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A list of Malaysian newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Malaysia is one of the developing Asian countries & soon to be a developed country in the world. The country is known for cultural diversity, modern life, again beautiful beaches, green and wildlife.

About Malaysian Newspapers

Malaysia has a vibrant and diverse newspaper industry, with a range of publications catering to a variety of audiences and interests. The newspapers in Malaysia provide a mix of local, national, and international news, as well as feature articles, opinion pieces, and analysis.

One of the oldest newspapers in Malaysia is the New Straits Times, which has been in circulation since 1845. It is a broadsheet newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. The New Straits Times is published in both English and Malay, and it has a daily circulation of over 70,000 copies.

Another popular English-language newspaper in Malaysia is The Star, which was first published in 1971. It is known for its comprehensive coverage of news and events in Malaysia, as well as its insightful opinion pieces and feature articles. The Star has a daily circulation of over 200,000 copies and is widely read by both locals and expats.

For those who prefer reading newspapers in Malay, Utusan Malaysia is a popular choice. It was founded in 1939 and is one of the oldest Malay-language newspapers in Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia is known for its in-depth coverage of local and national news, as well as its analysis and commentary on current events. It has a daily circulation of over 100,000 copies.

Other Malay-language newspapers in Malaysia include Berita Harian, which was first published in 1957 and focuses on news and events in Malaysia and the Muslim world, and Harian Metro, which is a tabloid-style newspaper that covers a range of topics from news to entertainment and lifestyle.

There are also several Chinese-language newspapers in Malaysia, including Sin Chew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau, and China Press. These newspapers cater to the Chinese-speaking community in Malaysia and cover news and events both locally and from mainland China.

Overall, the newspaper industry in Malaysia is diverse and dynamic, with a range of publications catering to different audiences and interests. Whether you prefer to read your news in English, Malay, or Chinese, there is sure to be a newspaper in Malaysia that meets your needs.

Top Malaysian Newspapers

Here are the top Malaysian newspapers in the Malay, English, and Chinese languages.


Star is one of the most distributed English language Malaysian newspapers. The tabloid-formatted newspaper is owned by the Malaysian Chinese Association.

Harian Metro

Harian Metro is one of the largest circulated daily Malaysian newspapers. The Malay language newspaper is specially focused on youth interests, news, and events.

Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia is one of the most read Malaysian newspapers in the Malay language. The daily has won some prestigious international level awards in journalism.

China Press (中國報)

China Press is one of the fastest-growing Chinese language newspapers in Malaysia. The daily newspaper is also the second best-selling newspaper in the country.

Berita Harian

Berita Harian is a leading tabloid formatted Malay language newspaper. The daily newspaper is owned by popular news media named News Strait Times Press.

Sin Chew Daily (星洲日報)

Sin Chew Daily is one of the biggest Chinese language Malaysian newspapers. The tabloid formatted daily newspaper publishes daily Malay news.

New Straits Times

New Strait Times is the oldest Malaysian newspaper in the English language. The daily newspaper is also considered a newspaper of record.

Oriental Daily News (华侨日报)

Oriental Daily News is a well-known Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia. The broadsheet formatted newspaper provides national news, and international news daily.


Kosmo! is a Malay language tabloid formatted daily newspaper in Malaysia. It has several sister newspapers such as Utusan Malaysia, Ahad, and Mingguan Malaysia.

Malay Mail

Malay Mail is a familiar newspaper based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The daily has targeted readers like professionals, businessmen, and corporate-level people.

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Malaysia Newspapers List

Malaysia has numerous local and regional newspapers to serve the whole country.

  • Sinar Harian – Sinar Harian is a Malay language local newspaper in the compact format distributed in Shah Alam, and Selangor.
  • Nanyang Siang Pau (南洋商報) – Nanyang Siang Pau is the oldest Chinese language newspaper in Malaysia that has also a sister newspaper named China Press.
  • Guang Ming Daily (光明日报) – Guang Ming Daily is a Chinese language newspaper with its sister newspaper Sin Chew Daily in Malaysia.
  • Borneo Post – Borneo Post is the most read English language newspaper that is published in East Malaysia.
  • Sun – Sun is the English language free national newspaper that is also the highest circulated daily in Malaysia.
  • Express – Express is a regional newspaper that is distributed in Sabah including its sister newspaper named Overseas Chinese Daily News.
  • See Hua Daily News – See Hua Daily News is one of the best-selling local Malaysian newspapers based on the island of Borneo.
  • We Are United – We Are United is a community newspaper in Malaysia that features Malaysian news today, social news, and events.
  • Edge – Edge is an English-language newspaper that is focused on business and financial news available in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Malaysian Reserve – Malaysian Reserve publishes world news, national news, business news, sports news, and political news in the English language.
  • Focus Malaysia – Focus Malaysia is a Malaysian newspaper that reports on mainly business and political news.
  • International Times – International Times serves with international affairs updates, local news, and social news in the Chinese and English languages.
  • Overseas Chinese Daily News (华侨日报) – Overseas Chinese Daily News is a Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia that started in 1936.
  • – is an online Malaysian news site in Malay that covers Malaysia news today, and Malaysia news now in multiple languages.
  • ‎Astro Awani – Astro Awani gives updates on local news, and Malaysian news now to the Malay people daily.
  • KiniTV – KiniTV casts national news, political news, and live news videos to the Malay people.
  • Malaysia Today – Malaysia Today delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Malaysia Chronicle – With the tag of, a place to speak up on politics, business, and social,  Malaysia Chronicle is an English language newspaper in Malaysia.
  • Vanakkam Malaysia – Vanakkam Malaysia is a Tamil-language newspaper that serves the South Indian community.
  • Maleisië Nieuws – Maleisie Nieuws is a Dutch-language newspaper in Malaysia that gives updates on Dutch news to the community.
  • Malaysia Nanban – Malaysian Nanban is a Tamil language daily newspaper based in Malaysia.

Moreover, Malaysian news sites are also available to serve readers 24/7 along with Malaysian newspapers.

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Q: What are the major newspapers in Malaysia?

A: The major newspapers in Malaysia are The Star, New Straits Times, and Berita Harian.

Q: What type of news coverage can I expect from Malaysian newspapers?

A: Malaysian newspapers cover a wide range of news, including local and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and opinion pieces.

Q: Are there any English-language newspapers in Malaysia?

A: Yes, The Star and New Straits Times are both English-language newspapers in Malaysia.

Q: What is the readership of the star online Malaysia news?

A: The readership of Malaysian newspapers varies by publication, but The Star and New Straits Times are both widely read newspapers in the country.

Q: Are Malaysian newspapers available online?

A: Yes, most Malaysian newspapers have an online presence, and their content can be accessed through their websites or mobile apps.

Q: How often are Malaysian newspapers published?

A: Most Malaysian newspapers are published daily, with some published on Sundays and public holidays as well.

Q: Can I subscribe to Malaysian news for home delivery?

A: Yes, most Malaysian newspapers offer home delivery subscriptions, which can be purchased through their respective websites or customer service centers.

Q: What is the political affiliation of star daily Malaysia?

A: Malaysian newspapers are not affiliated with any political party or ideology, and strive to maintain editorial independence and neutrality in their reporting.

Q: Are there any free newspapers in Malaysia?

A: Yes, there are a few free newspapers in Malaysia, such as The Sun and Metro, which are distributed at public transportation hubs and other high-traffic areas.

Q: Are there any Malaysian news online in Malaysia?

A: Yes, Berita Harian is a Malay language newspaper in Malaysia, and is one of the major newspapers in the country.

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