Taiwan Newspapers & Taiwanese News (台湾报纸)

A list of Taiwan newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Taiwan is one of the developing countries that is located in East Asia. The country is known for its unique culture and festivals worldwide.

Top Taiwan Newspapers

Here are the top Taiwan newspapers in the Mandarin Chinese language given below.

Liberty Times (自由時報)

Liberty Times is one of the most-read Taiwan newspapers in the Chinese language that has also a sister newspaper in English, Taipei Times.

Apple Daily Taiwan (蘋果日報)

Apple Daily Taiwan is a leading online newspaper among Taiwan newspapers that is based in Taipei & available in the Chinese language.

United Daily News (聯合報)

United Daily News is one of the biggest broadsheet formatted daily Taiwan newspapers that covers mainly political news and updates.

Taiwan News (臺灣英文新聞)

Taiwan News is an English-language newspaper that provides news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle to the nation.

Taipei Times (臺北時報)

Taipei Times is a major national newspaper in the English language that publishes Asian news, national news, and international news.

Central News Agency (CNA)

Central News Agency is a Taiwanese news agency that is circulated in Taipei in several editions such as English, Japanese and Chinese.

The News Lens (關鍵評論網)

The News Lens reports on relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the English and Chinese languages.

Mandarin Daily News (國語日報)

Mandarin Daily News is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that is known as a children’s newspaper in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan Journal

Taiwan Journal is a national newspaper that is printed on Taiwanese news weekly and is controlled by the government information office, Republic of China.

Kinmen Daily News (金門日報)

Kinmen Daily News is a government-owned newspaper that is based in Kinmen county & also available online in the Chinese language.

Read Asian newspapers:

Taiwan News Online

Taiwan has several local and regional newspapers to serve the whole nation.

  • Matsu Daily (馬祖日報) – Matsu Daily is a well-known regional newspaper that is published in Matsu islands, Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Daily (台灣日報) – Taiwan Daily is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper among Taiwanese newspapers since 1964.
  • Taiwan Review – Taiwan Review is an English-language newspaper that provides social news, economical news, and more.
  • ETtoday – ETtoday provides Taiwan news today, Taiwan breaking news, Taiwanese news live, Chinese news, and Asian news.
  • Storm Media – Storm Media is a popular news media in Taiwan delivering political and social news.
  • NEXT Digital – NEXT Digital is an English-language news media among Taiwanese newspapers.
  • cnYes – cnYes highlights Taiwan news today, Taiwan breaking news, Taiwanese news live, Chinese news, and Asian news.
  • New Talk – New Talk is a news site in the English language that delivers the latest news of Taiwan.
  • Taiwan People News – Taiwan People News is a major newspaper that is printed bi-monthly to the Taiwanese people.
  • Digi Times – Digi Times is an English-language daily online newspaper among Taiwanese newspapers.
  • FTV – FTV is an online newspaper that publishes social news, youth news, human rights, and current affairs.
  • ctee.com.tw – ctee.com.tw is one of the well-known Taiwan online newspapers for global readers.
  • Youth Daily News – Youth Daily News is a tabloid-formatted daily newspaper that is controlled by the Ministry of national defense.
  • Merit Times – Merit Times publishes updates on health, technology, society, lifestyle, and more.
  • China Daily News – China Daily News is a local newspaper in the traditional Chinese language that is located in Tainan.
  • Penghu Times – Penghu Times publishes Taiwanese news live, Chinese news, and Asian news in the English language.
  • My People – My People features local news, city news, community news, youth news, and events.
  • idn.com.tw – idn.com.tw is one of the important daily Taiwan newspapers in the Chinese language.
  • Twnews Daily – Tenews Daily delivers educational news, historical news, economical news, and more updates.
  • EpochTimes – EpochTimes gives coverage 24/7 of the Taiwanese and Chinese to the Taiwanese people.
  • Taiwan Info‎ – Taiwan Info reports on Taiwan breaking news, Taiwanese news live, Chinese news, and Asian news.
  • TraNews.com – TraNews.com is an independent news site that is available in English and Chinese languages.
  • PeoPo.org‎ – PeoPo.org is a news media that features country news, Asian news, Chinese updates, and Taiwan online news.
  • Radio Taiwan International (RTI) – Radio Taiwan International is a radio channel in Taiwan that casts country news, cultural shows, and programs.
  • International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) – International Community Radio Taipei is a news media in Taiwan that broadcasts Taiwan daily news.
  • Tourism Bureau – Tourism Bureau is a news portal that gives updates on Taiwan, Taiwan tourism news, and travel guidelines.

However, Taiwan newspapers and news sites represent the current affairs and situations of Taiwan.

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