Arizona Newspapers: AZ Newspapers List

A list of Arizona newspapers in the USA that contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Arizona which is one of the largest states in the western USA, is known as the copper state globally for its grand canyon.

About Arizona Newspapers

Arizona is home to a number of newspapers that cover local, regional, and national news. Here are some of the most notable newspapers in Arizona:

  1. The Arizona Republic: The Arizona Republic is the largest daily newspaper in the state, with a circulation of over 130,000. It is based in Phoenix and covers news and events from around the state.
  2. Tucson Citizen: The Tucson Citizen was a daily newspaper that was published in Tucson until it ceased operations in 2009. At its peak, it had a circulation of over 100,000.
  3. Arizona Daily Star: The Arizona Daily Star is a daily newspaper based in Tucson that has a circulation of around 70,000. It covers news and events from around southern Arizona.
  4. Phoenix New Times: The Phoenix New Times is a weekly alternative newspaper that covers news, politics, and culture in Phoenix and the surrounding area.
  5. East Valley Tribune: The East Valley Tribune is a daily newspaper that serves the eastern suburbs of Phoenix, including Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert.
  6. Yuma Sun: The Yuma Sun is a daily newspaper that serves the Yuma area in southwestern Arizona. It has a circulation of around 20,000.
  7. Arizona Daily Sun: The Arizona Daily Sun is a daily newspaper based in Flagstaff that covers news and events from northern Arizona.

These are just a few of the many newspapers that are published in Arizona. Each paper has its own unique focus and readership, but together they help to keep the people of Arizona informed about the latest news and events in their state.

Top Arizona Newspapers

Here are the top Arizona newspapers in the English language given below.

Douglas Dispatch

Douglas Dispatch is one of the most read weekly Arizona newspapers in the English language & owned by Wick Communications.

Arizona Daily Sun

Arizona Daily Sun is a leading daily newspaper among American daily newspapers with its different supplements such as Flagstaff Live and Mountain Living magazine.

Daily Miner

Daily Miner is a widely known regional newspaper based in Kingman, Arizona that is also available for online readers nationally and internationally.

Today’s News Herald

Today’s News-Herald delivers Arizona news, health, education, business, culture, technology, national, and lifestyle based in Lake Havasu City, USA.

Prescott Courier

Prescott Courier is an Arizona daily newspaper that is distributed in Yavapai county in Arizona, the USA providing American news, U S national news.

East Valley Tribune

East Valley Tribune is a tabloid formatted newspaper among Arizona newspapers that is published once a week in the East Valley region, Arizona.

Herald Review

Herald Review is a community newspaper that is available in Sierra Vista, USA in the English language covering the latest news and breaking news of the USA.

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent is a weekly newspaper in the English language among Arizona newspapers in the USA serving Americans regularly.

West Valley View

West Valley View is a weekly newspaper among American daily newspapers in the English language that serves Phoenix regional areas and West valley cities.

San Pedro Valley News-Sun

Another common weekly newspaper is San Pedro Valley News-Sun which is distributed in Benson with relevant information, political news, and trending issues.

Top United States newspapers:

Phoenix & AZ News

Local and regional newspapers in Arizona, USA covers Phoenix news, city news, national news, and international news.

  • Bisbee Observer – Bisbee Observer is a popular weekly newspaper in the USA that is served in the Bisbee region, Arizona.
  • Palo Verde Valley Times – Palo Verde Valley Times is a regional newspaper in Blythe, Arizona for readers of the USA and globally.
  • Camp Verde Journal – Camp Verde Journal is a biweekly newspaper along with its sister newspaper named The Sedona Rock News, and the Cottonwood Journal Extra.
  • Casa Grande Dispatch – Casa Grande Dispatch is one of the largest circulated Arizona newspapers that is printed thrice weekly.
  • Robson Ranch Views – Robson Ranch Views is a city newspaper that is distributed in Casa Grande Dispatch for the American natives.
  • Sonoran News – Sonoran News is one of the most read Arizona newspapers that is free of cost & published once a week.
  • SanTan Sun News – SanTan Sun News is a nondaily newspaper located in Chandler, Arizona that publishes national news, international news, local news, and more.
  • Sun Bird News – Another popular local newspaper in Chandler among Arizona newspapers is Sun Bird Newspaper for reporting on daily USA news and world news.
  • Verde Independent – Verde Independent is an independent community newspaper that serves Cottonwood news, and Phoenix news.
  • Flagstaff Business News – Flagstaff Business News is a regional newspaper that is mainly focused on business, financial, and commercial news.
  • Navajo Hopi Observer – Navajo Hopi Observer is a broadsheet formatted weekly newspaper among US newspapers.
  • Fountain Hills Times – Another weekly newspaper that is served in Maricopa County is Fountain Hill Times with capital news and country news.
  • Glendale Star – Glendale Star is a local newspaper based in Glendale & distributed weekly in Arizona with Phoenix news and American news.
  • Arizona Silver Belt – Arizona Silver Belt is a weekly newspaper by a News Media corporation since 1878 that is serving the Arizona people.
  • Green Valley News & Sun – Green Valley News & Sun is a private newspaper owned by Wick Communications among American newspapers list.
  • Quail Creek Crossing – Quail Creek Crossing is a national newspaper in Green Valley in Arizona in the English language for American natives.

