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A list of Polish newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Poland is one of the developing countries that is located in Central Europe. The country is known for its rich unique history and beautiful geography.

About Polish Newspapers

Polish newspapers have a long and varied history, with a rich tradition of political and cultural commentary. The first Polish newspaper was published in 1661, and since then, Poland has produced a vibrant and diverse media landscape.

Today, there are many newspapers published in Poland, ranging from small local papers to large national publications. Some of the most popular newspapers in Poland include Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Polska The Times, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, and Fakt.

Gazeta Wyborcza is one of the largest and most influential newspapers in Poland. It was founded in 1989, after the fall of communism, and is known for its independent and critical reporting on politics and social issues. The paper has won numerous awards for its journalism, and is highly respected both in Poland and abroad.

Rzeczpospolita is another popular newspaper in Poland, known for its coverage of business and economic news. It was founded in 1920 and has a long history of reporting on political and social issues in the country. The paper is known for its in-depth analysis and expert commentary on economic trends and developments.

Polska The Times is a daily newspaper published in English, and is aimed at the international community in Poland. It provides a unique perspective on Polish news and politics, and is popular among expats and foreign journalists.

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna is a daily newspaper that focuses on legal and business news. It was founded in 2004, and has quickly become one of the leading sources of legal news in Poland.

Fakt is a popular tabloid newspaper, known for its sensationalist headlines and celebrity gossip. It is the highest-selling newspaper in Poland, and is read by millions of people each day.

Overall, the Polish newspaper landscape is diverse and dynamic, with publications covering a wide range of topics and perspectives. Whether you are interested in politics, business, culture, or entertainment, there is a newspaper in Poland that can provide you with the news and analysis you need.

Top Polish Newspapers

Here are the top Polish newspapers in the Polish and English languages mentioned below.

Gazeta Wyborcza

Gazeta Wyborcza is one of the most read compact formatted Polish newspapers in the Polish language that is considered a newspaper of record.


Fakt is one of the best-selling tabloid formatted daily Polish newspapers in the Polish language that is founded in Warsaw & covers national news and international news.

Super Express

Super Express is a leading tabloid formatted daily among Poland newspapers that mainly delivers political news, and country news based in Warsaw, Poland.

Przegląd Sportowy

Przeglad Sportowy is one of the oldest newspapers among Polish newspapers that features sports news daily & founded in 1921 in Poland.


Rzeczpospolita is a popular daily newspaper that publishes mainly economical and legal news that has a sister newspaper named Parkiet in Poland.

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna is a Polish daily newspaper that provides legal news and business news to the nation in the Polish language.

Dziennik Wschodni

Dzeinnik Wschodni reports on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the Polish and English languages to the Poland people.

Puls Biznesu

Puls Biznesu is a Polish language daily newspaper that contains news on business, finance, investment, banking, and economics to the Poland people.

Gazeta Olsztyńska

Gazeta Olsztynska is a Polish-language daily newspaper that serves relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.


Parkiet is a well-known newspaper that mainly delivers business news and financial news that has also a sister newspaper called Rzeczpospolita in Poland.

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Poland News Online

There are many local and regional newspapers in Poland to serve the whole nation.

