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A list of Syrian newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Syria is one of the developing countries that is located in Western Asia. The country is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and is known for the Syrian civil war globally.

Top Syrian Newspapers

Here are the top Syrian newspapers in the Arab and English languages given below.


Al-Thawra is one of the most-read Syrian newspapers in the Arabic language that mainly covers government news and social news & first publishes in 1963.


AL-Ba’ath is a compact formatted Arabic language newspaper that provides only political news and is also distributed by Ba’ath Party in Syria.


Al-Jamahir is a leading local newspaper that is based in Aleppo covering Syria news today, country news, and international news.

Al-Mokif Al-Riyadi

Al-Mokif Al-Riyadi is a weekly newspaper among Syrian newspapers that mainly delivers sports news in the Arabic language.

Zaman Al Wsl

Zaman Al Wsl features Syria news today, Syria news online Middle East news, Asian news, and world news in the Arabic language.

Syria steps‎

Syria Steps is a news agency that features state news, regional news, local news, and the Syrian Republic news in the English language.

Dam press

Dam Press broadcasts regional news, farm news, agricultural news, youth news, social news, welfare, and activities.

‎Aks alser

Aks Alser is a widely known daily newspaper that reports on social news, economics news, political news, and business news.

Al mjhar

Al Mjher publishes recent news, current affairs, & issues of Syria in the Arabic language to the nation.

‎ is an online newspaper among Syrian newspapers that is available for global readers.‎ is an online newspaper among Syria newspapers that provides community news, and Syrian online news daily.

Syria Times

Syria Times reports on Syria news today, Syria news online, Asian news, Arab news, and world news regularly.


Al-Wehda is an Arabic-language news media that telecasts national news, Aleppo news, Arab news, cultural news, and programs.


Al-Furat publishes the latest news, breaking news, and headlines of Syria, Damascus, and Aleppo updates to the Syrians.

JP News

JP News contains Syria news today, Syria news online, Asian news, and world news in the Arabic and English languages.

Syrian News Station

Syrian News Station is national news media that telecasts Aleppo news, city news, Syrian news online, and events.

Syrian Network for Human Rights

Syrian Network for Human Rights publishes social news, human rights news, activities, and youth news.

Syria Direct

Syria Direct expresses news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language.


Al-Ghad is an Arabic-language newspaper that delivers Damascus news, Aleppo news, Middle east news, and Arab news.


Topnews provides relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions to the Syrian people.

Al Raddar

Al Raddar features Syria news today, Syria news online, Asian news, Middle East news, and world news.

Hence, Syrian newspapers carry 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and current news of the Syrian Republic country.

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