Arizona (AZ) News Online

Arizona news media and sites give coverage 24/7 with the breaking news and current news to the Arizona people.

  • Copper Country News – Copper Country News is a city newspaper that provides social news, economical news, and more updates.
  • Copper Area News – Copper Area News is a Copper-based regional newspaper among USA newspapers in the English language.
  • Maricopa Monitor – Maricopa Monitor is a major newspaper that covers regional news, social updates, and community events.
  • Foothills Focus – Foothills Focus is one of the largest free newspapers among American daily newspapers along with West Valley View, East Valley Tribune, and more.
  • Nogales International – Nogales International serves the surrounding areas of Nogales such as Rico Rico, Tubac, Amadeo, and more.
  • Eastern Arizona Courier – Eastern Arizona Courier is a national newspaper of Arizona that casts Arizona news, USA news, and world news.
  • Sedona Red Rock News – Sedona Red Rock News is a Sedona-based newspaper that is distributed twice weekly in Arizona, USA.
  • Tucson Local Media – Tucson Local Media is a news media in the USA that broadcasts daily Arizona news, cultural programs, and events.
  • Town of Paradise Valley – Town of Paradise Valley is a general newspaper based in Paradise Valley for the American natives.
  • Parker Pioneer – Parker Pioneer is a common newspaper in Arizona that is mainly focused on business news, and commercial news.
  • Peoria Times – Peoria Times is a local newspaper among Arizona newspapers in the English language for national and international readers.
  • Wickenburg Sun – Wickenburg Sun is a weekly newspaper among Arizona newspapers in the English language based in Wickenburg.
  • Bajo El Sol – Bajo El Sol is a Spanish-language regular newspaper in Arizona for the Spanish communities living in Arizona, USA.
  • Yuma Sun – Yuma Sun is a local newspaper among American top newspapers based in Yuma in the English language since 1896.
  • Arizona Daily Wildcat – Arizona Daily Wildcat is a student-run newspaper of the University of Arizona in the English language.
  • State Press – State Press is an Arizona-based student newspaper of the Arizona State University that provides educational and relevant information.

However, Arizona newspapers give us a proper view of the daily lives of Arizona people, USA daily news, and Phoenix updates.

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Q: What are Arizona Newspapers?

A: Arizona Newspapers are newspapers that are published and circulated in the state of Arizona in the United States.

Q: What are some of the major top Arizona newspapers?

A: Some of the major Arizona newspapers include The Arizona Republic, The Phoenix New Times, The Daily Star, The Tucson Sentinel, The Arizona Daily Sun, and The East Valley Tribune.

Q: What kind of news do Arizona Newspapers cover?

A: Arizona Newspapers cover a wide range of news topics, including local and state politics, crime and public safety, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle news.

Q: How can I subscribe to an Arizona Newspaper?

A: You can subscribe to an Arizona Newspaper by visiting the newspaper’s website or by contacting the newspaper’s circulation department.

Q: Can I read Arizona Newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Arizona Newspapers offer online versions of their publications that can be accessed through their websites or mobile apps.

Q: What is the oldest Arizona Newspaper?

A: The Arizona Daily Star is the oldest continuously published newspaper in Arizona, having been founded in 1877.

Q: How often are Arizona Newspapers published?

A: Most Arizona Newspapers are published daily, although some may be published less frequently.

Q: Are there any free Arizona newspapers online?

A: Some Arizona Newspapers may offer a limited number of free articles online, but most require a subscription or purchase to access their content.

Q: Are Arizona daily star biased?

A: Like all news sources, Arizona Newspapers have the potential to be biased. It is important to read and compare articles from multiple sources to get a well-rounded understanding of a story.

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