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A list of Mexican newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Mexico is one of the developing countries that is located in North America. The country is known for its rich culture and ancient civilization.

About Mexican Newspapers

Mexican newspapers have a long and storied history dating back to the early 19th century when the country gained its independence from Spain. Over the years, Mexican newspapers have played a vital role in shaping the nation’s political, social, and cultural landscape.

One of the oldest and most respected newspapers in Mexico is El Universal, founded in 1916. This daily newspaper is known for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news, as well as its in-depth analysis and commentary on current events.

Another popular daily newspaper is Reforma, founded in 1993. Reforma has gained a reputation for its investigative reporting and its coverage of political corruption, organized crime, and social issues. The newspaper also has a strong digital presence and offers multimedia content such as podcasts, videos, and interactive features.

La Jornada is another well-respected daily newspaper in Mexico, founded in 1984. This newspaper is known for its left-leaning editorial stance and its coverage of social and environmental issues. La Jornada also has a strong cultural section and frequently features articles on art, literature, and music.

In addition to these major newspapers, there are many regional and local newspapers throughout Mexico. These newspapers often focus on local news and events and provide a valuable source of information for their communities.

However, the Mexican newspaper industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, including declining readership and revenue. This has been partly due to the rise of digital media and social media, which have changed the way people consume news and information.

Despite these challenges, Mexican newspapers remain an important source of information and a vital part of the country’s media landscape. They continue to play a critical role in holding those in power accountable and providing a voice for marginalized communities.

Top Mexican Newspapers

Here are the top Mexican newspapers in the Spanish language mentioned below.

La Jornada

La Jornada is one of the most read compact formatted daily Mexican newspapers that has several editions & established in 1984.


Milenio is a leading national newspaper among Mexican newspapers that also publishes a magazine & also has a tv channel and radio channel.


Excelsior is one of the oldest broadsheet formatted daily Mexican newspapers in the Spanish language that was established in 1917 in Mexico City.

El Economista

El Economista is a Spanish-language newspaper among Mexican newspapers that mainly provides economical news and business news.


Vanguardia is a major regional daily newspaper that is Coahuila-based in the Spanish language covering national news and international news.

El Diario de Juárez

El Diario de Juarez delivers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the Spanish and English languages in Mexico.

El Siglo

El Siglo features Mexico news live, Mexico news daily, Mexico news today, Mexican news online, North American news, and international news.


Tribuna distributes relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Spanish language to Mexican people.

La Crónica de Hoy

La Cronica de Hoy is a tabloid-formatted newspaper in the Spanish language that is distributed in Mexico City & founded in 1996.


Notiver is a prime local newspaper that is circulated in Veracruz with the trending news, current news, issues, and affairs in Mexico.

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Mexican Newspapers List

There are many local and regional newspapers in the Spanish language that serve the whole of Mexico.

  • Expreso – Expreso is a widely regional newspaper that features Mexican city news, political news, and more updates.
  • Razon – Razon is a general newspaper that delivers social news, country news, and world news.
  • El Horizonte – El Horizonte delivers Mexico news daily, Mexico news today, Mexican news online,& North American news.
  • El Diario de Coahuila – El Diario de Coahuila is a Saltillo-based newspaper among Mexican newspapers.
  • 8 Columnas – 8 Columnas feature daily news, sports news, business news, and entertainment news.
  • El Mexicano – El Mexicano is a Spanish-language newspaper that provides daily news live video, recent news, and trending news.
  • Presente – Presente presents regional, local, national, and provincial news in the English and Spanish languages.
  • El Sol de Nayarit – El Sol de Nayarit expresses daily news flashes, bulletin, and recent news in Mexico.
  • La Razon – La Razonserves with community news, regional news, state news, and government news.
  • La Jornada de Oriente – La Jornada de Oriente is a community newspaper that is available also online.
  • Cambio de Michoacán – Cambio de Michoacan reveals rural life, European news, and community news.
  • San Luis Hoy – San Luis Hoy promotes social, economic, and political news in the Spanish language.
  • Síntesis – Sintesis has sections of news like business, politics, information, and culture.
  • El Monitor – El Monitor is a prime online daily newspaper among Mexican newspapers.
  • El Heroico – El Heroico is a Spanish-language news media casting daily European updates.
  • La Tarde – La Tarde provides Mexican daily news on agriculture, politics, economy, and country.
  • La Jornada San Luis – La Jornada San Luis reports on political news and socio-economical news.
  • La Verdad – La Verdad expresses Mexican news live, Mexican news online, and North American news.
  • La Extra – La Extra is a popular online newspaper in a tabloid format that is published in Morelia.
  • Plaza de Armas – Plaza de Armason provides Mexican online news on economics, finance, health, etc 24/7.
  • El Diario de Sonora – El Diario de Sonora casts video, portfolio, business, abroad, and opinion.
  • El Independiente – El Independiente is an independent online newspaper available in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Novedades de Tabasco – Novedades de Tabasco is a city newspaper online for global readers.
  • Aguascalientes – Aguascalientes is a community daily that delivers updates on social lives.
  • Página 24 – Pagina 24 is a 24/7 local news media in the Spanish and English languages.
  • ZuNoticia – ZuNoticia serves country news, political news, business news, lifestyle & travel news.
  • Expreso de Campeche – Expreso de Campeche contains political issues, updates, and European news.
  • Página 24 Zacatecas – Pagina 24 Zacatecas is a well known news site among North American newspapers.
  • La Voz del Sureste – La Voz del Sureste reports urban life, fashion, culture, food, and lifestyle.
  • El Mañana – El Manana is another daily city newspaper that is circulated in Mexico.
  • EL TIEMPO – El TIEMPO provides regional, rural, and national news to the Mexican people.
  • Vía Libre – Via Libre reports on Mexico news live, Mexico news daily, Mexico news today, and more updates.
  • Contexto de Durango – Contexto de Durango is a local newspaper serving Mexican people daily.
  • Diario de Quintana Roo – Diario de Quintana Roo is known for articles, and blogs on Mexican current situation.
  • EL NOTICIERO – EL NOTICIERO gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and current news.
  • El Valle – El Valle is a widely known news site that provides 24/7 updates on North America.
  • El regional del sur – El regional del Sur is a common newspaper in the Spanish language for Mexican people.
  • Crónica – Cronica gives social, economic, political, and cultural news in the Spanish and English languages.
  • La Opinión – La Opinion has multiple social media platforms to keep engaging with the reader.

