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A list of Solomon Islands newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

The Solomon Islands is one of the least developed countries that is located in Oceania. The island country is known as a pristine paradise and unique wildlife.

Top Solomon Islands Newspapers

Here are the top Solomon Islands newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Solomon Star News

Solomon Star News is a national daily newspaper in the English language that is founded in 1982 & covers Oceania news.

Solomon Times

Solomon Times is an English-language newspaper that provides Solomon Islands news now, Oceania news, and islands news.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC)

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation is a news media that delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.

The Island Sun News

The Island Sun News is a leading daily newspaper in the English language that publishes national news and international news.

Wikipedia: Solomon Islands

Wikipedia is an international source of gathering information about different topics including Oceania news, Solomon Islands news now, and islands news.

BBC: Solomon Islands

BBC News is an international broadcaster providing news to almost all the countries in the world. that publishes Solomon Island facts, Solomon Islands tourism news, and other updates. : Solomon Islands is a worldwide news portal that features Solomon Islands news online, Solomon Islands news today, Oceania news, islands news, regional news, city news, and tourism news.

Finally, Solomon Islands newspapers and news media are not so developed in the island country. But they try to feature Solomon Islands news now, Oceania news, and islands news.

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