news, and political news.
  • Pedagogusok Lapja – Pedagogusok Lapja is a community newspaper that publishes educational information, training, and awareness in the Hungary & English languages.
  • Fejer Megyei Hírlap – Fejer Megyei Hirlap is a regional newspaper in the Hungary language that is based in Fejer County.
  • Delmagyarorszag – Delmagyarorszag is a daily newspaper in the Hungary language based in Csongrad County.
  • Magyar Idok – Magyar Idok is a regional newspaper in Hungary that contains daily news, Hungary news today,  political news, and cultural news worldwide.
  • Napi – Napi is a daily online Hungarian news site that provides business, financial, investment news, and commercial news.
  • Magyar Forum – Magyar Forum describes crime news, investigative news, Hungary news now, and political articles to the Hungary people
  • Elet es Tudomany – Elet es Tudomany is a Hungarian news forum on science, research, and communication news that provides weekly.
  • Szabad Fold – Szabad Fold is a weekly Hungarian newspaper located in Budapest, Hungary that is founded in 1945.
  • Uj szo – Uj Szo is a news media that delivers agricultural news, sports news, local news, and health, and abroad news.
  • Dunaujvaros Online‎ – Dunaujvaros Online is an online Hungarian newspaper that covers community news, sports news, events, and regional updates.
  • ‎Budapest Business Journal – Budapest Business Journal is a business newspaper in the Hungarian language based in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Le Journal Francophone de – Le Journal Francophone de is an online French-language newspaper that is focused on cultural news.
  • Net Hirlap‎ – Net Hirlap is a popular news site in Hungary that casts mainly on technology and community news.
  • Xin Dao Bao – Xin Dao Bao is a Chinese-language news portal in Hungary that publishes daily Hungarian local updates.
  • Ludove Noviny – Ludove Noviny is a Slovak language newspaper that features community news, national news, and international news.
  • Magyar Tokepiac‎ – Magyar Tokepiac is an online Hungary news site that provides local news, community news, regional news, and Hungarian news daily.
  • Info Miskolc – Info Miskolc is a Hungarian language that publishes current news, Hungary facts, daily news, international news.
  • American-Hungarian News – American-Hungarian News is a community news portal that serves Hungarian people living in USA & Canada.
  • Havaria Press – Havaria Press is a Hungarian news agency that casts Hungary’s latest news, and daily Hungarian news.

Hence, Hungarian newspapers play a vital role of daily communication lives of the nation.

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