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A list of Spanish newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Spain is one of the developed countries that is located in Southwestern Europe. The country is known for its cultural unique, beautiful beaches, and sceneries.

Top Spanish Newspapers

Here are the top Spanish newspapers in the Spanish language mentioned below.

El País

El Pais is a compact formatted daily newspaper that has considered a newspaper of record and also has sister newspapers such as Cinco Días and Diario AS.

El Mundo

El Mundo is one of the largest Spanish newspapers that is also considered a newspaper of record and has several sister newspapers Marca and Expansión.


ABC is one of the oldest compact formatted Spanish newspapers in the Spanish language in Madrid that is also considered a newspaper of record.

La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia is a tabloid-formatted leading daily newspaper in the Spanish and Catalan languages that has a sister newspaper named Mundo Deportivo.

El Periódico de Catalunya

El Periodico de Catalunya is one of the highest-circulated Spanish newspapers in the Berliner format that has a sister newspaper called Sport.

El Correo

El Correo is a tabloid-formatted daily popular newspaper in the Spanish language that is distributed in Bilbao and Basque and was founded in 1910.

La Voz de Galicia

La Voz de Galicia is a Berliner formatted daily newspaper that is available in the Spanish and Galician languages & published in A Coruna since 1882.

El Diario Vasco

El Diario Vasco is a tabloid formatted major daily newspaper among Spanish newspapers that is circulated in San Sebastian that was established in 1934.

La Nueva España

La Nueva Espana is a Spanish-language newspaper in the tabloid format that is distributed in Asturias with health, education, business, and culture.

Diario de Navarra

Diario de Navarra is a prominent regional daily newspaper among Spanish newspapers that serves Pamplona, Spain, and was founded in 1903.

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Spain News Online

There are many local and regional newspapers serving Spanish people regularly.

  • Heraldo de Aragón – Heraldo de Aragon is a broadsheet formatted daily based in Saragossa, Spain.
  • Las Provincias – Las Provincias is a regional newspaper with several dailies such as ABC, El Correo, Español, El Diario Vasco, and La Verdad.
  • Faro de Vigo – Faro de Vigo is a compact formatted oldest daily newspaper in the Spanish and Galician languages.
  • 20 Minutos Zaragoza – 20 Minutos Zaragoza is an online news portal delivering the latest breaking news of Spain.
  • Madrid – 20minutos – Madrid -20minutos is a Madrid-based news site that casts city news, football news, and Spain news.
  • – features Spanish news today, Spanish news live, Madrid Spain news, and European news.
  • El Economista – El Economista is a business newspaper that provides financial and economical news.
  • Publico – Publico publishes political news, economical news, cultural news, and live news.
  • El Confidencial – El Confidencial is a Spanish-language newspaper that covers Madrid and the Spanish latest news.
  • Libertad Digital – Libertad Digital is an online newspaper among Spanish newspapers.
  • 324 Catalunya – 324 Catalunya is a Catalan language newspaper for European people.
  • El Huffington post – El Huffington post is a major news media that is available for online readers.
  • ‎Europa Press – Europa Press is a European news media that casts current news and affairs of Spain.
  • ‎Boletin Oficial del Estado – Boletin Oficial del Estado is a Spanish-language newspaper that contains trending news from Europe.
  • Expansión – Expansion is a prominent daily newspaper that delivers national and international news.
  • Diario Sur – Diario Sur is a Malaga-based local newspaper for Spanish people in the Spanish language.
  • La Voz de Avilés – La Voz de Aviles is another local newspaper that publishes Madrid news, city news, and events.
  • Ideal – Ideal is a national newspaper for Spanish people that is available in Madrid, Spain.
  • Ara – Ara is a Catalan language daily Spanish newspaper that delivers national and international news.
  • Información – Informacion is a Spanish-language newspaper covering country news, rural news, and community updates.
  • La Verdad – La Verdad is a Spanish language daily with its sister dailies El Diario Vasco,
    El Diario Montañés,etc.
  • El Norte De Castilla – El Norte De Castilla is one of the influential and reliable online newspapers in Spain.
  • El Diario Montañés – El Diario Montanes is a local daily newspaper with sister publications such as ABC, El Correo Español, El Diario Vasco, Las Provincias, & La Verdad.
  • Diario De Sevilla – Diario De Sevilla is a community newspaper that is based in Seville, Spain.
  • Deia – Deia is a Basque-based country-based Spanish newspaper that was established in 1977.
  • La Provincia – La Provincia is a community newspaper among Spanish newspapers online.

