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A list of Saudi Arabia newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Saudi Arabia is one of the developed countries that is located in Western Asia. The Arabian country is globally known for Kaaba, Masjid Al Nabawai, Mecca, and oil richness.

Top Saudi Arabia Newspapers

Here are the top Saudi Arabia newspapers in the Arabia and English languages mentioned below.

Al Riyadh

Al Riyadh is one of the dominant broadsheet formatted daily Saudi Arabia newspapers in the Arabic language with its sister newspaper Riyadh Daily.

Al Madina

Al Madina is one of the oldest Saudi newspapers in the Arabic language that has achieved two major prizes in Saudi Arabia & founded in 1937.

Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette is a popular English-language daily newspaper among Saudi Arabia newspapers that has a sister newspaper called Okaz, based in Jeddah.

Al Jazirah

Al Jazirah is a major broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that has an afternoon newspaper named Al Masaiya in the Arabic language that started in 1960.

Al Eqtisadiah

Al Eqtisadiah is a popular daily business newspaper in Saudi Arabia that has several sister newspapers named Arab News and Asharq al Awsat.


Al-Watan is a leading influential daily newspaper among Saudi newspapers that has also an international sister newspaper named Harian Metro.

Asharq al Awsat

Ashraq al Awsat is a London-based broadsheet formatted Saudi newspaper in the Arabic language that is founded in 1978 covering Saudi daily news.

Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya reports on relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Arabic language to the nation regularly. features news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the Arabic and English languages of the Saudi people.

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Saudia Arabian News

There are many regional and local Saudi newspapers to serve the whole country.

  • – is an online newspaper that publishes Saudi Arabia news today, Saudi news daily, and Arab news.
  • Arab News – Arab News is an English-language daily newspaper that is distributed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Elaph – Elaph features local news, social news, community news, cultural news, and events.
  • Al Weeam – Al Weeam is an Arabic-language daily newspaper among Saudi Arabia newspapers.
  • Makkah News – Makkah News is a Makkah-based news media that features breaking news and headlines from Saudi.
  • Albilad Daily – Albilad Daily delivers business news, cultural news, and sports news to the Saudi people.
  • Al-Jazirah Online – Al Jazirah Online is a well-known news agency in Saudi Arabia that casts Saudi Arabia news today, and Arab daily news.
  • – is a news media in Saudi Arabia that casts local news, Arab news, and Middle East news in the English language.
  • – presents Saudi Arabia news today, Middle East news, Asian news, Arab news, and Saudi news online.
  • – is an online newspaper covering environment, culture, society, business, tech, sports issues, etc.
  • Umm Al Qura – Umm Al Qura is a news portal that contains news on politics, the economy, technology, education, and more.
  • Abunawaf – Abunawaf reports on Middle East news, Asian news, Arab news, and Saudi news online in the Arabic language.
  • Bab – Bab is an online newspaper that publishes social news, youth news, human rights, and current affairs.
  • Afif news – Afif News publishes analytical news, country news, state news, international news, and national news.
  • Sauress – Sauress reports on social news, economic news, world news, cultural news, and political events.
  • – is an online newspaper that provides the latest news and updates on the world to the Muslim community.
  • SPA – Saudi Press Agency (in Arabic) – SPA-Saudi Press Agency is a national agency that broadcasts Arab news and Saudi news in the Arabic language.
  • Saudi Press Agency (SPA) (in English) – Another version of Saudi Press Agency is in the English language that casts Saudi Arabia news regularly.

Hence, Saudi Arabia newspapers represent the current affairs and situations of the country.

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