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A list of Georgia newspapers that cover sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, USA news, and international news.

Georgia is one of the largest and most populous Southeastern states in the United States which is known for most influential people like Martin Luther King.

Top Georgia Newspapers

Here are the top Georgia newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Albany Herald

Albany Herald is one of the most read Georgia newspapers along with its sister newspapers such as the Henry Daily Herald, and Gwinnett Daily Post.

Times Recorder

Times Recorder is a leading broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that is distributed in Americus, Georgia in the English language.

Athens Banner-Herald

Athens Banner-Herald is a widely circulated daily newspaper that has won several national & regional awards in Georgia.

Augusta Chronicle

Augusta Chronicle is one of the oldest Georgia newspapers that covers national news, and international news daily.

Brunswick News

Brunswick News is a broadsheet formatted popular daily newspaper that is distributed in Brunswick & founded in 1902.

Tribune News

Tribune News delivers health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language to Georgians.


Ledger-Enquirer provides relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions to the American natives.

Rockdale Citizen

Rockdale Citizen is a tabloid formatted weekly newspaper among Georgia newspapers covering news in Conyers, USA.

Cordele Dispatch

Cordele Dispatch is a well-known broadsheet formatted newspaper that is distributed in Cordele twice weekly.

Top United States newspapers:

Georgia Newspapers List

In Georgia, there are many local and regional newspapers for the Georgia people.

  • Citizen-News – Citizen-News is a weekly regional newspaper that serves Dalton county, USA.
  • Courier Herald – Courier Herald is a weekly local newspaper that is founded in 1876 in Dublin.
  • Gainesville Times – Gainesville Times publishes the recent news, current affairs, & issues of Georgia.
  • Griffin Daily News – Griffin Daily News delivers county news, community news, and updates.
  • LaGrange News – LaGrange News is a daily newspaper in the English language that serves LaGrange, Georgia.
  • Telegraph – Telegraph is one of the largest Georgia newspapers that is also available online for readers.
  • Marietta Journal – Marietta Journal is a daily paid subscription newspaper that features local news, national news, and world news.
  • Moultrie Observer – With the tag of “your friend and neighbor since 1894”,  Moultrie Observer is a weekly newspaper serving Moultrie city.
  • Newnan Times-Herald – Newnan Times-Herald is a national award-winner newspaper circulating in Newnan, Georgia.
  • Rome News-Tribune – Rome News-Tribune provides Georgia news today, Georgia news online, and American daily news.
  • Savannah Morning News – With the tag, Light of the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry, Savannah Morning News is a daily newspaper owned by Gannett.
  • Statesboro Herald – Statesboro Herald has won a national award for the best newspaper website in Georgia.
  • Times-Enterprise – Times-Enterprise contains county news, national news, local news, and European news.
  • Tifton Gazette – Tifton Gazette is a community newspaper in Georgia in the English language.
  • Valdosta Times – Valdosta Times is one of the highest circulated Georgia newspapers with its sister newspapers called the Moultrie Observer, Thompson Daily Enterprise, and more.
  • Waycross Journal-Herald – Waycross Journal-Herald features regional news, farm news, agricultural news, social news, and more.
  • Alma Times – Alma Times delivers trending news, economical news, and social news, USA daily news.
  • Post Searchlight – Post Searchlight is a city newspaper that serves Bainbridge, Georgia regularly.
  • Herald-Gazette – Herald-Gazette is an independent English language Georgia news site for American natives.
  • Baxley News-Banner – Baxley News-Banner publishes Georgia news now, Georgia news today, and American daily news.
  • Blackshear Times – Blackshear Times reports on social news, health news, local news, and local events.
  • North Georgia News – North Georgia News is a daily news site in America for Georgian people.
  • Early County News – Early County News is a regional newspaper that is distributed in Blakely.

Georgia Online News

Georgian online newspapers try to cover the latest news 24/7 of the USA regularly.

  • News Observer – News Observer features the latest news, breaking news, issues, and headlines in Georgia.
  • Braselton News Today – Braselton News Today is a weekly regional online newspaper for the Georgia people.
  • Buckhead Reporter – Buckhead Reporter is an English-language newspaper among American daily newspapers.
  • Calhoun Times – Calhoun Times delivers Georgia news now, Georgia news today, and American daily news.
  • Clayton Tribune – Clayton Tribune publishes city news, and events once a week in America.
  • Dunwoody Crier – Dunwoody Crier expresses community news, social activities, and youth news.
  • Dodge County News – Dodge County News is a well-known local newspaper on the best American newspapers list.
  • Citizen – Citizen distributes trending news, economical news, and social news, USA daily news.
  • Herald Leader – Herald-Leader is a general news portal among Georgia newspapers in the US.
  • Elberton Star – Elberton Star casts regional news, international news, and European news.
  • Times-Courier – Times Courier is a weekly news media casting daily news, cultural programs, and more.
  • Jones County News – Jones County News is a common newspaper covering community news.
  • Coastal Courier – Coastal Courier reports national news, USA daily news, and European news.
  • Pickens County Progress – Pickens County Progress is based in Jasper which is a daily American news media.
  • Press Sentinel – Press Sentinel is an American daily news site in the English language for national and international readers
  • Cobb Online – Cobb Online publishes Georgia news now, Georgia news online, and Georgian news today.
  • Columbia County News-Times – Columbia County News-Times is a regional news portal in Martinez, America.
  • Walton Tribune – Walton Tribune is an English-language online news site for Georgian people.
  • Catoosa County News – Catoosa County News gives updates on political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Tribune & Georgian – Tribune & Georgian features news on health, education, business, and culture.
  • Forest-Blade – Forest-Blade delivers the recent news, current affairs, and issues in Georgia.
  • Oconee Enterprise – Oconee Enterprise provides Georgia news today, & Georgia news online.
  • Red and Black – Red and Black is a student-run newspaper among Georgia newspapers by the University of Georgia, Athens.
  • Sentinel – Sentinel contains campus news, activities, and events by the Kennesaw State University.
  • Southern Newspaper Publishers Association – Southern Newspapers Publishers Association is an association that controls and operates all the newspapers published in Georgia.

Hence, Georgia newspapers are an important part and parcel of the daily lives of Georgians.

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