Spanish Newspapers List

Spanish news media regularly delivers Madrid news, Barcelona news, and national news 24/7.

  • Canarias7 – Canarias 7 is a tabloid-formatted daily Spanish newspaper that is founded in 1982.
  • Diario de Cádiz – Diario de Cadiz is a Spanish-language newspaper that is available in Cadiz.
  • Gara – Gara features sports news, political news, European news, and business news.
  • Última Hora – Ultima Hora is one of the best-selling newspapers that is available in the Balearic islands.
  • Noticias de Navarra – Noticias de Navarra covers economics, events, sports, leisure, and cultures.
  • La Rioja – La Rioja has different kinds of news including politics, business, and international updates.
  • La Opinión – La Opiniont gives 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and current news of Spain.
  • Estadio Deportivo – Estadio Deportivo is a renowned supplement of the daily named El Mundo.
  • El Món – El Mon contains different sections of news like business, politics, information, and culture.
  • Diario De Navarra – Diario De Navarra features business, research, science, and, technology, etc.
  • La Opinión – La Opinion provides Spanish news today, Spanish news live, and European news.
  • La Opinión – La Opinion gives coverage of rural life, European news, and community news.
  • El Salto – El Salto publishes country news, political news, business news, lifestyle & travel news.
  • Diario de León – Diario de Leon is a Spanish-language news media casting daily European updates.
  • La Voz de Asturias – La Voz de Asturias is a prominent daily newspaper for European and national readers.
  • Europa Sur – Europa Sur is a news site that is mainly focused on European news and updates.
  • Diario de Mallorca – Diario de Mallorca is a Palma de Mallorca-based newspaper among Spanish newspapers.
  • Diari de Girona – Diari de Girona is a Catalan language daily newspaper that started in 1943 in Girona.
  • El Punt Avui – El Punt Avui is an online news site that provides regional, rural, and national news.
  • Córdoba – Cordoba provides European news, political news, cultural news, and international news.
  • Berria – Berria is known for articles, and blogs on European, Spain, and international issues.
  • El Día – El Dia is a tabloid-formatted daily newspaper that is published in the Canary islands, Spain.
  • El Cultural – El Culturala is a cultural-based newspaper among Spanish newspapers.
  • La Voz – La Voza offers a range of services such as video, portfolio, business, abroad, and opinion.
  • Mediterráneo – Mediterraneo is a Castellon-based newspaper among Spanish newspapers.
  • El Periódico De Extremadura – El Periodico De Extremadura is a community newspaper in the Spanish and English languages.
  • La Gaceta Regional de Salamanca – La Gaceta Regional de Salamanca is another city newspaper that is circulated in Madrid.
  • El Progreso – El Progreso contains Spanish news today, Madrid Spain news, and European news.
  • Noticias De Gipuzkoa – Noticias De Gipuzkoa is a community daily that delivers updates on social lives.
  • Málaga Hoy – Malaga Hoy is a Malaga-based newspaper that contains news on Madrid.
  • Granada Hoy – Granada Hoy provides daily news and affairs happening in Spain.
  • Diario de Ibiza – Diario de Ibiza is a 24/7 local news media in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Regió 7 – Regio 7 is a popular Barcelona-based newspaper among Spanish newspapers.
  • Journal of Burgos – Journal of Burgos contains urban life, fashion, culture, food, and lifestyle.
  • Diari De Tarragona – Diari De Tarragona is a Spanish-language local daily newspaper serving in Tarragona.
  • El Correo Gallego – El Correo Gallego is a common newspaper that is available in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Segre – Segre contains international news, political issues, updates, and European news.
  • – publishes Spanish news live, Madrid Spain news, and European news.
  • Voz Populi – Voz Populi contains Spanish news on finance, daily news, and the latest stories.
  • La Informacion – La Informacion reveals blogs, political articles, trending topics, and discussions
  • Vila Web – Vila Web features economical news, social news, and financial-related issues.
  • El Plural – El Plural publishes the latest information on health, news, tips, society, and regular updates.

Barcelona News Online

Spanish news sites serve with the current news of Barcelona news, Madrid news, and capital news.

