Best Hospitals In New York (NYC Hospitals)

A list of hospitals in New York includes all the private, public, general, district, and national health centers.

New York is an international media center that is extremely famous for healthcare and clinical systems.

Here you will get all the districts clinic centers and hospitals of New York mentioned with brief descriptions.

Manhattan Hospitals In NYC

Bellevue Hospital Center

Bellevue Hospital Center is one of the oldest public hospitals is located at 462 First Avenue, Manhattan, New York, and opened in 1736.

  • It has facilities of 844 beds for patients.
  • Including different medical services, emergency, and nursing care.

Contact : 

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital

Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital is a public hospital among New York hospitals that is located at 900 Main Street, New York, and was founded in 1939.

  • Has facilities with 1,025 beds for clinical patients.
  • Has special services for chronic care, physical rehabilitation, geriatrics, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s care

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

Gracie Square Hospital

Gracie Square Hospital is a leading psychiatric treatment system among hospitals that was situated in Manhattan, New York City.

  • With the services of 157 beds
  • Has treatments for adult and geriatric psychiatry, and drug rehabilitation services.

Contact :

Phone: 212-434-5300

Hospital for Special Surgery

Hospital for Special Surgery is one of the oldest orthopedic hospitals in New York City, New York, and opened in 1863.

  • It has medical services with 205 beds.
  • Offers orthopedic surgery and the treatment of rheumatologic conditions.

Contact :

Phone: 561.657.4600

Manhattan Psychiatric Center

Manhattan Psychiatric Center is one of the largest hospitals that is based on psychiatric services in Wards Island, New York City, and New York.

  • The hospital has 509 beds for treatment services.
  • It is joined by Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center which gives services to patients with criminal convictions.

Contact :

Phone: (646) 672-6767

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is a cancer-focused clinical service system that is located in Manhattan, New York, and was established in 1884.

  • Space of Beds 498 for patients.
  • Delivering medical services, especially Oncology.

Contact :

Phone: 833-347-1665

Metropolitan Hospital Center

Metropolitan Hospital Center is one of the largest municipal hospitals that is situated in East Harlem, New York, and opened in 1875.

  • Has teaching facilities adjacent to New York Medical College.
  • Offering a different range of wide medical services.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-692-4692

Mount Sinai Morningside

Mount Sinai Morningside is a private school and also a nonprofit healthcare system that is founded on Amsterdam Avenue, New York City, and situated in 1875.

  • 495 beds available for treatment.
  • Offering general medical, surgical, and ambulatory care.

Contact :

Phone: 212-241-6500

Mount Sinai West

Mount Sinai West is a nonprofit hospital among the best hospitals in New York is located in Manhattan, New York, and started in 1871.

  • Including 514 beds.
  • Has several clinical services oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics, breast surgery, colorectal surgery and gynecology, emergency department, intensive care, and urology.

Contact :

Phone: 212-523-4000


NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the best hospitals in the New York Metropolitan Area, New York, and began in 1771.

  • 2,600 beds accommodations.
  • Has been awarded as the top-ranked NYC hospital.

Contact :

Phone: 877-697-9355

NewYork–Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital is a leading nonprofit hospital in New York that is located in Manhattan, New York since 1853.

  • Offering 170 beds for treatment
  • Has inpatient and outpatient services, community outreach, and education.
  • Supporting in the field of emergency and disaster management.

Contact :

Phone: 877-697-9355

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary is one of the prominent hospitals in New York that is opened in New York City, New York in 1820.

  • Has facilities of 69 beds.
  • Treatment services such as surgical care in the disciplines of ophthalmology, and otolaryngology are available.

Contact :

Phone: 212-979-4000

Bronx Hospitals In NYC

BronxCare Health SystemBronxCare Health System is a private hospital also considered an educational institution that is founded in The Bronx, New York in 1890.

  • It has 859 beds available for patients.
  • Performing patients’ health care and clinical services in the Bronx.

Contact :

Phone: 718-960-1272

Calvary HospitalCalvary Hospital is one of the prime private hospitals in New York that is based in The Bronx, New York, and opened in 1899.

  • The hospital offers 225 beds and medical services.
  • It is mainly specialized in Hospice and palliative care.

Contact :

Phone: 718-518-2300

Jacobi Medical CenterJacobi Medical Center is a city hospital that is based in the Bronx, New York, and began in 1955.

