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A list of Moroccan newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Morocco is one of the most developed countries that is located in North Africa. The country is known for the Sahara desert, Moroccan tea, and outstanding culture.

About Moroccan Newspapers

Morocco has a thriving newspaper industry that plays a significant role in shaping public opinion and providing information to citizens. The country has a diverse range of newspapers in various languages, including Arabic, French, and Berber.

The Moroccan newspaper industry is regulated by the Moroccan Press and Publishing Code, which requires all newspapers to obtain a license from the government before they can operate. This license is issued by the Ministry of Communication, which also oversees the regulation of the press.

The most widely read newspapers in Morocco are in Arabic, which is the official language of the country. Some of the most popular Arabic newspapers include Al Alam, Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki, and Al Massae. These newspapers cover a range of topics, including politics, business, sports, and culture.

French is also widely spoken in Morocco, and there are several French-language newspapers in the country, such as Le Matin and L’Economiste. These newspapers tend to focus on business and finance, as well as politics and culture.

In addition to Arabic and French, there are also newspapers in Berber, which is an indigenous language spoken in Morocco. These newspapers are aimed at the Berber-speaking population of the country and cover a range of topics, including politics, culture, and social issues.

Overall, Moroccan newspapers play an important role in informing citizens about local and national issues, as well as shaping public opinion. While the industry is regulated by the government, there is still a degree of press freedom in the country, which allows newspapers to report on sensitive topics and hold those in power accountable.

Top Moroccan Newspapers

Here are the top Moroccan newspapers in the Islamic and English languages given below.

Le Matin du Sahara et du Maghreb (Le Matin)

Le Matin du Sahara et du Maghreb is a French-language newspaper among Morocco newspapers owned by Maroc Soir Group.


Assabah is one of the most-read Moroccan newspapers in the Arabic language that also has an economical newspaper called L’Economiste.

Al Maghribia

Al Maghribia is a well-known newspaper in the Arabic language that covers national news and international news.


L’Economiste is a tabloid-formatted business newspaper in the French language that has a sister newspaper called Assabah in Morocco.

La Nouvelle Tribune

La Nouvelle Tribune is a leading newspaper among Moroccan newspapers in the French language that is founded in 1995.

La Vie Éco

La Vie Eco is a weekly newspaper among Moroccan newspapers that mainly publishes political news and economical news.

Aujourd’hui Le Maroc

Aujourd’hui Le Maroc is a French-language newspaper that mainly publishes national news and political news starting in 2001.

Le 360

Le 360 features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the French language for Moroccans. is a news site in Morocco that is available in the Arabic and English languages publishing Morocco news now, & Morocco news live.


Barlamane provides news about health, education, business, culture, lifestyle, and African news to the Moroccan people.

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Morocco News Online

There are many local and regional newspapers in Morocco to serve the whole nation.