Mexico News Online

Mexico news media serves the nation with the trending news and affairs of the country.

  • Monitor Económico – Monitor Economico is a business newspaper that provides news on finance, banking, and investment.
  • Express – Express is an online news portal delivering the current news and affairs of Mexico.
  • Metropoli – Metropoli gives coverage of agricultural news, business news, finance, global economy, and analytical news.
  • Capital Mexico – Capital Mexico is a Mexico city-based newspaper among North American newspapers.
  • Tabasco HOY – Tabasco HOY represents community news, technology news, youth news, and European news.
  • El Tiempo de Nayarit – El Tiempo de Nayarit world news, community highlights, and the latest stories.
  • Diario de México – Diario de Mexico publishes Mexico city news, European news, and more.
  • Record – Record is a national newspaper for Spanish people that is available in Mexico City.
  • Sin Embargo‎ – Sin Embargo is a Spanish-language newspaper among North American newspapers.
  • E Consulta – E Consulta features sports news, political news, European news, and business news.
  • ‎20 Minutos – 20 Minutos is an online daily newspaper among Mexican newspapers.
  • La Polaka – La Polaka publishes Mexican news today, Mexican news online, and North American news.
  • Colima Noticias‎ – Colima Noticias has kinds of news including politics, business, and international events.
  • ‎El Popular – El Popular is a news media in the Spanish and English languages that is available online for global readers.
  • La Parada Digital – La Parada Digital is a prime news site for Mexicans and North Americans.
  • La Politica Online – La Politica Online is an online newspaper that provides the latest news and breaking news of Mexico.
  • BCS Noticias – BCS Noticias serves with economics, events, sports, leisure, and cultures.
  • Manzanillo – Manzanillo contains news on culture, real estate, media, and politics for the Mexican people.
  • Palestra Aguascalientes‎ – Palestra Aguascalientes delivers national and international news.
  • Estadio‎ – Estadio has news columns on health, province, education, society, opinion, etc.
  • Periodistas Quintana Roo – Periodistas Quintana Roo is a Mexican news portal in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Diario de Campeche – Diario de Campeche is an important newspaper for Mexican people among Mexican newspapers.
  • ‎Huellas de Mexico – Huellas de Mexico covers local news, social news, economical news, and more updates.

Hence,Mexican newspapers are very important media to represent the daily lives of the nation.

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Q: What are some of the major Mexican newspapers?

A: Some of the major Mexican newspapers include El Universal, Reforma, Excélsior, La Jornada, Milenio, and El Financiero.

Q: What language are Mexican newspapers typically published in?

A: Most Mexican newspapers are published in Spanish, although some may have English language sections or editions.

Q: Can I access Mexican newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Mexican newspapers have online versions that are accessible through their websites or mobile apps.

Q: How often are the most popular Mexican newspaper published?

A: Most Mexican newspapers are published daily, although some may be published less frequently, such as weekly or monthly.

Q: What types of news and information do Mexican newspapers cover?

A: Mexican newspapers cover a wide range of news and information, including politics, crime, sports, entertainment, business, and international news.

Q: Are Mexican newspapers independent or government-controlled?

A: Mexican newspapers are generally independent and privately owned, although some may have affiliations with political parties or other organizations.

Q: How can I subscribe to the best Mexican newspapers?

A: You can usually subscribe to a Mexican newspaper through their website or by contacting their subscription department directly.

Q: Are there any free Mexican newspapers available?

A: Yes, some Mexican newspapers offer free online versions of their publications, while others may offer limited free access or trials for new subscribers.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers available in Mexico?

A: Yes, some English-language newspapers are available in Mexico, including The News, Mexico Daily News, and The Yucatan Times.

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