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A list of Ohio Newspapers that contain sports news, USA news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Ohio is one of the largest states in the United States which is known for Cedar point, Hocking Hils, and the world-famous Neil Armstrong.

About Ohio Newspapers

Ohio is home to a vibrant and diverse newspaper industry, with a long history of producing high-quality journalism that informs, educates, and entertains readers across the state. From major metropolitan dailies to small-town weeklies, Ohio newspapers cover a wide range of topics and issues, reflecting the rich diversity of the state’s communities.

One of the oldest and most widely read newspapers in Ohio is The Columbus Dispatch, which was first published in 1871 and has since become the largest daily newspaper in the state. The paper covers local, state, and national news, as well as business, sports, entertainment, and opinion. The Dispatch has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its investigative reporting and has a reputation for holding government officials and other powerful institutions accountable.

Another major daily newspaper in Ohio is The Plain Dealer, which is based in Cleveland and has been in circulation since 1842. The paper covers a wide range of local and national news, with a particular emphasis on business and sports. The Plain Dealer has also won several Pulitzer Prizes for its investigative reporting, including coverage of police misconduct and corruption in local government.

In addition to these major dailies, Ohio is home to a number of smaller community newspapers that provide coverage of local news and events. These papers serve towns and cities throughout the state, from Akron to Zanesville, and provide a vital source of information for their readers. Many of these community newspapers are independently owned and operated, giving them a unique perspective on the issues and challenges facing their communities.

Ohio newspapers have also embraced the digital age, with many papers now offering online editions that provide up-to-the-minute news and analysis. These digital editions allow readers to access news and information from their favorite newspapers on their computers, tablets, and smartphones, giving them unparalleled access to the latest developments in their communities and beyond.

Overall, Ohio newspapers play an important role in informing and engaging the state’s residents, covering everything from local events to national politics. With a commitment to journalistic excellence and a dedication to serving their readers, Ohio newspapers are an essential part of the state’s media landscape.

Top Ohio Newspapers

Here are the top Ohio newspapers in the English language given below.

Athens Messenger

Athens Messenger is one of the most circulated Ohio newspapers that serves Athens, USA regularly since 1848.

Bryan Times

Bryan Times features news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language in Ohio newspapers.


Jeffersonian delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions to the American natives.


Repository is a leading broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that has several sister newspapers such as The Independent, Times-Reporter, & more.

Chillicothe Gazette

Chillicothe Gazette is one of the most read Ohio newspapers that provides national news and international news.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Enquirer is the highest circulated daily newspaper in the compact format that serves Cincinnati, Ohio.

Plain Dealer

Plain Dealer is one of the major Ohio newspapers that is distributed in Cleveland, USA & also has an online paper for readers.

Coshocton Tribune

Coshocton Tribune expresses Ohio news today, Ohio news live, Ohio news online, and USA daily news among Ohio newspapers.

Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily News is an American broadsheet formatted daily among Ohio newspapers that is founded in 1898.


Crescent-News is a popular regional newspaper in the English language among Ohio newspapers that is located in Defiance, America.

Top United States newspapers:

Ohio Newspapers List

There are many local and regional newspapers in Ohio to cover the American regular news.

  • Review – Review features the latest news, recent news, current affairs, and issues in Ohio.
  • Daily Tribune – Daily Tribune publishes relevant information, blogs, political articles, and discussions.
  • Tribune – Tribune provides social news, American news, health news, and technology news.
  • Eagle-Gazette – Eagle-Gazette distributes Ohio news today, Ohio news live, Ohio news online, and European news.
  • Lima News – Lima News is a city newspaper that serves Allen county for the USA people.
  • Logan Daily News – Logan Daily News gives coverage 24/7 news of Ohio online regularly.
  • Lorain Morning Journal – Lorain Morning Journal is a community news media that serves Lorain county.
  • Marietta Times – Marietta Times highlights community business, fairs, sports, and activities.
  • Independent – Independent delivers the recent news, headlines, & trending news to the American people.
  • Newark Advocate – Newark Advocate is also available online for readers around the world.
  • Portsmouth Daily Times – Portsmouth Daily Times is a common news site in Portsmouth, US.
  • Sidney Daily News – Sidney Daily News is a wide known community newspaper that is based in Sandusky.
  • Springfield News-Sun – Springfield News-Sun expresses business news, farm news, country news, and social economic news.
  • Herald-Star – Herald-Star reports on country news, sports news, business news, and more.
  • Blade – Blade
  • Tribune Chronicle – Tribune Chronicle delivers Ohio news today, Ohio news live, and Cleveland news online.
  • News-Herald – News-Herald updates Ohio with city news, cultural program, and activities.
  • Vindicator – Vindicator is a local newspaper that is published in Youngstown, Ohio since 1869.
  • Times Recorder – Times Recorder is an English language broadsheet formatted daily newspaper in Zanesville, Ohio.
  • Athens NEWS – Athens News is an English language newspaper that provides Athens, USA.
  • Enterprise – Enterprise provides Ohio news daily, American daily news, and Cleveland local news.

