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A list of Slovenian newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Slovenia is one of the developed countries that is located in Central Europe. The country is known for stunning natural sceneries, landscapes, and beautiful lakes.

Top Slovenian Newspapers

Here are the top Slovenian newspapers in the Slovenian and English languages mentioned below.


Delo is one of the most read broadsheet formatted daily Slovenian newspapers that is founded in 1959 and has a sister newspaper named Slovenske novice.


Dnevnik is a leading  Berliner-formatted daily newspaper among Slovenia newspapers that is circulated in Ljubljana in Slovenia language since 1951.


Ekipa24 delivers Slovenia news 24, Slovenia news now, total Slovenia news, European news, world news, and Slovenian online news regularly.


Finance is a popular business newspaper in the English language in Slovenia that mainly delivers news on commercial, financial, banking and investment.


Vecer is one of the largest Slovenian newspapers in the broadsheet formatted that has several weekly supplements that is distributed in Maribor, Slovenia.

Gorenjski Glas

Gorenjski Glas reports news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the Slovenian and English languages for global readers.

Dolenjski List

Dolenjski List features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Slovenian language for Slovenian people.

Primorske Novice

Primorske Novice is a widely circulated regional newspaper among European newspapers that is distributed in Koper, Slovenia since 1963.

Rtv slo‎

Rtv Slo is a prominent news media that broadcasts national news, European news, community news, entertainment shows, programs, and events.

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Slovenia News Sites

There are several online newspapers in Slovenia that serve the Slovenian people regularly.

  • Mladina – Mladina features Slovenia news now, total Slovenia news, European news, and Slovenian online news.
  • ‎ – is an English-language newspaper that contains the latest news and breaking news of Slovenia.
  •‎ – is a news site among European newspapers that has social media platforms for readers.
  • Demokracija – Demokracija prints news on health, business, economy, education, science, etc.
  • – is a news portal in Slovenia that offers news flash, bulletin, and world news.
  • ‎Lokalno – Lokalno delivers local news, regional news, community news, events, and programs.
  • – covers Slovenia news 24, Slovenia news now, total Slovenia news, European news, and world news.
  • Ljubljanske Novice – Ljubljanske Novice is a Slovenian-language news media reporting sports news, political news, European news, and daily news.
  • Nepujsag‎ – Nepujsag is a weekly newspaper in the Hungarian language that is available to community.
  • Slovenia Times – Slovnia Times is an English-language community newspaper among European newspapers for Slovenian people.
  • Primorski dnevnik – Primorski dnevnik is a historical newspaper that is published in Trieste, Italy for the community.
  • Druzina – Druzina is a newspaper that provides current news and affairs to the Slovenian people.
  • – is a news site that serves rural life, fashion, culture, food, and lifestyle updates.
  • Slovenian Press Agency (STA) – Slovenian Press Agency is a national news agency that casts country news, cultural news, and programs.

After all, Slovenian newspapers represent real-time information to the European people.

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