Venezuela Newspapers & News Sites In Spanish

A list of Venezuela newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Venezuela is a developing country that is located in South America. The country is known as the world’s largest oil reserves and is heaven for wildlife.

Top Venezuela Newspapers

Here are the top Venezuela newspapers in the language mentioned below.

El Nacional

El Nacional is one of the most-read Venezuela newspapers in the Spanish language along with its sister dailies Ultimas Noticias and El Universal.


Aporrea is an online newspaper among Venezuelan newspapers in the Spanish language that publishes Venezuelan news now and international news.

Últimas Noticias

Ultimas Noticias is a national newspaper among Venezuela newspapers with its sister newspapers such as El Mundo Economia, and Lider en Deportes.

La Patilla

La Patilla is a Spanish-language newspaper that covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle to the Venezuelan people.

El Universal

El Universal is a major daily newspaper in the Spanish and English languages that is also a part of the Latin American newspaper association.

Caraota Digital

Caraota Digital features news on relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the Spanish language.


Runrun is a community newspaper that publishes regional news, local news, Venezuelan news now, and Latin American news.

Noticia al Dia

Noticia al Dia is one of the best-selling Venezuelan newspapers that provides the latest news and breaking news of the country.

El Tubazo Digital

El Tubazo Digital is an online newspaper in the Spanish and English languages that contains national news and international news.

Version Final

Version Final is a well-known news portal that started its journey in 2008 in the Spanish and English languages for the Venezuelan people.

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Venezuela News Online

There are numerous local and regional newspapers in Venezuela in the Spanish language.

  • Noticiero Digital – Noticiero Digital is a popular online news site that is based in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Descifrado – Descifrado is a regional newspaper in Venezuela newspapers that publishes Venezuelan news today.
  • Informe21 – Informe21 is a local newspaper that features European news, country news, and world news.
  • Diario 2001 – Diario 2001 is a common news site that provides 24/7 updates on Venezuela.
  • Venezuela al Dia – Venezuela al Dia, a Spanish-language newspaper provides especially regional news and country news.
  • SuNoticiero – SuNoticiero provides daily news flash, bulletin, and recent news of Venezuela.
  • La iguana – La iguana is a general daily in the Spanish language featuring several current affairs happening worldwide.
  • La Verdad de Monagas – La Verdad de Monagas covers Venezuelan news now, and Latin American news.
  • El Tiempo – El Tiempo is a leading daily newspaper in the Spanish language that is distributed in Puerto la Cruz.
  • Globovision – Globovision has columns on health, province, education, society, opinion, etc.
  • Tane Tanae Asi Paso – Tane Tanae Asi Paso is a Spanish language newspaper online for Venezuelan people.
  • Ciudad VLC – Ciudad VLC, a popular news portal has services like podcasts, daily news and live news video.
  • Diario Contraste‎ – Diario Contraste covers community news, regional news, state news, and government news.
  • Noticias Col – Noticias Col publishes the latest information on health, news, tips, society, and regular updates.
  • Notipascua – Notipascua publishes news on culture, real estate, media, and politics in the Spanish language.
  • ‎Noticias Barquisimeto – Noticias Barquisimetro is a community newspaper among Latin American newspapers.
  • El Nuevo Pais‎ – El Nuevo Pais gives coverage of Venezuelan news now, Venezuelan online news, and Latin American news.
  • Correo del Orinoco – Correo del Orinoco is a Spanish-language news media for the Venezuelan people.
  • El Periodico de Monagas – El Periodico de Monagas contains news on finance, daily news, and the latest stories.
  • El Periodiquito – El Periodiquito is a well-known daily that features economical news, social news, and financial-related issues.
  • Analitica – Analitica is an online newspaper that delivers socio-political news and analytical news.
  • Los Andes – Los Andes expresses social news, economical news, youth news, and current affairs.
  • Nuevo Dia – Nuevo Dia distributes Venezuelan news now, regional news, and Latin American news.
  • Noti Espartano – Noti Espartano covers community news, regional news, Latin American news, and more updates.
  • Diario Republica – Diario Republica is Venezuelan news online provider reporting on economics, finance, health, etc 24/7.
  • ‎Noticias Carabobo – Noticias Carabobo is a prime news source among Latin American newspapers.
  • Correo del Caroni – Correo del Caroni is a daily among Venezuelan newspapers in the Spanish and English languages.
  • Avance – Avance is a leading state newspaper that is based in Los Teques in the Spanish language.
  • La Voce d’Italia – La Voce d’Italia is an Italy-based Venezuelan newspaper that is also available online.
  • La Razon – La Razon has columns on health, province, education, society, opinion, etc.
  • El Expreso – El Expreso focuses on arts, technology, local news, community news, and events.
  • Notivargas – Notivargas gives social, economic, and political news in the Spanish language to the Venezuelan people.
  • Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN) – Agencia Venezolana de Noticias is a national news agency in Venezuela that is a part of the Ministry of Communication and Information.
  • Noti Zulia – Noti Zulia is a widely known news portal that brings information, and events about Venezuela and the world.
  • La Voce d’Italia – La Voce d’Italia gives social, economic, political news in the Spanish language.
  • Correio da Venezuela – Correio da Venezuela has news sections like blogs, trending news, and social news of the country.
  • 30 Minutos Tachira‎ – 30 Minutos Tachira telecasts Venezuelan news, county news, cultural programs, and events.
  • El Vigia‎ – El Vigia features Venezuelan news now, Venezuelan news online, and Latin American news.
  • Bien Dateao – Bien Dateao is a Venezuelan news provider that is also available online for global readers.

However, Venezuelan newspapers play a great role in the daily lives of Venezuelan people.

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