Guatemala Newspapers List: Guatemalan Online News

A list of Guatemala newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, local news, international news, and national news.

Guatemala is a developing country that is dependent on agriculture situated in Central America. The country is known for volcanoes, black sand beaches, and beautiful natural scenery.

Top Guatemala Newspapers

Here are the top Guatemala newspapers in the Spanish language given below.

Prensa Libre

Prensa Libre is one of the most read Guatemala newspapers started in 1951. The newspaper publishes daily in the Spanish language in Guatemala city.

La Hora Guatemala

La Hora Guatemala is a national newspaper in the Spanish language that provides country news, Guatemala local news, sports news, cultural news, and international news.

Elperiodico de Guatemala

Elperiodico de Guatemala is a leading newspaper among Guatemala newspapers in the Spanish language. The newspaper publishes political news, social news, cultural news, economic news, and more updates.

De Guate

De Guate is an online newspaper that provides economical news, historical news, country news, and regular Guatemalan news in the Spanish language.


Republica is a business newspaper that mainly contains economical news, finance news, investment news, and political news in the Spanish language to the Guatemalan people.

Guate Futbol

Guate Futbol is a sports-based newspaper in Guatemala that features football news, sports news, league news, and upcoming events for Guatemalans.

El Puerto Informa

El Puerto Informa is a Guatemala online news media that casts national news, district news, Guatemala city news, international news, and political news in the Spanish language.

Noticiero El Vigilante

Noticiero El Vigilante is another popular newspaper in Guatemala that contain Guatemalan daily news, Political news, economical news, and Guatemalan breaking news in the Spanish language.

El Siglo

El Siglo is a daily newspaper among the top newspapers in Guatemala that is founded in 1990 and is providing local and international news to the Guatemalans.

Diario de Centro Americo

Diario de Centro Americo is the official newspaper among Guatemala newspapers. The newspaper is considered the newspaper of public record, founded in 1880.

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Guatemala News Today

Guatemala has many news sites for readers around the world so they can read news online.

  • Radio TGW – Radio TGW is a radio channel in Guatemala that casts different programs, news shows, and multicultural programs in the Spanish language.
  • Publinews – Publinews is a Spanish-language news media that provides business news, Guatemala news today, and Guatemala news now to the Guatemalans.
  • Plaza Publica  – Plaza Publico is a Guatemalan newspaper among important newspapers in Guatemala in the Spanish language.
  • El Metroplolitano  – El Metropolitano is one of the biggest newspapers in Guatemala based in Mixco and also distributes in Escuintla, Villa Nueva.
  • CRN Noticias – CRN Noticias distributes Guatemala breaking news, Guatelama’s recent news, and Guatemala’s online news today.
  • CMI-Guatemala – CMI-Guatemala is a digital newspaper among Guatemalan newspapers that contains international news, historical news, and cultural updates.
  • Perspectiva – Perspectiva publishes breaking news, Guatemala news now, technology news, sports news, interviews, articles, and videos on current affairs.
  • La Voz de Xela  – La Voz de Xela is a digital media in Guatemala that is profoundly active on social media platforms for readers globally.
  • Publico GT – Publico GT is an online newspaper in Guatemala that features economical news, world news, cultural news, and political news in the Spanish language.
  • La Noticia en Guatemala – La Noticia en Guatemala is a Guatemalan news agency that casts different categorized articles, blogs, relevant information, and discussions.
  • Mi Jalapa  – Mi Jalapa is an online Guatemalan news site that is also active in social media for providing information and creating a community.
  • Izabel Informativo  – Izabel Informativo is a Guatemala news site that provides current news, Guatemala facts, daily news, and international news in the Spanish language.
  • El Paisano Petenaro  – El Paisano Petenaro is the Spanish language that gives 24/7 coverage, of Guatemalan breaking news, and trending news.
  • Noti Huehue 77 – Noti Huehue 77 is an online news site in Guatemala that covers national news, and Guatemala community news to Guatemala.
  • Revue – Revue is a Guatemala magazine that features current news, Guatemala news now, Guatemala cultural updates, and lifestyle news in the Spanish language.
  • Que Pasa – Que Pasa is an online magazine in Guatemala that provides upcoming events, cultural shows, and Guatemala daily news to the nation.

So, the Guatemala newspapers are a part and parcel of Guatemalans’ daily lives.

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