Punch Newspapers – Popular Online Newspaper in Nigeria

Punch Newspapers is a leading newspaper in Nigerian. It is much popular in Nigeria like other countries. Punch Newspaper Nigeria started its journey in 2003 online and founded 1971/1973. From that time to now it still a most readable and popular newspaper.

As a national newspaper, it covers daily updated of Nigeria and International media. It published based on some important news category which popular in Nigeria. It covers Breaking News, Human Fact, Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, General News, Daily Publication, and much more.

Punch Newspapers

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Punch Newspaper Nigeria Today

The punch news publishes news in punch newspaper today. It’s not an uncivilized and controversial newspaper or news site. It is a mirror of Nigeria indeed. As like Vanguard, The Nation, The Day. It’s an award-winning Nigerian online newspaper. The punch new is a broadsheet newspaper.

The daily outreach of this newspaper is 80,000. Punch Nigeria or The Punch Daily Newspaper is a wealth of Family.

The publisher is Wale Aboderin. He is the Nigerian Journalist, businessman, and the Chairman of Punch Nigeria Limited. Aboderin is a 61 years old man and born in Nigeria in 1958. His father founded the publishing house first.

Punch Headlines Today

The newspaper’s headline arranges with Home, News, Metro Plus, Business, Editorial, Entertainment, Columnists, Family, Spice, Special Features, Education, Cox Pop, Relationship, Letters, Punch Game, Job Post.

Metro Plus: This menu covers the daily metro life of Nigeria. Here you learn Nigerian Metro life and vehicle update.

Business:  Business is an important menu for any kind of newspaper. Like others, it covers the business updates and stock market news in this category.

Entertainment: Here you can read Nigerian people’s lifestyle and their occasional festival.

Columnists: This column only reserve for journals for writing a column.

Education: Although Nigeria is an African country it has a good education property, landmark, and wildlife. This column may help you to learn them.

English is the official language of Nigeria. For that reason, the English newspaper is most popular in Nigeria. Punch Newspaper in one of them and here you go for its online version and all detail of it.

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