  • Tygodnik Podhalański – Tygodnik Podhalanski is a widely circulated newspaper in the Polish language.
  • NOWa Gazeta Biłgorajska – NOWa Gazeta Bilgorajska is a community newspaper among Polish newspapers.
  • Tygodnik Zamojski – Tygodnik Zamojski delivers city news, local news, regional news, and events.
  • TuOlawa – TuOlawa delivers Poland news today, Polish news now, European news, and Poland online news.
  • Sztafeta – Sztafeta offers news flash, bulletin, and world news in the Polish and English languages.
  • NOWa Gazeta – NOWa Gazeta is an online news portal delivering regular news & information.
  • Korso – Korso is a daily newspaper that covers news on health, education, business, technology, and more.
  • Życie Warszawy – Zycie Warszawy is a regional newspaper that is distributed in Warsaw and nearby areas.
  • Nowiny Gliwickie – Nowiny Gliwickie gives the latest news, breaking news, and updates on Poland.
  • Warsaw Voice – Warsaw Voice is an English-language newspaper that is available in Poland.
  • Onet‎ – Onet reports on Poland news today, Polish news now, European news, and Poland online news.
  • Interia‎ – Interia contains political news, business news, agricultural news, and sports news.
  • Wykop.pl‎ – Wykop.pl is an online news site reporting news on the economy, politics, society, and more updates.
  • Gazeta Wroclawska – Gazeta Wroclawska is an online newspaper for national and international readers.
  • ‎Neizlezna.pl – Neizlezna.pl is a local news site providing different sections of news & affairs.
  • Wpolityce.pl -Wpolityce.pl is a news portal that is available on social media to create a community.
  • TVP.info – TVP.info telecasts country news, European news, world news, cultural news and programs.
  • Newsweek Polska – Newsweek Polska offers news columns on sports, lifestyle, weather, and various topics.
  • Noizz – Noizz provides Poland news today, Polish news now, European news, and Poland online news.
  • Polityka.pl‎ – Polityka.pl is a Poland-based Political newspaper among Poland newspapers.
  • Wprost – Wprost
  • Salon24 – Salon24provides categorized news and 24/7 updates of European and Poland regions.
  • Dkl24 – Dkl24 delivers social news, economical news, issues, and current affairs to the Polish people.
  • Wiadomości Świdnickie – Wiadomosci Swidnickie is a general newspaper among Poland newspapers.
  • Kurier Gmin – Kurier Gmin presents Poland news today, Polish news now, European news, and Poland online news.
  • Super Nowosci – Super Nowosci publishes topics including art, business, culture, and international affairs.
  • ‎Zycie Warszawy – Zycie Warszawy contains educational, historical news, blogs, and information.
  • Gazeta Powiatowa‎ – Gazeta Powiatowa is a major newspaper that is distributed in Poland.
  • ‎Gazeta Jarocinska – Gazeta Jarocinska covers arts, culture, politics, environment, and tourism updates.
  • Wiadomosci Rudzkie – Wiadomosci Rudzkie is a prime newspaper among Polish newspapers.
  • Schlesisches Wochenblatt – Schlesisches Wochenblatt is a German-language newspaper that is distributed weekly in Poland.
  • Nowy Dziennik – Nowy Dziennik is a Polish newspaper that is based in New York, United States.

Again, Polish newspapers and news media are also available in the English language for readers to understand globally.

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Q: What are Polish newspapers?

A: Polish newspapers are publications that provide news and information about events happening in Poland and around the world. They cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more.

Q: What are some popular Polish newspapers?

A: Some popular Polish newspapers include Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Polska The Times, and Fakt.

Q: Do Polish newspapers publish in English?

A: Some Polish newspapers, such as Gazeta Wyborcza and Polska The Times, publish English-language editions, while others may have online versions available in English.

Q: Can I access Polish newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Polish newspapers have online versions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Some newspapers may require a subscription to access certain content.

Q: Are Polish newspapers biased?

A: Like any news source, some Polish newspapers may have a certain bias or perspective. However, reputable newspapers strive to provide accurate and balanced reporting.

Q: How often are Polish newspapers published?

A: Most Polish newspapers are published daily, with some publishing on weekends as well.

Q: What is the circulation of Poland news websites?

A: The circulation of Polish newspapers varies depending on the publication, but some of the most popular newspapers have a circulation in the hundreds of thousands.

Q: Can I submit an article or letter to the editor of Polish news online?

A: Yes, many Polish newspapers accept submissions from readers. Check the newspaper’s website for submission guidelines and contact information.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with Polish news if I don’t speak Polish?

A: Some Polish newspapers have English-language editions, and many news websites provide translations or summaries of Polish news stories. Additionally, international news sources may cover stories related to Poland.

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