List Of Banks In Qatar (Qatari Banks)

A list of banks in Qatar includes all commercial banks, government banks, private banks, local banks, domestic banks, foreign banks, and financial institutions.

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world with the largest reserves of natural gas and petroleum. The country employs a large of foreign manpower in production. Thus the people enjoy a high standard of living and services.

Here are all the banks in Qatar mentioned below with brief descriptions.

Reserve Bank Of Qatar

Qatar Central Bank – Qatar Central Bank is the central bank of Qatar which controls the Qatari banking system, founded in 1993. The bank is owned by the government 100% and the currency is the Qatari Riyal. It has several services such as:

  • acting as a regulatory, controlling financial activities
  • preserving money value and stability
  • acting as a bank for all financial institution
  • ensuring the development of all financial sectors

Top Qatari Banks

Since Qatar is a developed country so bank services are here very available.

Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank is a public multinational bank that is founded in 1964. It is owned by 50% of the Qatari investment authority and public members in Doha. The bank offers multiple services such as consumer banking, corporate banking, finance, and insurance.

Doha Bank

Doha Bank is a national bank among Qatar banks that is founded in 1979. The Doha-based bank has a huge number of customers in the country.

Commercial Bank of Qatar

Commercial Bank of Qatar is a private bank among Qatari banks that is founded in 1975. It is based in Doha and has services like retail banking, enterprise banking, & corporate banking.

Qatar International Islamic Bank

Qatar International Islamic Bank is an Islamic bank that is recognized globally. It started functions in 1991 and is known as QIIB to the nation.

Qatar Islamic Bank

Qatar Islamic Bank is one of the largest Islamic banks in Qatar that is under the control of the shariah board. It was established in Doha in 1982 and has global branches in Qatar, Sudan, the UK, & Lebanon with 31 branches in Qatar.

Qatar Development Bank

Qatar Development Bank is a public financial institution that works for the development of industrial, tourism, educational, health care, agricultural, and more sectors. It helps to progress companies and financial institutions since 1997.


Ahli Bank is a local bank that is based in Qatar and started in 1983. It has systems of corporate banking, retail & private banking, treasury & investments, etc

Dukhan Bank

Dukhan Bank is a major local bank that was established in 2020. It provides different types of banking services for customers.

Arab Bank Qatar

Arab Bank is one of the largest financial banks in Qatar, Middle East. It has nearly 600 branches including Qatar’s branch on the five continents of the world. It has also several services personal loans, overdraft facilities, home loans, car loans, credit cards, and more.

Mashreq Bank Qatar

Mashreq Bank is one of the oldest privately owned banks in Qatar based in the United Arab Emirates. The bank has multiple branches in different countries including a Qatar branch.

HSBC Bank Middle East

HSBC Bank is one of the largest international banks in Qatar in the Middle East which was established in 1889. It has many service branches around the world like Algeria, Egypt, Pakistan, and, more.

BNP Paribas Middle East Africa

BNP Paribas is a French international banking group that controls areas such as commercial and personal banking, investment, and corporate banking. It has many global branches including the middle east country Qatar.

Standard Chartered Qatar

Standard Chartered is a leading multinational bank with different services in Qatar such as credit cards, consumer banking, corporate banking, Investment banking, and more.

Masraf Al Rayan

Mashref Al Rayan is a widely known bank among Qatari banks that started its work in 2006. The Islamic bank is operated by the shariah board offering services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Which are the best banks in Qatar?

There are many leading banks in Qatar among them bests are: the Commercial Bank of Qatar, Qatar National Bank, Al Rayan, Qatar Islamic Bank, and more.

2. Which international banks are in Qatar?

HSBC Bank Middle East, BNP Paribas Middle East Africa, Standard Chartered Bank, etc are the international banks in Qatar.

3. Which are the largest banks in Qatar?

Qatar Islamic bank is recognized as the largest bank in Qatar by Banker Magazine.

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