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A list of South Dakota newspapers contains USA news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

South Dakota is a leading state in the United States which is known for its tourism and agricultural sectors.

About South Dakota Newspapers

South Dakota has a rich history of newspapers that dates back to the territorial period of the state. Over the years, numerous newspapers have come and gone, but some have managed to survive and thrive to this day. Here’s a closer look at South Dakota newspapers.

Historically, South Dakota’s first newspaper was the Black Hills Pioneer, founded in Deadwood in 1876. This newspaper was significant for being the first to cover the famous Deadwood trial of Jack McCall, who was charged with the murder of Wild Bill Hickok. The trial received national attention, and the Black Hills Pioneer’s coverage helped to establish the newspaper as an essential source of news in the region.

In 1881, the Dakota Territory was divided into two states, and South Dakota became a separate entity. Soon after, the Aberdeen Daily News was founded, and it remains one of the state’s oldest newspapers. The newspaper was initially published weekly but eventually transitioned to a daily edition.

Over the years, numerous newspapers have emerged in South Dakota, reflecting the state’s diverse population and interests. Some of the most prominent newspapers in the state include the Rapid City Journal, the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, the Mitchell Daily Republic, and the Yankton Press & Dakotan. These newspapers have played a critical role in shaping public opinion and providing a voice for South Dakotans.

In recent years, like most newspapers, South Dakota newspapers have had to adapt to changes in the industry. With the rise of digital media and declining print readership, newspapers have had to develop new revenue streams to stay afloat. Many newspapers have started to offer online subscriptions and digital advertising, while others have launched podcasts and social media channels to reach new audiences.

Despite the challenges facing the industry, South Dakota newspapers continue to play an essential role in informing citizens and holding those in power accountable. They remain an integral part of the state’s media landscape and a vital source of news and information for communities across South Dakota.

Top South Dakota Newspapers

Here are the top South Dakota newspapers in the English language given below.

Brookings Register

Brookings Register is one of the most read South Dakota newspapers that is distributed in Brookings.

Huron Plainsman

Huron Plainsman is an English-language newspaper among USA daily newspapers that serves Huron, South Dakota.

Leader Extra

Leader Extra covers social news, American news, USA daily news, national news, health news, and technology news.

Mitchell Republic

Mitchell Republic highlights community business, fairs, sports, and activities among American top newspapers.

Pierre Capital Journal

Pierre Capital Journal is one of the most widely circulated American newspapers that is available in Central South Dakota.

Rapid City Journal

Rapid City Journal delivers county news, trending news, current news, and affairs of South Dakota and the USA.

Black Hills Pioneer

Black Hills Pioneer is a business newspaper among South Dakota newspapers that provides news on business in America.

Daily Press & Dakotan

Daily Press & Dakotan distributes South Dakota news now, South Dakota Local news, European news, and American news.

Farm Forum

Farm Forum is a leading regional newspaper among USA daily newspapers that publishes news on farms, cattle, & agriculture.

Southern Union County Leader Courier

Southern Union County Leader Courier is a prominent daily American newspaper in the English language.

Top United States newspapers:

SD News Online

There are many regional and local newspapers among American daily newspapers to serve the nation.

  • Moody County Enterprise – Moody County Enterprise is a well-known regional newspaper among American daily newspapers.
  • Courier – Courier features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in South Dakota.
  • Lennox Independent – Lennox Independent is an independent news media that casts national and international news.
  • Grant County Review – Grant County Review provides the latest news of South Dakota, USA.
  • Miller Press – Miller Press casts city news, county news, entertainment shows, and different programs.
  • Mobridge Tribune – Mobridge Tribune is a nondaily domestic newspaper for South Dakota people.
  • Onida Watchman – Onida Watchman is a South Dakota news channel in the English language for US people.
  • Parkston Advance – Parkston Advance provides local breaking news, European news, and community updates.
  • Pioneer Review – Pioneer Review features business news, commercial news, and financial news.
  • Lakota Country Times – Lakota Country Times delivers South Dakota news now, South Dakota Local news, and European news.
  • Redfield Press – Redfield Press telecasts South Dakota daily news, international news, and events.
  • Tri-State Neighbor – Tri-State Neighbor is a city news site that is available in Sioux Falls, USA.
  • Courier – Courier delivers the recent news, headlines, & trending news to the American people.
  • Tri-State Livestock News – Tri-State Livestock News is a local newspaper that is distributed in Huron, America.
  • Tea Weekly – Tea Weekly is a weekly newspaper that updates South Dakota people with the current news.
  • Plain Talk – Plain Talk is a community news site that covers social news, youth news, and events.
  • Reporter & Farmer – Reporter & Farmer delivers farm news, agricultural news, and county news.
  • Yankton County Observer – Yankton County Observer contains South Dakota news, South Dakota news now, and world news.
  • The Collegian – The Collegian is a student-run newspaper among South Dakota newspapers by South Dakota State University.
  • Volante – Volante publishes campus news, youth news, and events by the University of South Dakota.
  • South Dakota Newspaper Association – South Dakota Newspapers Association is an association that represents all the newspapers published in South Dakota.

In addition, South Dakota news sites serve American natives with the latest updates regularly.

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Q: What are some of the major newspapers in South Dakota?

A: The major newspapers in South Dakota include the Argus Leader, the Rapid City Journal, the Mitchell Daily Republic, the Sioux Falls Business Journal, and the Aberdeen American News.

Q: Can I access South Dakota newspapers online?

A: Yes, many South Dakota newspapers have websites where you can access their content online. Some may require a subscription or registration to access certain articles or features.

Q: What types of news are covered in South Dakota newspapers?

A: South Dakota newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including local and state news, national and international news, sports, business, entertainment, and more.

Q: Are South Dakota newspapers politically biased?

A: It depends on the newspaper. Some South Dakota newspapers may have a specific political leaning, while others strive to remain neutral and objective in their coverage. It’s always a good idea to read articles from multiple sources to get a well-rounded understanding of the news.

Q: How can I submit a news tip or story idea to a South Dakota newspaper?

A: You can typically find contact information for a newspaper’s newsroom or editorial staff on their website or in the print edition. You can then email or call them with your news tip or story idea.

Q: Are South Dakota newspapers hiring?

A: It’s best to check the websites or job listings of individual newspapers to see if they have any job openings. However, it’s worth noting that the newspaper industry has been in decline in recent years, so job opportunities may be limited.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor of a South Dakota newspaper?

A: Yes, most South Dakota newspapers allow readers to submit letters to the editor for possible publication. You can typically find information on how to submit a letter on the newspaper’s website or in the print edition.

Q: How often are South Dakota newspapers published?

A: Most South Dakota newspapers are published daily or weekly, although some smaller newspapers may only be published a few times a week or even less frequently.

Q: Can I get a print subscription to a South Dakota newspaper’s list?

A: Yes, most South Dakota newspapers offer print subscriptions that can be delivered to your home or office. You can typically find subscription information on the newspaper’s website or by contacting their circulation department.

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