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A list of Florida newspapers in the USA that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Florida is a leading state in the United States, known for its sunny climate, natural resorts, and beauties.

Top Florida Newspapers

Here are the top Florida newspapers in the English language given below.

Alachua County Today

Alachua County Today is one of the best weekly Florida newspapers in the English language. The broadsheet formatted newspaper covers Alachua county since 2000.

Anna Maria Island Sun

Anna Maria Island Sun is one of the most circulated Florida newspapers that publish country news, international news, and community events.


Islander is a leading regional newspaper among US newspapers in the English language that provides news on health, education, business, and culture.

Voice of South Marion

Voice of South Marion is a wide known Florida newspaper that gives the latest news and current news of the USA.

County Record

County Record is one of the main Florida newspapers that is also available online for national and international readers.

Boca Beacon

Boca Beacon covers 24/7 Florida news, breaking news, and current issues in Florida, the US in the English language.

Pine Island Eagle

Pine Island Eagle delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in Florida.

Bradenton Herald

Bradenton Herald is one of the most read regional Florida newspapers in the English language that covers the Bradenton region.

Nassau County Record

Nassau County Record is a popular regional newspaper in Callahan, Florida for the American natives.

Westside Journal

Westside Journal is an English-language newspaper in Florida that Features USA news to the Florida people.

Top United States newspapers:

Florida News Today

Florida news sites cover the breaking news and headlines of the USA for global readers.

  • Cape Coral Daily Breeze – Cape Coral Daily Breeze reports on daily Florida news, sports news, business news, and health, and technology updates.
  • Crestview News Bulletin – Crestview News Bulletin is an online Florida newspaper covering Crestview, US.
  • Chiefland Citizen – Chiefland Citizen delivers cultural news, county news, local news, and events.
  • Chipley Bugle – Chipley Bugle is a county newspaper that is available online for American natives.
  • Citrus County Chronicle – Citrus County Chronicle is a local newspaper in Citrus County founded in 1889.
  • Wakulla News – Wakulla News is an independent local newspaper that is distributed in Crawfordville, US.
  • Destin Log – Destin Log is a Destin-based newspaper that is printed twice a week & owned by Freedom Communications.
  • South Marion Citizen – South Marion Citizen is an online news site in Florida that publishes recent news about the USA.
  • News-Leader – News-Leader is a city newspaper in the USA publishing the current affairs of America.
  • FLKeysNews – FLKeys News is a popular regional newspaper in the English language that serves Florida daily.
  • News-Press – News-Press is a regular newspaper that is distributed in Lee County in the USA.
  • Northwest Florida Daily News – Northwest Florida Daily News is a daily newspaper that is owned by the Gannett company since 1946.
  • Columbia County Observer – Columbia County Observer delivers Florida news now, Florida online news regularly.
  • Gainesville Sun – Gainesville Sun is a daily broadsheet formatted newspaper in Gainesville, Florida & owned by Gannett.
  • Independent FL Alligator – Independent FL Alligator is a student newspaper by the University of Florida that is distributed in Gainesville and areas.
  • Bradford County Telegraph – Bradford County Telegraph is a common newspaper that publishes daily Florida news.
  • Lake City Reporter – Lake City Reporter gives updates to the Florida people with USA’s daily news.
  • Ledger – Ledger reports on Florida news now, USA news, world news, and Florida news today.
  • Suwannee Democrat – Suwannee Democrat is a Live Oak-based newspaper in the English language in Florida, USA.
  • Jackson County Floridan – Jackson County Floridan is a local newspaper that is distributed in the Marianna region to the Florida people.
  • Jackson County Times – Jackson County Times is a Marianna-based Florida newspaper in the English language.
  • Naples Daily News – Naples Daily News is an influential newspaper that covers Naples, Florida, and Collier County.
  • Ocala Star-Banner – Ocala Star-Banner provides sports news, political news, national news, cultural news, and more.
  • Palatka Daily News – Palatka Daily News is a community newspaper that features local news since 1885.
  • Palm Coast Observer – Palm Coast Observer is a city newspaper that is distributed in Palm Coast and owned by Observer Media Group.
  • News Herald – News Herald is an award-winner local newspaper in Florida in the English language.
  • Pensacola News Journal – Pensacola News Journal features Florida daily news, American news, and world news.
  • Business Observer – Business Observer is a business-focused newspaper that features commercial and financial news in Florida.
  • Treasure Coast Newspapers – Treasure Coast Newspapers deliver community news, city news, USA news, and events.
  • FSView & The Florida Flambeau – FSView & The Florida Flambeau is a student-run newspaper by Florida State University.
  • Tallahassee Democrat – Tallahassee Democrat is a daily newspaper that serves Tallahassee, Leon County in the USA.
  • Florida Press Association (FPA) – Florida Press Association operates all the newspapers that are published in Florida, USA.

Moreover, Florida newspapers and news media serves 24/7 the Florida people and American natives.

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