List Of Sierra Leone Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Sierra Leone newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Sierra Leone is one of the least developed countries that is located in West Africa. The country is known for producing mostly gold and diamond and for diverse wildlife.

About Sierra Leone Newspapers

Sierra Leone has a vibrant and diverse media landscape, with a range of newspapers serving different audiences and interests. While the country’s media sector has faced challenges in the past, including government censorship and financial instability, there are a number of newspapers that continue to provide high-quality reporting and analysis on local, national, and international news.

One of the most widely read newspapers in Sierra Leone is the Sierra Leone Telegraph. Founded in 2005, the Telegraph has gained a reputation for its independent reporting and critical analysis of government policies and actions. The paper covers a range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and culture, and has a strong online presence through its website and social media accounts.

Another popular newspaper in Sierra Leone is the Concord Times. Founded in 1998, the paper has a focus on investigative journalism and breaking news. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, crime, and social issues, and has a strong online presence through its website and social media accounts.

Other newspapers in Sierra Leone include the Awareness Times, which focuses on political news and analysis, and the Standard Times, which covers a range of topics including politics, business, and sports. There are also a number of community newspapers serving specific regions and communities within the country.

Despite the diversity and quality of Sierra Leone’s newspapers, the media sector in the country still faces challenges. One major issue is the lack of financial stability, with many newspapers struggling to generate enough revenue to sustain themselves. Another challenge is government censorship, with some journalists reporting harassment and intimidation from state officials.

Overall, however, Sierra Leone’s newspapers continue to play an important role in informing and engaging the public on a range of issues. With a commitment to independent journalism and a willingness to tackle difficult topics, these papers are a vital part of the country’s media landscape.

Top Sierra Leone Newspapers

Here are the top Sierra Leone newspapers in the English language given below.

Sierra Leone Telegraph

Sierra Leone Telegraph is one of the most-read Sierra Leone newspapers that covers news on regional news, community news, and events.

Patriotic Vanguard

Patriotic Vanguard is a national news media that features news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language.

Sierra Express Media

Sierra Express Media is a leading newspaper that delivers African news, the latest news, breaking news, and headlines of Sierra Leone.

Concord Times‎

Concord Times is an English-language newspaper that publishes Sierra Leone news now, Sierra Leone news today, and Sierra Leone online news.


Politico is a political newspaper among Sierra Leone newspapers that provides news on relevant information, political articles, and discussions.

Global Times

Global Times is a widely circulated newspaper that features daily news, international news, city news, political news, society news, and cultural news.


Cocorioko is an online news site that features political updates, world news, business news, entertainment news, and Sierra Leone’s current news daily.

Radio Democracy

Radio Democracy is a radio channel in Sierra Leone that casts national news, African news, cultural programs, and events.

This Is Sierra Leone

This is Sierra Leone is an English-language news media that delivers Sierra Leone news online, domestic news, crime news, tourism news and cultural news.

Swit Salone

Swit Salone provides news on farms, business, economics, investment, and socio-economical updates to the African people in the English language.


Statehouse is a national newspaper in Sierra Leone that reports on state news, government updates, legal notices, and guidelines.

New Rising Sun

New Rising Sun is a well-known newspaper among African newspapers that publish local news, tourism news, city news, and events.


Organiser is an English-language newspaper that reports daily on African regions including Sierra Leone daily news and updates.

Salone Post‎

Salone Post reports on crime news, investigative news, social news, international political news, and current issues.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone telecasts country news, entertainment news, shows, community events, and updates to the African people.


CEN is an English-language newspaper that is providing daily African news and is also available online for readers.


Calabash is a very common newspaper to the Sierra Leone people and is also active on multiple social media platforms to engage readers globally.

De Mirror

De Mirror is an African news site that shows sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news.

Night Watch‎

Night Watch publishes sports news, political news, entertainment news, African news, and business news.

In addition, Sierra Leone newspapers serve the African people with the latest news 24/7 along with Sierra Leone news sites.

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Q: What are the major newspapers in Sierra Leone?

A: The major newspapers in Sierra Leone are the Sierra Leone Telegraph, Concord Times, Awareness Times, Standard Times Press, and the Independent Observer.

Q: Do Sierra Leone newspapers publish in English or local languages?

A: Most Sierra Leone newspapers publish in English, which is the official language of the country. However, some newspapers also publish articles in local languages such as Krio, Mende, and Temne.

Q: How often are Sierra Leone newspapers published?

A: Most Sierra Leone newspapers are published daily, except for the Sierra Leone Telegraph and the Standard Times Press, which are published on a weekly basis.

Q: Where can I buy Sierra Leone newspapers?

A: Sierra Leone newspapers can be purchased at newsstands, supermarkets, and bookstores throughout the country. Some newspapers also offer online subscriptions.

Q: What topics do Sierra Leone newspapers cover?

A: Sierra Leone newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and culture. They also report on local and international news.

Q: Can I submit an article or letter to the editor of Sierra Leone newspapers?

A: Yes, most Sierra Leone newspapers welcome submissions from readers, including articles, letters to the editor, and opinion pieces. Submission guidelines and contact information can usually be found on the newspaper’s website.

Q: Are global times newspaper Sierra leone reliable sources of news?

A: Sierra Leone newspapers strive to be reliable sources of news, but like all media, they can be subject to bias and errors. It is important to read multiple sources and critically evaluate the information presented.

Q: Can I access Sierra Leone newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Sierra Leone newspapers have online editions that can be accessed through their websites or through online news aggregators. Some newspapers also have social media accounts where they share their articles and updates.


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