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A list of Dutch newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

The Netherlands is one of the developed countries that is located in Northwestern Europe. The country is known for Amsterdam, tulip flowers, and windmills.

About Dutch Newspapers

Dutch newspapers play an essential role in providing news and information to the Dutch-speaking population in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Netherlands has a strong tradition of print media, and there are several leading newspapers that cater to different audiences and interests.

One of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the Netherlands is NRC Handelsblad, which was founded in 1970 through the merger of two other newspapers. NRC Handelsblad is known for its high-quality journalism, in-depth reporting, and analytical articles on politics, economics, and culture. It has a broad readership and is widely regarded as a newspaper of record.

Another prominent newspaper is De Volkskrant, which was founded in 1919 and has a more progressive and liberal orientation. De Volkskrant covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, science, and technology, and is known for its opinion pieces and investigative reporting.

For readers who are interested in business and finance news, the leading newspaper is Het Financieele Dagblad (FD). FD is known for its coverage of the financial markets, investment strategies, and corporate news. It is read by business leaders, investors, and professionals in the financial sector.

Other notable newspapers in the Netherlands include De Telegraaf, which is the largest daily newspaper in terms of circulation and has a more populist and sensationalist style; Trouw, which has a Christian-democratic orientation and focuses on religious and social issues; and Algemeen Dagblad (AD), which is a tabloid-style newspaper that covers general news and sports.

In Belgium, the leading Dutch-language newspaper is De Standaard, which was founded in 1918 and is known for its coverage of politics, economics, and culture. De Standaard has a broad readership in Flanders and Brussels and is regarded as a newspaper of record in Belgium.

Overall, Dutch newspapers provide a diverse range of perspectives and information to their readers and play an important role in shaping public opinion and promoting democratic values.

Top Dutch Newspapers

Here are the top Dutch newspapers in the Dutch language mentioned below.

De Telegraaf (“The Telegraph”)

De Telegraaf is one of the largest Dutch newspapers that is based in Amsterdam in the Dutch language delivering national and international news.

Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

Algemeen Dagblad is one of the most-read daily Dutch newspapers in the Dutch language that is founded in 1946 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

NRC Handelsblad

NRC Handelsblad is a leading daily newspaper among Dutch newspapers that is considered a newspaper of record in the Netherlands & founded in 1970.

Het Parool

Het Parool is a tabloid-formatted daily newspaper in the Dutch language that has also a sister newspaper named Algemeen Dagblad started in 1940.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Het Financieele Dagblad is a Berliner formatted daily newspaper among Dutch newspapers that mainly publishes financial and business news.

NIS News Bulletin

NIS News Bulletin is an online newspaper in the English language that provides the Dutch latest news, Netherlands daily news, and world news.

Metro Holland

Metro Holland provides relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the English language to the Dutch people.

De Gelderlander

De Gelderlander is a well-known regional newspaper that is distributed in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and delivers news on Gelderland since 1848.

Noordhollands Dagblad

Noordhollands Dagblad is a local newspaper among Netherlands newspapers in the Dutch language that has several editions in North Hollands.

De Stentor

De Stentor is a community newspaper that is circulated in the Eastern Part of the Netherlands covering news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

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Netherlands Newspapers List

The Netherlands has many regional and local newspapers in the Dutch language to serve people.

