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A list of Palau newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, Oceania news, and international news.

Palau is an independent republic country which is situated in the western pacific ocean. The island country is known for wonderful natural scenery, scuba diving, and underwater attraction.

Top Palau Newspapers

Here are the top Palau newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Island Times

With the tag of your gateway to Palau news and current events, Island Times is an English language daily among Palau newspapers online. It publishes island news, pacific news, international news, sports news, and events.

Pacific Note

Pacific Note is an online news media in Palau that delivers tourism news, island news, health news, political news, Palau news headlines, island news, Palau news today, social news, and world news.

Pristine Paradise Palau

Pristine Paradise Palau is an online news site that gives tourism updates, news, and guidelines on Palau in the English language. It also provides country news, cultural news, and community news.

Wikipedia: Palau

Wikipedia is a global news and data source that is available in different languages. It reports information about countries along with Palau news now, Palau news today, and Palau facts.

BBC: Palau

BBC is an international news provider that casts national news, Palau facts, information on Palau, island news, Palau news online, Palau news headlines, and more updates. : Palau is a news portal in the English language that reports on countries’ news, history, and facts including Palau news online, island news, Palau news, and other relevant information.

However, Palau newspapers and news media mainly feature travel news and guidelines for tourists.

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