Rwanda Newspapers List & News Sites

A list of Rwanda newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, African news, and international news.

Rwanda is one of the least developed countries that is situated in Central Africa. The landlocked country is known as a land of thousand hills and also for stunning natural scenery.

Top Rwanda Newspapers

Here are the top Rwanda newspapers in the French and English languages mentioned below.

New Times

New Times is one of the most read Rwanda newspapers in the English language in Kigali that is founded in 1995.


Umuryango is an English language news media that provides Rwanda news daily, Kigali news, also broadcasts Rwanda news live.


Umuseke is an independent newspaper among Rwanda newspapers that delivers regional news, trending news of Rwanda.


IGIHE gives updates of political news, sports news, business news, and breaking news of Kigali in the French and English languages.

Kigali Today

Kigali Today is an independent English language news site that covers the breaking news of Kigali, Rwanda.


Ukwezi features all African news, Rwanda news 24, community news, crime news, political news and events to the Rwanda people.

KT Press

KT Press telecasts Rwanda news now, Rwanda news 24, African news, entertainments shows and programs.

Imvaho Nshya

Imvaho Nshya contains news on health, technology, country, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Rwanda Broadcasting Agency

Rwanda Broadcasting Agency is an independent news agency that broadcasts country news, Rwanda news, and cultural programs.


Intyoza delivers political articles, relevant information, blogs, and discussion in the French and English languages.

Rwanda News Agency (RNA)

Rwanda News Agency is a national news agency that casts Rwanda news daily, world news, and events.


Rugali publishes African news, Rwanda news online, the latest news, headlines, and current issues going in the country.

‎Rwanda Today

Rwanda Today is an English language newspaper among Rwanda newspapers that is also available online for readers.

United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda covers legal news, criminal reports, and investigative news.


Musabyimana publishes community news. local news, city news, African news, and international news to the Rwanda people.

‎Jambo News

Jambo News is a common news media for Rwanda people that serves Rwanda news 24, and Rwanda news daily.

‎Le Rwandais

Le Rwandais is a French language news site in Rwanda that provides Rwanda news 24, Rwanda news now and African news.

Rwanda Government

Rwanda Government is the official news site of Rwanda that provides relevant information, the latest news, and guidelines.

BBC News – Rwanda country profile

BBC News is an international news broadcaster that also covers Rwanda news 24, Rwanda facts and more updates.

In addition, Rwanda newspapers and news media help us to observe the developments of the nation.

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