Ohio News Online

Ohi news site and news media try to cover the 24/7 news for the Ohio community.

  • Chagrin Valley Times – Chagrin Valley Times is a nondaily domestic newspaper for Chagrin Falls people.
  • Herald – Herald highlights trending news, latest news, breaking news, &  recent news of America.
  • Crain’s Cleveland Business – Crain’s Cleveland Business publishes news on business, financial, and commercial news in Ohio.
  • Delaware Gazette – Delaware Gazette is a familiar news portal in the English language in Delaware.
  • Register-Herald – Register-Herald delivers Ohio news today, Ohio news live, and Ohio online news.
  • Courier – Courier is an Ohio news site that delivers American daily news to the Ohio natives.
  • West Side Leader – West Side Leader provides local breaking news, European news, and community updates.
  • News-Democrat – News-Democrat is an Ohio news channel that telecasts national news, international news, and entertainment shows.
  • Times-Gazette – Times-Gazette contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, etc.
  • Morning Journal – Morning Journal covers Norwalk news today, Cleveland news daily, and Dayton daily news.
  • Marysville Journal-Tribune – Marysville Journal-Tribune publishes politics news, sports news, city news, and more.
  • Journal News – Journal News features American daily news, Ohio local news, and Cleveland local news.
  • Miami Valley Today – Miami Valley Today expresses community fairs, business, and youth news.
  • Urbana Daily Citizen – Urbana Daily Citizen serves the Urbana region with current affairs and issues.
  • Wapakoneta Daily News – Wapakoneta Daily News is an Ohio news channel in the English language for US people.
  • Record Herald – Record Herald expresses Ohio news today, European news, and USA regular news.
  • Wilmington News Journal – Wilmington News Journal is a well-known Ohio news channel for Ohio natives.
  • Yellow Springs News – Yellow Springs News is a community online news media in Ohio, USA.
  • BG News – BG News is a student newspaper in the English language by Bowling Green State University.
  • Flyer News – Flyer News is a student media source by the University of Dayton in Dayton.
  • Kenyon Collegian – Kenyon Collegian delivers campus news, activities, and events to Americans.
  • Lantern – Lantern is a student-run newspaper among American daily newspapers by the Ohio State University.
  • News Record – News-Record is an independent newspaper that publishes at the University of Cincinnati, America.
  • Oberlin Review – Oberlin Review is a weekly newspaper of Oberlin College that is founded in 1874.
  • Post – Post is an independent award-winning student-run newspaper at Ohio University, USA.
  • Xavier Newswire – Xavier Newswire covers faculty news, academic news, arts, culture, & more at Xavier University.
  • Ohio Newspaper Association – Ohio Newspaper Association is an association that represents all the newspapers published in Ohio.

Hence, Ohio newspapers and news media help us to observe what’s happening in the USA.

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Q: What are some popular newspapers in Ohio?

A: Some of the most popular newspapers in Ohio include The Columbus Dispatch, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Dayton Daily News, The Toledo Blade, and The Akron Beacon Journal.

Q: Are there any newspapers in Ohio that are specific to a certain region or city?

A: Yes, there are several newspapers in Ohio that are specific to certain regions or cities. For example, The News-Herald serves Lake County, The Vindicator serves Youngstown, and The Blade serves Toledo.

Q: Can I access Ohio newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Ohio newspapers have an online presence and offer digital subscriptions. Some newspapers also offer free online access to a limited number of articles per month.

Q: Are there any Ohio newspapers that focus on a certain topic or industry?

A: Yes, there are several Ohio newspapers that focus on a specific topic or industry. For example, The Daily Reporter covers construction news, while The Columbus Business First covers local business news.

Q: How do I submit a news tip or story idea to an Ohio newspaper?

A: Each newspaper has its own process for submitting news tips or story ideas. Typically, you can find contact information for the newspaper’s newsroom or editorial staff on their website and reach out to them directly via email or phone. Some newspapers also have a designated form on their website for submitting news tips or story ideas.

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