  • ‎Tanja 24 – Tanja 24 is a news agency that features state news, regional news, local news, and community events.
  • Rue20 – Rue20 publishes the recent news, current affairs, & issues of Morocco in the Arabic language.
  • ‎Kech 24 – Kech 24 is an online newspaper that serves Moroccan people with 24/7 latest news.
  • Maroc Hebdo – Maroc Hebdo is a common regional newspaper that covers local news and updates.
  • Al Haraka – Al Haraka features Morocco news live, Morocco news now, African news, and world news.
  • Ahdath Maghribiya – Ahdath Magribiya is a tabloid-formatted daily newspaper that started in 1999.
  • Aljamaa – Alijamaa is a local newspaper that covers community news, city news, and more updates.
  • Cawalisse Alyoum – Cawalisse Alyoum is a popular Arabic-language newspaper for Moroccan people.
  • Hespress – Hespress is an independent daily newspaper that is distributed in Rabat, Morocco.
  • Hiba Press – Hiba Press is a regional news media that delivers local news, social news, &  economical news.
  • La Nouvelle Tribune – La Nouvelle Tribune is a French-language news media that is available on social media for readers.
  • Marocpress – Marocpress is a common newspaper that casts community news, technology news, & youth news.
  • Morocco Today – Morocco Today is an English-language newspaper that contains the latest news and breaking news of Morocco.
  • Tanja 7 – Tanja 7 features regional news, farm news, agricultural news, social news, and more.
  • Agora‎ – Agora is a major newspaper that provides Rabat news and Moroccan daily news.
  • – gives updates on political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • ‎Casa Oui – Casa Oui is a city newspaper that is published in Rabat in the English and Arabic languages.
  • Chtouka Press – Chtouka Press publishes political news, state news, Government news, and Morocco online news.
  • – is a news portal that delivers headlines, trending news, and recent news of Morocco.
  • ‎ – is an online newspaper among Morocco newspapers.
  • Tel Quel – Tel Quel covers Morocco news live, Morocco news now, & African news in the French and English languages.
  • Libération – Liberation is a national newspaper in the French language that has also a sister newspaper called Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki.
  • GOUD – GOUD publishes the latest information on health, news, tips, society, and regular updates.
  • Assdae Al Maghreb – Assdae Al Maghreb provides news on culture, real estate, media, and politics for the
  • Al Mountakhab – Al Mountakhab is an important news media that delivers local news, social news, economical news, and business news.
  • Menara – Menara is a prime newspaper that casts country news, entertainment news and events.
  • Nador City – Nador City is a common news source in Morocco in the Arabic and English languages.
  • ‎Morocco World News – Morocco World News is an online newspaper in the English language in Morocco.
  • Atlas Scoop – Atlas Scoop is an analytical nondaily newspaper that reports regional news and updates.
  • Febrayer‎ – Febrayer gives insights into banks, real estate, finance, & country updates to the readers.
  • Oujda City – Oujda City is a regional newspaper that covers industrial, political, and agricultural news.
  • ‎Marrakech Alaan – Marrakech Alaan is a leading online news site also active on multiple social media platforms.
  • Souss 24 – Souss 24 features regional news, political news, special projects, and national news.
  • Bladi – Bladi is an online newspaper that delivers socio-political news and business news.
  • Telex Presse – Telex Press is a daily among Moroccan newspapers that features educational news, and information.
  • Zagora Press – Zagora Press covers news and analyses the social, and political life events happening in Morocco.
  • Tanja News – Tanja News is a local news site that covers regional news among Moroccan newspapers.
  • Almaghrib Alyoum – Almaghrib Alyoum offers news flash, bulletin, and world news in Morocco.
  • Alyaoum 24 – Alyaoum 24 is an online news media that features political news and discussions.
  • Kifache – Kifache publishes Morocco news live, Morocco news now, and  African news to the Moroccans.
  • Agadir 24 – Agadir 24 reports on technology, politics, and sports news to the Moroccans.
  • Le Courrier de Casablanca – Le Courrier de Casablanca is a French language newspaper among Morocco newspapers.
  • L’Opinion – L’Opinion is a leading French-language newspaper that is distributed in Rabat with its sister daily Al Alam.
  • Anwalpress – Anwalpress is an independent news media among Moroccann newspapers.
  • El Jadida 24‎ – El Jadida 24 carries 24/7 coverage, breaking news, and current news of Morocco.
  • Al Ikhbaria – Al Ikhbaria updates Moroccan people about local news, events, and cultural shows.
  • Chaab Press – Chaab Press is a daily among Moroccan newspapers that casts provincial news and community guidelines.
  • Azilal 24 – Azilal 24 features daily news, city news, provincial news, and national news.
  • Zagora News – Zagora News provides Morocco news live, Morocco news now, and African news.
  • Souss Plus – ‎Souss Plus is a national news portal that covers general news, country news and world news.
  • Assarag 24 – Assarag 24 is a news media that cast different shows, news, events, and cultural programs.
  • Dalil Rif‎ – Dalil Rif is a news site among Moroccan newspapers that contains educational, and historical news and information.
  • ‎Article 19 – Aritcle 19 gives updates on national and international current affairs and issues.
  • ‎Nador 24 – Nador 24 is an online news portal delivering news & information in Morocco.
  • Le Maghreb – Le Maghreb expresses Morocco news live, Morocco news now, and African news to the Morocco people.
  • Anfas Press – Anfas Press is a county newspaper that is available in the Arabic and English languages.
  • Al Alam – Al Alam is an Arabian newspaper along with its sister newspaper named L’Opinion.
  • Bayane Alyaoume – Bayane Alyaoume is an Arabic-language newspaper that has a sister newspaper called Al Bayane.
  • Maghreb Arab Presse (MAP) – Maghreb Arab Press is a national news agency that casts African news, country news, cultural news, and programs.

However, Moroccan newspapers help to observe national issues and the daily lives of the Moroccans.

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Q: What are Moroccan newspapers?

A: Moroccan newspapers are publications that are printed or published online and cover news and events related to Morocco, its people, and its culture.

Q: What types of Moroccan newspapers are there?

A: There are several types of Moroccan newspapers, including daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, regional newspapers, and national newspapers. Additionally, there are newspapers that cover specific topics such as sports, business, politics, and entertainment.

Q: What language is Morocco’s world news published in?

A: Moroccan newspapers are published in several languages including Arabic, French, and English.

Q: What are some popular Moroccan newspapers?

A: Some popular Moroccan newspapers include Le Matin, Al Massae, Assabah, Le360, and L’Economiste.

Q: How can I access Moroccan newspapers?

A: Moroccan newspapers can be accessed online through their websites or through news aggregator websites such as Google News. They can also be purchased at newsstands or subscribed to for home delivery.

Q: What topics do Moroccan newspapers cover?

A: Moroccan newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, economics, social issues, sports, culture, and entertainment.

Q: Are Moroccan newspapers free or do I have to pay to access them?

A: Some Moroccan newspapers offer free online access to their articles, while others require a subscription or payment to access their content.

Q: Can I submit an article or opinion piece to Moroccan news 24?

A: Many Moroccan newspapers accept submissions from freelance writers or individuals who wish to share their opinions or experiences. However, it is best to check with the specific newspaper for their submission guidelines and requirements.


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