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A list of Zambian newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Zambia is one of the less developed countries that is located in Central Africa. The landlocked country is known for Victory Falls, natural wonders, and the best safari destinations.

Leading Zambian Newspapers

Here are the top Zambian newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Lusaka Times (LT)

Lusaka Times is a leading newspaper among Zambian newspapers that publishes the current news and breaking news of Zambia.

Zambian Observer

Zambian Observer is a well-known daily among Zambian newspapers that features regional news, African news, and Zambian news now.


Tumfweko is an online news site that is available for Zambian people globally providing headlines and analyzing news of Africa.

Times of Zambia

Times of Zambia is one of the most read Zambian newspapers in the English language that provides Zambian daily news based in Ndola.

Zambia Daily Mail

Zambia Daily Mall is a major broadsheet formatted daily newspaper in the English language that covers national news and international news.

News Diggers

News Diggers feature relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the English language to the Zambian people.

Mwebantu News

Mwebantu News is one of the biggest online Zambia news sites that is circulated in Lusaka in the English language that is founded in 2012.

‎Zambian Football

Zambian Football is a sports newspaper for Zambian people that publishes football news, and league news in the country also globally.

Daily Nation

Daily Nation is an English-language newspaper that provides African news, Zambian online news, Zambian news 24, and world news.

Zambia Online

Zambia Online is an online news site among Zambia newspapers that contains community news, local news, and Zambian news 24.

‎Independent Observer

Independent Observer is an independent news media in Zambia that provides Zambian news online, and Zambian news 24 regularly.

Lusaka Voice

Lusaka Voice is a news media in the English language that provides daily Zambian news, city news, African news, and international news.


QFM is a Zambia radio channel that broadcasts country news, regional news, the latest news, and breaking news of Zambia to the Zambian people.

Zambia Invest

Zambia Invest is a business newspaper for Zambian people that provides financial news, commercial news, and investment news.

‎Open Zambia

Open Zambia is an online news site in Zambia that covers Zambian news 24, Zambia news now, and country news in the English language.

Zambian Politics‎

Zambian Politics is a political newspaper in the English language that provides political news, state news, and government news.

The Lowdown magazine

The Lowdown magazine is a Zambian online magazine that delivers news on health, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Muvi Television

Muvi Television telecasts national news, world news, community news, entertainment news, cultural programs, and shows.

In addition, Zambia newspapers online deliver Zambian News 24/7 regularly to the Zambian people.

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