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A list of Cuban newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, Cuban tourism news, and current issues.

Cuba is a developing country located in North America, is widely known for its historical leaders Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

About Cuban Newspapers

Cuba has a rich history of journalism, with newspapers playing a significant role in the country’s political and social landscape. Over the years, the Cuban press has been shaped by the country’s complex political situation, including its colonial past, its revolution, and its socialist government. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history and current state of Cuban newspapers.

History of Cuban Newspapers:

The first Cuban newspaper, the “Gaceta de la Habana,” was published in 1661, during the Spanish colonial period. In the following centuries, newspapers became an essential tool for promoting nationalist and independence movements, with publications like “El Avance” and “El Cubano Libre” leading the way. After the 1959 Cuban Revolution, the government nationalized the press, and newspapers became instruments of propaganda for the new socialist state.

Current State of Cuban Newspapers:

Today, Cuba has a complex media landscape, with both state-run and independent newspapers operating in the country. The main state-run newspaper is “Granma,” which is published by the Communist Party and has a circulation of over 500,000. Other state-run publications include “Juventud Rebelde,” which focuses on youth issues, and “Trabajadores,” which is aimed at the working class.

There are also several independent newspapers operating in Cuba, although they face significant challenges in terms of censorship and government repression. Some of the most prominent independent newspapers include “14ymedio,” which was founded by the dissident blogger Yoani Sánchez, and “CubaNet,” which is based in Miami but has a network of correspondents in Cuba.

In recent years, Cuba’s government has taken steps to liberalize its media landscape, including allowing for the creation of private media outlets and easing restrictions on internet access. However, many journalists and media organizations continue to face harassment, censorship, and other forms of government repression.

Cuban newspapers have a long and complex history, reflecting the country’s political and social developments over the centuries. Today, the Cuban press faces significant challenges, including government censorship and repression, but independent media outlets continue to provide important sources of information and analysis for the Cuban people.

Cuban Leading Newspapers

Here are the leading newspapers in Cuba according to readers.


Granma is one of the most read Cuban newspapers. It is also known as the official newspaper in Cuba. The daily paper is published in broadsheet style in various languages like Spanish, English, French, and other languages.

Juventud Rebelde

Juventud Rebelde is a Cuban newspaper that is dedicated to mainly the young generation. Fidel Castro is the founder of the Spanish language daily newspaper.

Notinet de Cuba

Notinet de Cuba is one of the oldest news sites in Cuba that is covering national news, daily news, Cuban facts, and international news in the Spanish and English languages.

Cuba Si

Cuba Si is a well-known newspaper among Cuban newspapers that contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, and more updates.

Cuba Net

Cuba Net is an online news site in the Spanish language that publishes important notices, news, events to the Cubans.

Cuban News Agency

Cuban News Agency is a prominent daily news agency in the English language that features news on health, education, business, culture, lifestyle.

On Cuba News

With the tag of “On Cuba Needs You”, On Cuba News is the U.S.A based communication media that is founded in 2012.


Trabajadores is a weekly newspaper that is printed by Cuban workers. The popular tabloid formatted newspaper is in the Spanish language based in Havana, Cuba.

Cubahora Magazine

Cubahora Magazine is a Cuban magazine in the Spanish language that provides different categories of news and information to the Cubans.


Bohemia is a weekly newspaper that is founded in 1908 focused on cultural matters. It is also available in an online format for international readers.

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Cuban Newspapers List

The Spanish language is the main language in Cuba. But also other languages such as French and English are also very common there.

