List Of Delaware Newspapers Online

A list of Delaware newspapers in the USA contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, USA news, national news, and international news.

Delaware is a small state in the USA, well known for having beautiful beaches & natural beauties.

Top Delaware Newspapers

Here are the top Delaware newspapers in the US mentioned below.

Delaware State News

Delaware State News is an independent daily newspaper among Delaware newspapers. It has multiple sister newspapers such as Milford Chronicle, Sussex Post, etc.

News Journal

News Journal is one of the main Delaware newspapers that is distributed in Wilmington & owned by Gannett in the USA.

El Tiempo Hispano

El Tiempo Hispano is a monthly newspaper in Delaware, USA that is also available online for readers around the world.


Wave is an English-language weekly newspaper in American newspapers. It is also one of the most circulated Delaware newspapers since 1999.

Laurel Star

Laurel Star is a regional newspaper in the English language that reports on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in Delaware.

Beach Paper

Beach Paper provides relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions to the Delaware natives in the US.

Cape Gazette

Cape Gazette is an independent twice-weekly newspaper in Delaware, USA that serves the Cape region and Sussex county.

Milford Chronicle

Milford Chronicle is a Milford-based city newspaper among United States newspapers online for Delaware natives.

Sussex County Post

Sussex County Post is a community newspaper that is distributed in Sussex County in the English language regularly.

Delaware Black

Delaware Black publishes national news, trending news, regional updates, European news, international news, and more.

Newark Post

Newark Post is a renowned local newspaper that is printed once a week, providing national news, crime news, and community news.

Coastal Point

Coastal Point is a leading newspaper in Delaware, USA that serves Delaware people with the latest news and current affairs.

Seaford Star

Seaford Star features daily news, political news, sports news, science, and travel updates for readers nationally and internationally.

Smyrna/Clayton Sun

Smyrna/Clayton Sun is a weekly newspaper based in Smyrna among US newspapers and founded by Gannett.

Delaware Press Association (DPA)

Delaware Press Association is a news media that controls and operates Delaware newspapers for better news and reports.

In addition, Delaware news sites also serve Delaware natives 24/7 along with Delaware newspapers.

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