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A list of Lebanese newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Lebanon is a moderate developing Asian country in the world. The country is known as a place art of in the Middle East, with beautiful architects, and designs.

About Lebanese Newspapers

Lebanon has a vibrant and diverse press landscape, with newspapers playing a vital role in shaping public opinion and disseminating news and information to the people. Lebanese newspapers cover a range of topics, including politics, economics, culture, and sports, and are published in both Arabic and French languages.

Some of the most prominent Lebanese newspapers include “An-Nahar,” “Al-Akhbar,” “Al-Mustaqbal,” “As-Safir,” and “L’Orient-Le Jour.” Each of these newspapers has a unique editorial stance and target audience, with some catering to a more conservative or liberal readership, while others focus on regional or international news.

An-Nahar, which translates to “The Day,” is one of the oldest and most widely circulated newspapers in Lebanon. It was founded in 1933 and is known for its independent and moderate stance, often serving as a platform for political and cultural debates. Al-Akhbar, on the other hand, is a left-leaning newspaper that was founded in 2006 and is known for its investigative journalism and critical reporting on politics and social issues.

Al-Mustaqbal, which means “The Future,” is a daily newspaper that was founded in 1999 by the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. It is considered a pro-government newspaper and is known for its coverage of economic and financial issues. As-Safir, which means “The Ambassador,” is another daily newspaper that was founded in 1974 and is known for its coverage of regional and international news.

L’Orient-Le Jour, which is published in French, is one of the most respected newspapers in Lebanon and covers a range of topics, including politics, economics, and culture. It was founded in 1971 and is known for its balanced and independent reporting.

In addition to these prominent newspapers, there are also several smaller publications and online news sites that cater to specific audiences and interests. Overall, the Lebanese press landscape is diverse and dynamic, providing a wealth of information and perspectives to the people of Lebanon and beyond.

Lebanese Newspapers In Arabic

Here are the top Lebanese newspapers in the Arabic language mentioned below.

Al Akhbar

Al Akhbar is one of the most read Lebanese newspapers in Lebanon. The Arabic language tabloid formatted newspaper provides Lebanese news daily.

Al Joumhouria

With the tag of, when the silence became betrayal, Al Joumhouria spoke, the daily newspaper is one of the most distributed Lebanese newspapers. The Arabic language newspaper has also an awarded news site.


Al Binaa is a leading Arabic-language newspaper based in Beirut, Lebanon. The daily newspaper is owned by the National Information Company & founded in 1958.

L’Orient-Le Jour

L’Orient-Le Jour is one of the most popular Lebanese newspapers. The daily newspaper provides daily Lebanon news, and Asian news in the French language.


El Shark is one of the oldest Lebanese newspapers in the Arabic language that is distributed in Beirut. The daily newspaper has a sister newspaper named Nadine Monthly.


Bintjbeil is a familiar news site in the Arabic and English languages in Lebanon. The Lebanese news site was founded in 2013 and contains regional news regularly.‎ is a news site in the Arabic and English languages in Lebanon. The daily news portal delivers social news, cultural news, Asian news, and more updates. is a news site among Lebanese newspapers that is mainly focused on political news in the Arabic language in Lebanon.

Lebanese Forces News

Lebanese Forces News is an independent news portal that reports on social news, and community news of Lebanon forces’ contribution in the Arabic and English languages.

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Lebanese Newspapers Today

Lebanese news sites and news portal covers news 24/7 for the Lebanese people globally.

  • Saida Online – Saida Online is an online newspaper in Lebanon that delivers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • El Nashra – El Nashra is an online news site in the Arabic and English languages in Lebanon.
  • – is a popular news portal in Lebanon that distributes national news, political news, business news, and more.
  • Lebanon 24 – Lebanon 24 is a widely known news media that covers real-time news and information.
  • – is a Lebanese news agency that contains current news, and Lebanon facts.
  • Janoubia – Janoubia is a Lebanese new site that covers analytical news and investigative news in the South, Arab and western world.
  • El Marada – El Marada is an Arabic-language newspaper that features breaking news, current news, and headlines of Lebanon.
  • Aztag(Ազդակ Օրաթերթ) – Aztag is an Armenian-language official newspaper of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.
  • Al Manar Channel – Al Manar Channel is a Lebanese news channel that gives daily news in English, Arabic, Spanish, and French languages.
  • Murr TV (MTV) – Murr TV is a Lebanese tv channel that casts national news and international news based in Naccache.
  • Tele-Liban – Tele-Libanis an Arabic language news portal for Lebanon news today, city news, and domestic news.
  • Cedar News – Cedar News is an Arabic language news agency that trending news, and the latest news of Lebanon.
  • Al Aman – Al Aman is a Lebanese magazine that publishes political news, and information once a week.

Lebanon News Now

Lebanese news sites have also a presence on social media platforms to create a community for readers.

  • Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCi) – LBCi is a national news broadcaster in Lebanon in the Arabic language.
  • OTV – OTV is a television channel in Lebanon that publishes breaking news and regional news.
  • Naharnet – Naharnet is a leading news portal in Lebanon in the Arabic and English languages.
  • Ya Libnan – Ya Libnan is an English-language newspaper in Lebanon that daily Lebanese news now, and international news.
  • Arab Week – Arab Week is an important newspaper that is focused on Arab political and economical news.
  •‎ – is an Arabic language news portal for the Lebanese people.
  • – is a Lebanese news channel that covers world news, business news, and political news.
  • Alhadass – Alhdass is a political newspaper that gives news on relevant information, political articles, and discussions.
  • Nida al Watan – Nida al Watan is a Lebanese newspaper that contains national news, and local news.
  • Beirut Observer – Beirut Observer is a community newspaper that delivers country news and world news.
  • National News Agency (NNA) – National News Agency is the official website of the Lebanese Ministry of Information.

However, Lebanese newspapers are an important part of the daily lives of the nation.

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Q: What are some of the major Lebanese newspapers?

A: Some of the major Lebanese newspapers include An-Nahar, Al-Akhbar, Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Joumhouria, and As-Safir.

Q: What language is the daily star Lebanon published in?

A: Most Lebanese newspapers are published in Arabic, although some may also have sections in French or English.

Q: Are Lebanese newspapers biased?

A: Like most newspapers, Lebanese newspapers can be biased to varying degrees depending on their political leanings. It’s important to read from multiple sources and perspectives to get a well-rounded understanding of current events.

Q: Are there any independent Lebanese newspapers?

A: Yes, there are several independent Lebanese newspapers that are not affiliated with any political party or group, such as Al-Akhbar Al-Lubnaniyya, Al-Akhbar, and Al-Jadeed.

Q: Can I read Lebanese newspapers online?

A: Yes, most Lebanese newspapers have online editions that you can access through their websites or mobile apps.

Q: How can I subscribe to Lebanon news?

A: You can usually subscribe to a Lebanese newspaper through their website or by contacting their customer service department. Some newspapers may also be available through international newspaper subscription services.

Q: What are some topics that the daily star Lebanon cover?

A: Lebanese newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and local news. Some newspapers may have a particular focus or editorial stance on certain issues.

Q: Are there any tabloid-style newspapers in Lebanon?

A: Yes, there are some tabloid-style newspapers in Lebanon that focus on celebrity gossip and sensationalist news. However, they are not as widely read or respected as the more established newspapers.


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