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A list of Costa Rica newspapers contains Costa Rica tourism news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, culture news, and lifestyle updates.

Costa Rica is the absolute most green country in the world situated in Central America. The country is also considered one of the happiest countries despite having a middle income.

Top Costa Rica Newspapers

Right now we will provide you with the top Costa Rica newspapers here.

Diario Extra

Diario Extra is one of the best-selling newspapers among Costa Rica newspapers. The daily newspaper is popular for its candid writing style.

La Nacion

La Nacion is one of the most read newspapers in Costa Rica newspapers. The newspaper is in the Spanish language and published in tabloid format.

CR Hoy

CR Hoy is one of the leading Costa  Rica newspapers that features sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news in both Spanish and English languages.

Capital Financiero

Capital Financiero is an economy-based newspaper among Costa Rica newspapers. The newspaper mainly publishes business and finance content in Costa Rica.


Teletica is a popular news media that also has a radio channel and news channel that broadcasts live shows to the people of Costa Rica.

La Republica

La Republica is an economy and business-oriented newspaper among Costa Rica newspapers. It prints finance-related news and guidelines for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals.


QCostarica is an independent newspaper founded in 2012 that contains articles about Costa Rica, and current issues in Costa Rica.

El Pais

El Pais is a digital newspaper in the Spanish and English languages in Costa Rica publishing news on science, technology, environment, international, sports, and more updates.

La Teja

La Teja is a national newspaper in Costa Rica that covers updates on health, education, business, culture, lifestyle, Costa Rica daily news, and other issues in the nation in the Spanish language.

AM Prensa

AM Prensa is a widely known Costa Rican newspaper that provides entertainment news, discussions, articles, and political and cultural events to the Costa Rica people.

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Costa Rica News Now

Costa Rica has many national and local newspapers in the Spanish language. The English language is also common there for its numerous international travelers.

  • San Carlos Digital – San Carlos Digital is an online news site that publishes regional news, city news, national news, and international news to the Costa Ricans.
  • El Jornal – El Jornal serves with Costa daily news, literary news, international news, and political discussions in both Spanish and English languages.
  • NTG Noticias – With the tag “We are from the people, for the people”, NTG Noticias is a digital communication medium that is based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
  • Mensaje – Mensaje is one of the oldest regional Costa Rica newspapers founded in 1950 that is focused on socio and economic development in Costa Rica.
  • Informa Tico – Informa Tico is a Spanish-language newspaper in Costa Rica that features Costa Rica crime news, investigative news, political articles, and discussion of the nation.
  • Guana Noticias – Guana Noticias gives coverage of national issues, relevant information, and world news of Costa Rica based in the Guanacaste region and nearby.
  • A.M. Costarica – A.M. Costarica is an online Costa Rica news site since 2001 that is published on weekdays in the English language.
  • La Voz de Guanacaste – La Voz de Guanacaste means “The voice of Guanacaste” This is a Costa Rica news site known for its social activism, human rights, and other campaigns for the Costa Rican people.
  • The Costa Rica News – The Costa Rica News is an English-language news media that provides Costa Rica tourism news and other information about the country and surrounding regions.
  • Tico Times – Tico Times is an English-language newspaper in Costa Rica. The newspaper started as a student newspaper and is available also online.
  • La Region – La Region is a regional newspaper that publishes Costa daily news, urban news, national news, north regional news, etc in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Diario digital El Independiente – Diario digital El Independiente is an independent digital Costa Rican newspaper that broadcasts news shows and lives shows to Costa Ricans.
  • El Sol – Another Costa Rica online newspaper is El Sol, which features Costa Rica tourism news, art, culture news, and educative information for Costa Ricans and worldwide.
  • Mi Tierra – Mi Tierra is an online Costa Rican news media that serves national news, sports news, investigative, crime news, and updates in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Mundo Guanacaste – Mundo Guanacaste is a regional newspaper that is very common in Guanacaste, Costa Rica provides current news, Costa Rica facts, daily news, international news.
  • El Independiente – El Independiente is a Spanish-language newspaper that features historical, cultural, political, and 24/7 updates on the Costa Ricans.

Costa Rica Newspapers Online

Nowadays Costa Rica’s online newspapers are as popular as printed newspapers.

  • La Segunda – La Segunda is an online news site that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news for Costa Ricans.
  • Cartage Hoy – Cartage Hoy is a popular newspaper that gives updates and guidelines on Costa Rica travel, culture, opinion, and sports news worldwide.
  • Puntarenas Se Oye – Puntarenas Se Oye is another news media that contains news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Tico Deporte – Tico Deporte is a sports-based newspaper among Costa Rica newspapers that mainly publishes various sports news and football league updates in the Spanish language.
  • PZ Actual – PZ Actual is a common news platform that publishes current news, Costa Rica facts, Costa Rica daily news, and international news to the Costa Rica people.
  • Mi Prensa – Mi Prensa has multiple social media platforms to keep updated their readers online based in Peninsula and Costa Rica.
  • Tamarindo News – Tamarindo News is a community newspaper in the English and Spanish languages that is published monthly.
  • BS Noticias – BS Noticias serves Costa Rican people with relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Spanish language.
  • No Ticiero – No Ticiero gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news, current news, trending news, and headlines to the nation.
  • Costarican Times – Costarican Times publishes entertainment news, Costa Rican travel news, and leisure news to the Costa Ricans.
  • Noticias Costa Rica – Noticias Costa Rica has categorized news sections such as the most read, popular, opinions, and blogs in the Spanish language.
  • Limon Hoy – Limon Hoy provides green agriculture news, farm news, and social news in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Gente – Gente is a Spanish-language newspaper among Costa Rican newspapers that gives updates on current issues to Costa Ricans.

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Tico Magazines

  • EKA – EKA is a popular business-oriented magazine in Costa Rica publishing various finance and business data to the Costa Ricans.
  • Revista Summa -Revista Summa is a digital youth magazine that mainly focused on young entrepreneurs, business leaders, technology, and finance concepts.

Hence, Costa Rica newspapers can be a great help to international travelers with tourism guidelines.

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