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A list of North Carolina newspapers that contain USA news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

North Carolina is one of the most populous states in the United States which is known for various cultural and historic heritages.

Top North Carolina Newspapers

Here are the top North Carolina newspapers in the English language mentioned below.


Courier-Tribune is one of the oldest North Carolina newspapers in the American English language that is founded in 1876.


Citizen-Times is a leading broadsheet formatted daily among North Carolina newspapers that is owned by Gannett.


Times-News is a popular American English language daily that has received several awards for being a better newspaper in Burlington, USA.

Daily Record

Daily Record is one of the most read daily North Carolina newspapers that is based in Dunn, America started in 1950.

The Herald-Sun

The Herald-Sun has won multiple excellency awards from the North Carolina press association with its sister newspaper The News & Observer.

Fayetteville Observer

Fayetteville Observer is the oldest regional broadsheet formatted newspaper that has an online presence in North Carolina, USA.

Daily Courier

Daily Courier is a well-known local newspaper that is distributed in Forest City, North Carolina publishing national news and international news.

Gaston Gazette

Gaston Gazette is one of the most circulated North Carolina newspapers that is owned by Gannett & founded in 1880.

Goldsboro News-Argus

Goldsboro News-Argus features news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in the English language.

Daily Reflector

Daily Reflector delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions to the North Carolina people.

Top United States newspapers:

North Carolina Newspapers List

There are numerous local and regional newspapers in North Carolina to serve the nation.

  • Daily Dispatch – Daily Dispatch is a national award-winner newspaper that is founded in 1914.
  • Times-News – Times-News is a broadsheet formatted daily that serves Henderson county, US.
  • Hickory Daily Record – Hickory Daily Record is an American daily with its sister newspapers named Winston Salem journal, Statesville Record & Landmark, and more.
  • Daily News – Daily News is a Berliner formatted daily along with its sister newspapers The Fayetteville Observer, Kinston Free Press, and more.
  • The Free Press – The Free Press is an English-language daily that has sisters newspapers such as Sun Journal and Daily News.
  • Laurinburg Exchange – Laurinburg Exchange covers Laurinburg with its sisters daily The Richmond County Daily Journal, The Anson Record, etc.
  • The Dispatch – The Dispatch is distributed in Lexington since 1902 that is owned by Gannett.
  • Robesonian – Robesonian is a regional newspaper that is based in Robeson & started in 1870.
  • McDowell News – McDowell News is an American English language daily that is also available online.
  • News Herald – News Herald provides North Carolina news daily, North Carolina news live,  and world news
  • Mount Airy News – Mount Airy News features local news, farm news, sports news & business news.
  • Sun Journal – Sun Journal gives the latest news and breaking news of North Carolina, USA.
  • The Observer-News-Enterprise – The Observer-News-Enterprise updates with North Carolina breaking news regularly.
  • News & Observer – New & Observer is a leading newspaper that is circulated in Wake county.
  • Daily Herald – Daily Herald expresses campus news, social news, youth news, and economical updates.
  • Richmond County Daily Journal – Richmond County Daily Journal delivers American daily news, European news, and national news.
  • Salisbury Post – Salisbury Post is a community newspaper that is available in Salisbury, USA.
  • Sanford Herald – Sanford Herald reports on the current news issues and affairs of North Carolina.
  • Shelby Star – Shelby Star provides community news, socio-economical news, and events.
  • Tryon Daily Bulletin – Tryon Daily Bulletin contains city news, rural news, cultural programs, and events.
  • StarNews – StarNews delivers North Carolina news daily, North Carolina news live, and country news.
  • Wilson Times – Wilson Times features health news, technology news, and national and world news.
  • Winston-Salem Journal – Winston-Salem Journal is a major news source for North Carolina people.
  • Stanly News and Press – Stanley News and Press casts American daily news, international updates, and cultural programs.
  • Mountain Xpress – Mountain Xpress provides the recent news, headlines, & trending news to the American people.

American News Today

North Carolina news sites and news portal gives updates 24/7 with the latest news of America.

  • Black Mountain News – Black Mountain News is an online newspaper in North Carolina to provide the headlines of the world.
  • Mountain Times – Mountain Times is an English-language online news media in North Carolina.
  • Watauga Democrat – Watauga Democrat is a Boone-based online newspaper in North Carolina.
  • Transylvania Times – Transylvania Times reports daily news in Brevard county, America.
  • Island Gazette – Island Gazette delivers cultural programs, community events, and activities.
  • Clayton News-Star – Clayton News-Star contains sports news, business news, city news, and more.
  • Independent Tribune – Independent Tribune covers North Carolina local news, North Carolina news online, and American news.
  • Franklin Press – Franklin Press telecasts country news, world news, entertainment shows, and events.
  • Rhino Times – Rhino Times is a local newspaper in Greensboro among American daily newspapers.
  • Havelock News -Havelock News is also available as an online news media for North Carolina readers.
  • Clay County Progress – Clay County Progress is a weekly newspaper that serves Clay county.
  • Carolina Coast Online – Carolina Coast Online is an online newspaper for North Carolina people.
  • Mount Olive Tribune – Mount Olive Tribune is distributed in Mount Olive county regularly.
  • Cherokee Scout – Cherokee Scout is a nondaily newspaper among American top newspapers.
  • Chatham Journal – Chatham Journal publishes news on culture, real estate, media, and politics.
  • Pilot – Pilot features North Carolina local news, North Carolina news online, and international news.
  • Mitchell News-Journal – Mitchell News-Journal delivers domestic news, farm news,& community updates.
  • Sylva Herald – Sylva Herald reviews news on health, education, business, culture, & sports.
  • News-Journal – News-Journal is a common North Carolina news source among the American people.
  • Courier-Times – Courier Times contains blogs, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Smoky Mountain News – Smoky Mountain News is a North Carolina news site based in Waynesville.
  • Taylorsville Times – Taylorsville Times is available online for readers nationally and internationally.
  • Wake Weekly – Wake Weekly is a weekly news site in the English language among American news sites.
  • The Mountaineer – The Mountaineer is a well-known news media to serve the North Carolina people.
  • Ashe Post & Times – Ashe Post & Times publishes North Carolina news daily, North Carolina news live, and North Carolina news online.
  • Daily Tar Heel (DTH) – Daily Tar Heel is a student-run newspaper among North Carolina newspapers by the University of North Carolina.
  • North Carolina Press Association – North Carolina Press Association is an association that represents all the newspapers published in North Carolina.

Hence, North Carolina newspapers are always ahead to serve the American regular lives.

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