  • Info Libre – Info Libre offers multiple social media to join the active users in their community.
  • Nacio Digital – Nacio Digital distributes news on culture, real estate, media, and politics.
  • El Semanal Digital – El Semanal Digital gives Barcelona news, FC Barcelona news, & Real Madrid news.
  • Galicia Confidencial – Galicia Confidential is an online news site for readers around the world.
  • ‎Salamanca 24 Horas – Salamanca 24 Horas gives coverage 24/7 of Spain, Barcelona, and Madrid news.
  • Diario Crítico – Diario Critico is an online news portal providing important news and information.
  • Catalunya Diari – Catalunya Diari is a Catalan language newspaper for Spanish people.
  • Menorca – Menorca delivers Spanish news today, Spanish news lives, and Madrid Spain news.
  • Diario De Almería – Diario De Almeria publishes community news, regional news, European news, and more updates.
  • Huelva Información – Heulva Informacion is a city newspaper that is circulated in Huelva.
  • Diario De Jerez – Diario De Jerez is a community news site that is based in Cadiz, Spain.
  • Diario del AltoAragón – Diario del AltoAragon is a Berliner formatted city newspaper that is based in Aragon.
  • Noticias De Álava – Noticias De Alava is a domestic newspaper that is available in Alava, Spain.
  • Diario Jaén – Diario Jaen serves international issues, political discussions, and cultural shows.
  • Lanza – Lanza covers community events, cultural news, and social news.
  • Ara Balears – Ara Balears covers Spanish news today, Spanish news live, and Spanish news online.
  • La Tribuna de Albacete – La Tribuna de Albacete delivers the latest news on current affairs, news.
  • Euro Weekly News – Euro Weekly News is a weekly newspaper that provides the European latest updates.
  • El Día De Córdoba – El Dia De Cordoba is a Cordoba-based newspaper among Spanish newspapers.
  • El Socialista – El Socialista is a leading news portal that delivers social-based news and events.
  • Més – Mes is a Tarragona-based news agency in the Spanish language for Spanish people.
  • La Cerca – La Cerca is a Spanish-language newspaper also active on social media platforms.
  • Diario De Teruel – Diario De Teruel is an independent newspaper that is based in Teruel.
  • Diario Siglo XXI – Diario Sigli XXI is a well-known newspaper featuring current news and affairs.
  • El Adelantado de Segovia – Ek Adelantado de Segovia contains trending news, the latest news, and recent news.
  • Gente Digital Santander – Gente Digital Santander provides community news, regional news, and tourism updates.
  • L’esportiu – L’esportiu covers sports news, club sports updates, and events in the Spanish language.
  • Periódico De Ibiza – Periodico De Ibiza is a Spanish-language news portal, that is active on social media sites.
  • Diario De Ávila – Diario De Avila reports news on health, education, and business regularly.
  • – is an online news portal that features European news, and Spanish daily news.
  • Diari De Terrassa – Diari De Terrassa delivers Barcelona news, FC Barcelona news, & Real Madrid news.
  • Diario Palentino – Diario Palentino features daily news on lifestyle, culture, food, and travel.
  • Majorca Daily Bulletin – Majorca Daily Bulletin features educational news and information.
  • Noticias De La Rioja – Noticias De La Rioja distributes Spanish news today, Spanish news lives, and Spanish news online.
  • El Jurista – El Jurista expresses news on lifestyle, health, science, education, culture, food, and travel.
  • El Triangle – El Triangle is another widely known regional newspaper among European newspapers.
  • El Vallenc – El Vallenc distributes relevant information, blogs, political articles, and trending topics.
  • El Noticiero – El Noticiero serves with Barcelona news, FC Barcelona news, & Real Madrid news.
  • La Voz de Barcelona – La Voz de Barcelona is a daily that delivers Barcelona news, sports news and more.
  • Avance Deportivo – Avance Deportivo features social news and economical news for Europeans.
  • Ejea Digital – Ejea Digital covers world news, community news, and regional updates for the Spanish people.
  • El Faro Astorgano – El Faro Astorgano is a Leon-based daily that gives news on health, education, science, and technology.
  • Cartelera Arandina – Cartelera Arandina is an independent community newspaper for Europeans.
  • El Decano Deportivo – El Decano Deportivo is a regional news portal available in Sevilla, Spain.

However, Spanish newspapers are very popular globally for observing the latest news of the football league.

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