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A list of Philippine newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

The Philippines is one of the developing Asian countries that is situated in the western Pacific ocean. The country is famous for several beautiful beaches and cultural heritages.

About Philippine Newspapers

Philippine newspapers have a long and rich history dating back to the Spanish colonial period when the first newspaper, El Diario de Manila, was published in 1848. Since then, Philippine newspapers have played an important role in shaping public opinion and promoting democracy in the country.

Today, there are numerous newspapers published in the Philippines, ranging from broadsheets to tabloids, in both English and Filipino languages. The major broadsheets include the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippine Star, and the Manila Bulletin, while popular tabloids include the Abante and Bulgar. In addition to these major players, there are also many local newspapers published throughout the country.

Newspapers in the Philippines cover a wide range of topics, including national and international news, politics, business, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. They also provide a platform for opinion and editorial pieces, as well as for advertising.

One important aspect of Philippine newspapers is their role in promoting press freedom and defending the rights of journalists. The country’s media landscape is often characterized by a complex web of political and economic interests, which can sometimes lead to censorship and self-censorship. However, many newspapers have a long tradition of investigative journalism and exposing corruption, and journalists in the country continue to fight for press freedom.

Overall, Philippine newspapers remain an important source of information and a vital component of the country’s media landscape. Despite the challenges they face, they continue to play a key role in shaping public discourse and promoting democratic values in the Philippines.

Top Philippine Newspapers

Here are the top Philippine newspapers in the language mentioned below.

Manila Bulletin (MB)

With the slogan of the nation’s leading newspaper, Manila Bulletin is one of the oldest and largest Philippine newspapers in the  English language.

Philippine Star

Philippine Star is one of the most widely circulated Philippine newspapers along with its sister newspaper named business world and Sunday magazines.


Abante is a tabloid-formatted daily newspaper in the Tagalog language including its sister newspaper named Abante Tonite that is founded in 1987.

Manila Times

Manila Times is the oldest broadsheet formatted daily newspaper in the English language and is based in Manila, the Philippines since 1898.

Business Mirror

Business Mirror is an independent popular business newspaper with its sister newspaper Pilipino Mirror which started in 2005.

Manila Standard Today

Manila Standard Today is an English language broadsheet formatted daily newspaper including its sister newspaper People’s Journal.

Bohol Chronicle

Bohol Chronicle is a major daily newspaper that also hosts a radio station and won numerous national awards in the Philippines.

Panay News

Panay News is a well-known tabloid-formatted regional newspaper in the Hiligaynon language serving daily Filipino news.

Visayan Daily Star

Visayan Daily Star is a leading daily regional newspaper in the tabloid format that covers Philippine news in the Tagalog language.

Minda News

Minda News is an online newspaper in the Philippines that delivers national news, Asian news, Filipino daily news, and international news.

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Filipino News Online

There are numerous local and regional newspapers to serve the whole nation of Philippines.

  • Baguio Midland Courier – Baguio Midland Courier is a prime regional newspaper in the tabloid format.
  • Manila Shimbun – Manila Shimbun is a Japanese-language newspaper that covers Filipino news regularly.
  • Tempo – Tempo is an English-language national newspaper tabloid formatted in the Philippines.
  • Davao Today – Davao Today covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Metrocebu News – Metrocebu News is a business-focused daily newspaper among Philippine newspapers.
  • Mindanao Examiner – Mindanao Examiner is an independent regional newspaper that is available in the English and Tagalog languages.
  • News Today – News Today is an English-language newspaper that covers Filipino news, Philippine news today, Asian news, and Philippine news daily.
  • Siongbao – Siongbao features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Philippines Today – Phillippines Today is an English-language online news media for the Philippine people.
  • Pinas – Pinas is a weekly tabloid formatted newspaper that publishes country news in the Filipino language.
  • Northern Dispatch Weekly – Northern Dispatch Weekly is a weekly newspaper that is available online for readers.
  • Punto – Punto covers Philippine news now, international news, Asian news, and Filipino daily news,
  • Filipino Connection – Filipino Connection delivers community news, city news, and country news.
  • Ilocos Sentinel – Ilocos Sentinel publishes Philippine news online, cultural news, and programs.
  • World News  – World News is an English-language media in the Philippines that provides the latest news and affairs happening in the world.
  • Pinoy Weekly  – Pinoy Weekly is a weekly formatted tabloid newspaper in the Tagalog language.
  • Bikol Peryodiko – Bikol Peryodiko covers the latest news, breaking news & current news of the Philippines.
  • United News – United News features Asian news, Filipino daily news, Philippine news today, and world news.
  • Ilocos Times – Ilocos Times is one of the longest-running Filipino newspapers that contains community news.
  • Sun Star Cagayan – Sun Star Cagayan is an English-language common newspaper that is based in Cebu city.
  • ABS-CBN – ABS-CBN casts national news, entertainment shows, world news, and cultural events.
  • GMA News – GMA News broadcasts country news, Philippine daily news, sports news, and political updates.
  • Rappler – Rappler publishes local news, city news, regional news, Asian news, and international news.
  • Bulatlat – Bulatlat is a Philippine news media in the Filipino language that covers daily news for the Philippine people.
  • Radyo La Verdad‎ – Radyo La Verdad is an online newspaper that provides community updates.
  • Yehey – Another common newspaper is Yehey which covers news on health, technology, education, business, and more.
  • Pinoy – Pinoy is a general news source in the Filipino language that is available for Philippine people.
  • Philippine Times – Philippine Times is an English-language news site providing Philippine news to the Filipino people.
  • Philippines News Agency – Philippines News Agency is a national news agency that gives headlines and trending news about the country.

However, Philippine newspapers help the nation to observe the current affairs happening globally.

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Q: What are the major newspapers in the Philippines?

A: Some of the major newspapers in the Philippines are Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, and Manila Times.

Q: What is the oldest newspaper in the Philippines?

A: The oldest newspaper in the Philippines is The Manila Times, which was established in 1898.

Q: What are the types of newspapers in the Philippines?

A: The types of newspapers in the Philippines include broadsheet, tabloid, and online newspapers.

Q: How often are newspapers published in the Philippines?

A: Most newspapers in the Philippines are published daily, while some are published weekly or monthly.

Q: What topics do Philippine newspapers cover?

A: Philippine newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including national and local news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and opinion.

Q: Can I read Philippine newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Philippine newspapers have an online version, which can be accessed through their website or mobile app.

Q: How much do Philippine newspapers cost?

A: The cost of Philippine newspapers varies depending on the type of newspaper and the location. The average price of a daily broadsheet newspaper is around PHP 18-20.

Q: Are there English-language newspapers in the Philippines?

A: Yes, there are several English-language newspapers in the Philippines, including Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, and BusinessWorld.

Q: What is the circulation of Philippine news today live?

A: The circulation of Philippine newspapers varies depending on the newspaper. Philippine Daily Inquirer has the highest circulation among broadsheet newspapers, while Abante has the highest circulation among tabloid newspapers.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor of the latest news in the Philippines today?

A: Yes, most Philippine newspapers have a section for letters to the editor, where readers can submit their opinions, comments, or feedback on current issues.


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