  • It has medical facilities of 457 beds.
  • Promoting radiation injuries, diabetic ulcers, and osteomyelitis.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

James J. Peters VA Medical CenterJames J. Peters VA Medical Center is a government hospital that is located in Fordham, The Bronx, New York since 1922.

  • Available 311 beds and 120 nursing home beds.
  • Specialized in Veterans’ health administrations.

Contact :

Phone: 800-698-2411

Montefiore Medical CenterMontefiore Medical Center is another nonprofit hospital that also a teaching center is situated on East 210th Street, The Bronx, New York.

  • Space of 2,059 beds.
  • Has treatments for especially infants, young, and children.

Contact :

Phone: 1-800-MD-MONTE (800-636-6683)

Children’s Hospital at MontefioreChildren’s Hospital at Montefiore is a national hospital among hospitals in Bainbridge Avenue, The Bronx, New York.

  • Has accommodations of 193 beds.
  • It is mainly focused on Children’s treatment care.

Contact :

Phone: 718-741-2426

North Central Bronx HospitalNorth Central Bronx Hospital is a municipal hospital among major hospitals that is founded in Kossuth Avenue, The Bronx, New York.

  • It has 215 permanent beds & 120 additional temporary beds.
  • Providing community medical services and treatment.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

St. Barnabas HospitalSt. Barnabas Hospital is a nonprofit treatment servicing center that is established in Third Ave, The Bronx, New York in 1866.

  • It has 422 beds for patients.
  • The hospital is considered a teaching center.

Contact :

Phone: (718)9609000

Brooklyn Hospitals In New York

Brooklyn Hospital CenterBrooklyn Hospital Center is a community hospital that was set up in Brooklyn, New York City in 1845.

  • Has accommodations of 464 beds.
  • Performing healthcare services such as colonoscopy/endoscopy, detox unit, geriatric unit, rehabilitation services, and health, travel medicine, and wound care.

Contact :

Phone: 718–250–8000

Coney Island HospitalConey Island Hospital is a public hospital among NYC hospitals that is situated in Brooklyn, New York and opened in 1875.

  • With 371 beds for treatment services.
  • Basics in primary care, nuclear medicine, and emergency services.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

Kings County Hospital CenterKings County Hospital Center is a community hospital that is situated in Brooklyn, New York, and started in 1831.

  • Available of 627 beds.
  • Mainly focused on women’s health, child & teen health, surgical services, etc.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist HospitalNewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is a popular nonprofit hospital among NYC hospitals that is opened in Brooklyn, New York City in 1881.

  • Space of 591 beds for patients.
  • Has surgery, advanced otolaryngology, asthma and lung disease services, etc.

Contact :

Phone: 877-697-9355

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – With the motto of To Learn, To Search, To Serve, SUNY Downstate Medical Center is a well-known private hospital that is based in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Recognized as a widely known medical school.
  • Delivering urban health society, medical education, and other services.

Contact :

Phone: 718-270-1000

Woodhull Medical and Mental Health CenterWoodhull Medical and Mental Health Center is a community hospital that was set up in Brooklyn, New York in 1982.

  • Providing 323 accommodations for patients.
  • Performing specialized and general treatment.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

Wyckoff Heights Medical CenterWyckoff Heights Medical Center is a general community hospital that is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York in 1889.

  • It has 350 beds for patients
  • It has achieved different types of achievement awards.

Contact :

Phone: (718) 963-7272

Queens Hospitals In New York

Elmhurst Hospital CenterElmhurst Hospital Center is a public hospital that is located in  Elmhurst 11373, Queens, New York, and was founded in 1957.

  • With 545 beds.
  • Providing community-based medical care.

Contact :

Phone: 1-844-NYC-4NYC

Jamaica Hospital Medical CenterJamaica Hospital Medical Center is a general hospital in Queens, New York, and opened in 1883.

  • The hospital has 607 beds.
  • A wide range of medical treatment services.

Contact :

Phone: 718-206-6000

Staten Island

Richmond University Medical CenterRichmond University Medical Center is a general hospital among NYC hospitals that is situated in West New Brighton, Staten Island in 1903.

  • Facilities of 448 beds.
  • Performing health treatment and clinical services regularly.

Contact :

Phone: 844.934.2273

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