  • Escambray  – Escrambray is a daily newspaper among Cuban newspapers. The paper is printed in the Spanish language and in the English language online based in Sancti Spiritus.
  • Ciber Cuba  – Ciber Cuba is an online newspaper in Cuba that is mainly focused on crime and investigative news.
  • Prensa- Latina  – Prensa is a Cuba newspaper featuring science, technology, cultural, political news in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Tribuna de la Habana – Tribuna de la Habana is a leading newspaper among Cuban newspapers based in Habana.
  • Diario de Cuba – Diario de Cuba is a local newspaper that is known for publishing human rights, economy, Cuban updates.
  • Ahora- Spanish edition – Ahora is a weekly newspaper among Cuban newspapers. The newspaper is in the Spanish language based in Holguin, Cuba.
  • Ahora- English edition  – Another edition of Ahora that is a weekly newspaper is in the English language for the Cubans.
  • Ahora- French edition  – Ahora is also published in the French language for the Cubans that’s the founder is Raul Castro.
  • Vanguardia  – Vanguardia is a common newspaper in Cuban newspapers published in multiple languages such as Spanish, English, French, and other languages.
  • Vistar  – Vistar is a Cuban magazine in the English and Spanish languages covering cultural and lifestyle segments.
  • Guerrillero  – Another daily newspaper among Cuban newspapers is Guerrillero which is available in both English and Spanish languages.
  • La Demajagua  – Le Demajagua is an online newspaper in Cuban newspapers that serves Cuban tourism news, economics, sports news in the Spanish language.
  • 5 de Septiembre  – 5 de Septiembre is a digital newspaper in Cuba that is also known as one of the oldest provincial Cuban newspapers.
  • Periodico 26  – Periodico is a daily newspaper that is covering Cuban news and Cuban facts in the Spanish and English languages.

Cuban News Today

Cubans are always up to date with the Cuban news and news media nowadays of the facility of internet.

  • Invasor  – Invasor has multiple social media platforms to keep engaged with their readers in the country and around the world.
  • Adelante  – Adelanto is a famous newspaper that publishes news on agriculture, revolution, international and country’s welfare.
  • Suenacubano  – Suenacubano is a cultural and entertainment newspaper that provides mainly country and international culture.
  • Opciones  – Opciones is an economical newspaper among Cuban newspapers that prints finance, business relates to the content.
  • Venceremos  – Venceremos is one of the oldest daily Cuban newspapers in the Spanish and English languages.
  • 16 de Abril  – 16 de Abril is a medical journal that is published in the Spanish and English languages based in Havana, Cuba.
  • Cubaplus Magazine – Cubaplus Magazine is a Cuban wide known magazine that provides Cuban tourism, food, cuisine. health, medicine news.
  • CdeCuba – CdeCuba is an art magazine in Cuba that contains art, stories, and book for the Cuban people.
  • Havana Times – With the tag of “Open-minded writing”, Havana Times comes as a new generation writings era that is founded in 2008.
  • – is a Cuban news site that gives reports on current news, Cuban facts, daily news, international news.
  • – is an online news portal in Cuba that gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news, current news to the Cubans.

Finally, Cuban newspapers are an important part of Cubans people’s day-to-day lives.

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Q: What are Cuban newspapers?

A: Cuban newspapers are newspapers that are published in Cuba and cover news, politics, sports, and other topics of interest to the Cuban people.

Q: How many newspapers are there in Cuba?

A: There are several newspapers published in Cuba, both in print and online. Some of the most popular ones are Granma, Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores, and Cubadebate.

Q: Are Cuba’s largest newspapers government-controlled?

A: Yes, all newspapers in Cuba are government-controlled. The Cuban government owns and operates all media outlets in the country, including newspapers, radio, and television.

Q: Can foreigners access Havana times?

A: Yes, foreigners can access Cuban newspapers both online and in print. However, some websites may be restricted or censored in certain countries.

Q: What language are Havana times published in?

A: Most Cuban newspapers are published in Spanish, which is the official language of Cuba. However, some newspapers also publish articles in other languages, such as English or French.

Q: What kind of news do Cuban newspaper archives cover?

A: Cuban newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, culture, and social issues. They also report on international news and events.

Q: Are Cuban newspapers biased?

A: Cuban newspapers are known for their pro-government bias and tend to present news in a positive light. However, they also provide coverage of some critical issues and are not entirely uncritical of the government.

Q: How can I subscribe to a granma newspaper?

A: You can subscribe to a Cuban newspaper by visiting their website and signing up for a subscription. You can also purchase a print subscription at a newsstand or kiosk in Cuba.

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