Uruguay Newspapers & News In Spanish

A list of Uruguay newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Uruguay is one of the developing countries that is located in South America. The smallest country in South America is known for Soccer, Luis Suarez, & tourist spots.

Top Uruguay Newspapers

Here are the top Uruguay newspapers in the Spanish language given below.

El País

El Pais is one of the most widely circulated Uruguay newspapers in the Spanish language that is available in Montevideo & was established in 1918.

El Observador

El Observador is one of the most popular Uruguay newspapers in the Spanish language that is distributed Uruguay & founded in 1991.


Futbol.com.uy is a common newspaper that provides sports news, football news, and league sports news in Spanish and English languages.


LaRed21 delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Spanish language for the Uruguay people.

La Republica

La Republica is a leading daily online newspaper among South American newspapers that delivers national news, country news, and world news.

MercoPress (English version)

MercoPress is an English-language newspaper that covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.


Busqueda is a tabloid-formatted weekly newspaper that is mainly focused on political and economical news in the Spanish language in Uruguay.

Montevideo Portal‎

Montevideo Portal is a Montevideo-based news portal that features Uruguay news live, Uruguay news now, and South American news.


Espectador.com is a national news site that casts South American news, regional news, Montevideo daily news, cultural news, and events.

San Jose Ahora‎

San Jose Ahora is a Spanish-language newspaper that contains Uruguay’s online news daily, political news, economical news, and more.

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Uruguay News Online

There are many local and regional newspapers in Uruguay to serve the whole nation.

  • 180 – 180 is a Spanish-language news site that casts Uruguay news daily, cultural news, and programs.
  • UY Press‎ – UY Press is a news agency that broadcasts news live video, recent news, and trending news.
  • La Paloma Hoy – La Paloma Hoy is a Spanish-language newspaper among Uruguay newspapes for Uruguayans.
  • El Pueblo – El Pueblo is a Salto-based newspaper providing the latest and breaking news of Uruguay.
  • Diario Cambio – Diario Cambio is a regional news media that delivers local news, social news, economical news, and more updates.
  • Diario Norte – Diario Norte is a familiar city newspaper that serves Rivera county, Uruguay.
  • Salto al Dia – Salto al Dia provides regional, local, national, and provincial news in the Spanish language.
  • Maldonado Noticias – Maldonado Noticias publish sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news.
  • Info Rio – Info Rio contains Uruguay news live, Uruguay news now, and Montevideo news.
  • Periodico Centenario – Periodico Centenario is a national daily newspaper among Uruguay newspapers.
  • Durazno‎ – Durazno serves 24/7 coverage, breaking news, current news, and headlines to the Uruguay people.
  • Cronicas – Cronicas provides daily news flash, bulletin, and recent news of Latin America.
  • La Prensa – La Prensa has news columns on health, province, education, society, opinion, etc.
  • El Acontecer – El Acontecer reports on community news, regional news, state news, and government news.
  • Sociedad Uruguaya – Sociedad Uruguaya casts community news, technology news, youth news, and European news.
  • Todo El Campo – Todo El Campo publishes news on agriculture, politics, economy, and country.
  • ‎Pagina 33 – Pagina 33 is a common news site that provides 24/7 updates on Latin America.
  • ‎Carmelo Portal – Carmelo Portaldelivers Uruguay news online, Uruguay news now, and South American news.
  • Ecos Diarios Necochea – Ecos Diarios Necochea is a daily that mainly reports on political news and socio-economical news.
  • Diario Cronicas – Diario Cronicas gives social, economic, political, and cultural news to Uruguay’s people.
  • Diario Tiempo – Diario Tiempo is an Uruguay news provider that is also available online for global readers.
  • La Democracia – La Democracia is a prime news site in the English and Spanish languages.
  • Helvecia – Helvecia is an online news provider reporting on economics, finance, health, etc 24/7.
  • Colonia Noticias – Colonia Noticias broadcasts world news, community highlights, and the latest stories.
  • SemanarioCentro – SemanarioCentro is a common newsaper in the Spanish language among Uruguay newspapers.
  • Artigas Noticias – Artigas Noticias has multiple social media platforms to keep always updated to the reader.
  • ‎Fray Bentos – Fray Bentos covers Uruguay news live, Montevideo news, and South American news.
  • La Colonia‎ – La Colonia focuses on arts, technology, local news, community news, and events.
  • 20 Once Paysandu – 20 Once Paysandu
  • ‎Ahora Noticias – Ahora Noticias gives social, economic, and political news in the Spanish language.
  • Actualidad‎ – Actualidad expresses social news, economical news, youth news, and current affairs.
  • Flores – Flores reveals news on culture, real estate, media, and politics in the Spanish language.
  • Propuesta – Propuesta provides agricultural news, business news, finance, global economy, and analytical news.
  • Noticias Rocha – Noticias Rocha expresses Uruguay news live, Uruguay news now, and South American news.
  • Punta del Este al Dia – Punta del Este al Dia is a news media in the Spanish and English languages that is available online for global readers.

Hence, Uruguay newspapers online serve the nation with the current affairs and issues of Latin America.

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