  • Brabants Dagblad – Brabants Dagblad is a city newspaper that publishes Dutch news daily in North Brabant.
  • Leeuwarder Courant – Leeuwarder Courant is the oldest daily newspaper that started in 1752.
  • Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant – Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant is one of the oldest Netherlands newspapers that is distributed in Zeeland.
  • Haarlems Dagblad – Haarlems Dagblad is a tabloid-formatted regional daily newspaper that is based in Haarlems.
  • Barneveldse Krant –  Barneveldse Krant is a tabloid formatted paid daily newspaper in Barneveldse.
  • Dagblad van het Noorden – Dagblad van het Noorden is a compact daily newspaper that is available in Northeastern Netherlands.
  • Dagblad De Limburger – Dagblad De Limburger is a common newspaper that is distributed in Limburg, Netherlands.
  • Tubantia – Tubantia is a daily newspaper among Dutch newspapers that is available in Twente and Regge valley.
  • IJmuider Courant – Ijmuider Courant provides the Dutch latest news, Netherlands daily news, and Netherlands news now.
  • De Feanster – De Feanster is a Dutch-language newspaper that features economical news, social news, and financial-related issues.
  • Heerenveense Courant – Heerenveense Courant is a Heerenveen-based newspaper among Netherlands newspapers.
  • Balkster Courant – Balkster Courant delivers social news, economical news, youth news, and current affairs.
  • Leidsch Dagblad – Leidsch Dagblad covers community news, regional news, European news, and more updates.
  • Meppeler Courant – Meppeler Courant has columns on health, province, education, society, opinion, etc.
  • De Terschellinger – De Terschellinger gives social, economic, and political news in the Dutch language to the Dutch people.
  • Arnhemse Koerier – Arnhemse Koerier is a widely known news portal that brings information and events.
  • Texelse Courant – Texelse Courant reports on the Dutch latest news, Netherlands daily news, European news, and Dutch news now.
  • Almere Deze Week – Almere Deze Week is a weekly newspaper that covers daily Neitherlands updates.
  • Nieuw Volendam – Nieuw Volendam is a prime news source among Netherlands newspapers.
  • Cobouw – Cobouw is a daily among Dutch newspapers in the Dutch and English languages.
  • Sneeker Nieuwsblad – Sneeker Nieuwsblad has news sections like blogs, trending news, and social news of the country.
  • Groninger Gezinsbode – Groninger Gezinsbode telecasts Dutch news, county news, cultural programs, and events.
  • ED (Eindhovens Dagblad) – ED is a popular newspaper that publishes world news, country news, and American news.
  • IamExpat.nl – IamExpat.nl provides social news, sports news, political news, Dutch news live, and Dutch news online.
  • BNR – BNR is an online newspaper that covers city news, country news, community news, and events.
  • Blik op Nieuws – Blik op Nieuws delivers county news, trending news, and current news of the Netherlands.
  • Dutch News – Dutch News publishes the Dutch latest news, Netherlands latest news, and Amsterdam breaking news today.
  • NL Times – NL Times covers the latest information on health, news, tips, and regular updates.
  • ‎Nos.nl – Nos.nl is a Dutch language daily among Dutch newspapers that covers Netherlands news online.
  • Niedziel – Niedziel expresses news on culture, real estate, media, and politics to the Dutch people.
  • Joop – Joop is a prominent newspaper that is also available in e-paper format for the Dutch people.
  • Omroep Brabant‎ – Omroep Brabant is a daily newspaper among Dutch newspapers in the Dutch people.
  • Dagelijkse Standard – Dagelijkse Standard covers city news, country news, national news, and Dutch onlinenews.
  • Speld – Speld is a well-known Dutch newspaper mainly focused on entertainment, arts, culture, and more updates.
  • Over Betuwe Nieuws – Over Betuwe Nieuws is a local newspaper that is available online 24/7.
  • ‎Wald Net – Wald Nete expresses the Dutch latest news, Netherlands daily news, and Amsterdam daily news.
  • ‎Pow!nd – Pow!nd telecasts different types of programs including news, cultural shows, documentaries for the Dutch people.
  • ‎Kranten – Kranten is a daily online news site providing economic news, health news, sports news, and opinions.
  • ‎112 Groningen – 112 Groningen is a Dutch news online provider reporting on economics, finance, health, etc 24/7.
  • Ede Stad – Ede Stad is an online news provider reporting on economics, finance, health, etc 24/7 news.
  • Schuttevaer – Schuttevaer is an online news site based in Netherlands covering Dutch current issues and blogs for the readers.
  • Het Urkerland – Het Urkerland provides agricultural news, business news, finance, global economy, and analytical news.
  • Groninger Internet Courant‎ – Groninger Internet Courant is an online newspaper among Dutch newspapers.
  • Oisterwijk News – Oisterwijk News has multiple social media platforms to keep always updated to the readers.
  • Flakkee Nieuws – Flakkee Nieuws provides relevant information, and political articles, analyzing trending topics.
  • ‎Liwwadders – Liwwadders reveals blogs political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Sliedrecht‎ – Sliedrecht contains the Dutch latest news, Dutch news today, Netherlands daily news, and European news.
  • Nieuwe Meerbode‎ – Nieuwe Meerbode provides the latest news and breaking news of Netherlands.
  • De Staatskrant De Buurtkrant – De Staatskrant De Buurtkrant is a general newspaper among Netherlands newspapers for Dutch people.
  • Government.nl – Government.nl is a national news agency that broadcasts country news, state news, and government news.
  • DeOndernemer.nl – DeOndernemer.nl is a Dutch news portal that is also available online for global readers.

Hence, Dutch newspapers play a great role to present the current news of Netherlands.

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Q: What are some of the popular Dutch newspapers?

A: Some of the most popular Dutch newspapers include De Telegraaf, NRC Handelsblad, De Volkskrant, Trouw, and Het Parool.

Q: Are Dutch newspapers available online?

A: Yes, most Dutch newspapers have online editions that are available to read on their respective websites.

Q: Are there any English-language Dutch newspapers available?

A: Yes, there is one English-language Dutch newspaper available, called DutchNews.nl.

Q: How often is the biggest Dutch newspaper published?

A: Most Dutch newspapers are published daily, although some are published on a weekly or monthly basis.

Q: Are there any free Dutch newspapers available?

A: Yes, there are some free Dutch newspapers available, such as Metro and Spits, which are distributed in public transportation.

Q: Can I subscribe to a Dutch newspaper if I don’t live in the Netherlands?

A: Yes, most Dutch newspapers offer subscriptions to international readers, although the availability and cost may vary.

Q: Are Dutch newspapers politically biased?

A: Like most newspapers, Dutch newspapers have their own editorial stance, which may lean towards a certain political direction. However, most Dutch newspapers strive to maintain journalistic integrity and provide balanced reporting.

Q: Can I submit an article or letter to the editor of a Dutch newspaper?

A: Yes, most Dutch newspapers accept article submissions and letters to the editor. However, the guidelines and submission process may vary between newspapers.

Q: Are Dutch newspapers available in other languages besides Dutch?

A: No, Dutch newspapers are primarily published in Dutch and there are no translations available in other languages. However, some newspapers may provide English summaries of their articles online.

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