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A list of Pennsylvania newspapers that contain USA news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Pennsylvania is a northeastern state in the United States which is known for being one of the most industrial centers & mushroom production in America.

Top Pennsylvania Newspapers

Here are the top Pennsylvania newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Altoona Mirror

Altoona Mirror is one of the most read Pennsylvania newspapers along with its sister daily Pennsylvania mirror.

Beaver County Times

Beaver County Times is a widely circulated among Pennsylvania newspapers that is founded by Gannett since 1851.

Press Enterprise

Press Enterprise is a leading newspaper among American daily newspapers that is distributed in Bloomsburg, America.

Bradford Era

Bradford Era is a popular regional newspaper in the English language that is based in Bradford, Pennsylvania.


Sentinel is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that is based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania &  founded in 1861.

Courier Express

Courier Express is an English language newspaper among USA daily newspapers that delivers national news and international news.

Erie Times-News

Erie Times-News publishes news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language.

Gettysburg Times

Gettysburg Times expresses political news, relevant information, blogs, articles, and discussion to the American people.

Evening Sun

Evening Sun features Pennsylvania daily news, Pennsylvania news live, American daily news, and European news.


Standard-Speaker is an American daily newspaper that is based in Hazleton contains the latest news of America.

Top United States newspapers:

Pennsylvania Newspapers List

Pennsylvania has numerous local and regional newspapers to serve the nation wholly.

  • Tri-County Independent – Tri-County Independent is an independent newspaper that serves Honesdale county.
  • Lebanon Daily News – Lebanon Daily News is a well known local newspaper among USA daily newspapers.
  • Times News – Times News reports on social news, community news, and events in Lehighton.
  • Bucks County Courier Times – Bucks County Courier Times is a city newspaper that is based in Levittown.
  • Express – Express covers American daily news, county news, entertainment shows and programs.
  • New Castle News – New Castle News publishes USA daily news, European news, and domestic news.
  • Times Herald – Times Herald provides Pennsylvania daily news, Pennsylvania news live, and international news.
  • Derrick – Derrick is an English language news site in Venango among American daily newspapers.
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review publishes regional news, trending news, and current news.
  • Daily Times – Daily Times reports the latest news, and information on health, tips, and regular updates.
  • Reading Eagle – Reading Eagle casts national news, entertainment shows, and different programs.
  • News-Item – News-Item is a domestic newspaper that is published in Pennsylvania.
  • Sharon Herald – Sharon Herald is a news portal that reports Pennsylvania 24/7 news.
  • Daily American – Daily American is a general independent American daily newspaper.
  • Centre Daily Times – Centre Daily Times delivers educational information, social news, and events.
  • Pocono Record – Pocono Record is a community¬†newspaper among 50 states newspapers.
  • Daily Item – Daily Item publishes Pennsylvania Daily news, Pennsylvania local news, and world news.
  • Titusville Herald – Titusville Herald is a Crawford county based daily among Pennsylvania newspapers.
  • Herald-Standard – Herald-Standard features the latest news of America and Pennsylvania.
  • Times Observer – Times Observer is a major newspaper among American top newspapers.
  • Record Herald – Record Herald publishes Pennsylvania breaking news, trending news & issues of America.
  • West Chester Local News – West Chester Local News provides farm news, community news, and events.
  • Citizens Voice – Citizens Voice is a domestic news site that is available for Luzerne county.
  • Sun-Gazette – Sun-Gazette gives daily updates of Pennsylvania news live, Pennsylvania online news and national news.
  • York Dispatch – York Dispatch is an English language news site that is available online for readers.

PA Local News

Pennsylvania news sites and media gives headlines and updates globally.

  • York Daily Record – York Daily Record is an online newspaper that is available for readers.
  • Main Line Times – Main Line Times provides Pennsylvania daily news, Pennsylvania online news, and international news.
  • Home News – Home News features on sports, business, farm, country, technology and more.
  • Bedford Gazette – Bedford Gazette is an English language news site that is circulated in Bedford.
  • Clarion News – Clarion News is a community newspaper that serves Clarion, Pennsylvania.
  • Abington Journal – Abington Journal is a national newspaper that is distributed in Clarks Summit.
  • Ellwood City Ledger – Ellwood City Ledger is a prime news source for Pennsylvania people.
  • Montgomery Media – Montgomery Media broadcasts American daily news, city news, European news, etc.
  • Tribune-Democrat – Tribune-Democrat is a morning daily newspaper that is founded in 1853.
  • Fulton County News – Fulton County News is a popular news media for Pennsylvania people.
  • Upper Dauphin Sentinel – Upper Dauphin Sentinel covers news on political news, blogs, information, & articles.
  • Mountaintop Eagle – Mountaintop Eagle is a community newspaper among the USA daily newspapers.
  • Pittsburgh City Paper – Pittsburgh City Paper is a Pittsburgh based online newspaper for Americans.
  • Chester County Press – Chester County Press telecasts county news, community news, entertainment shows, and more.
  • Times Leader – Times Leader contains Pennsylvania online news, Pennsylvania new live, and American daily news.
  • Webb Weekly – Webb Weekly is a weekly newspaper that is available in Williamsport, USA.
  • Pitt News – Pitt News is a student newspaper by the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in USA.
  • Rocket – Rocket is a student-operated & controlled newspaper by Slippery Rock University, America.
  • Slate – Slate is a weekly campus newspaper that is based in Shippensburg University, USA.
  • Tartan – Tartan publishes campus news, sports news, and articles on current issues at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Villanovan – Villanovan is a student-run newspaper by Villanova University, Pennsylvania since 1916.
  • Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association – Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association is an association in Pennsylvania that represents all the newspapers published in the state.

Hence, Pennsylvania newspapers are a major part of the daily lives of Americans.

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