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A list of Illinois newspapers that cover sports news, political news, USA news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Illinois is a major state in the United States which is known globally for its multiple tourist spots.

About Illinois Newspapers

Illinois has a rich history of newspapers, dating back to the early 19th century. Today, the state boasts a diverse array of newspapers that serve communities across the state.

One of the oldest newspapers in Illinois is the “Illinois Herald,” which was founded in Kaskaskia in 1814. The newspaper served as a voice for the territorial government and was instrumental in the state’s early development.

Over the years, Illinois has been home to a number of influential newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, which was founded in 1847 and is one of the largest newspapers in the United States. The Tribune has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting and is known for its coverage of politics, business, and sports.

Another major newspaper in Illinois is the Chicago Sun-Times, which was founded in 1948. The Sun-Times is known for its coverage of local news and events and has won several Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting.

In addition to these major newspapers, there are also many smaller, community-based newspapers in Illinois. These newspapers serve a variety of towns and cities throughout the state, providing local news and information to their readers.

Some of the most prominent community newspapers in Illinois include the Daily Herald, which serves the suburbs of Chicago, and the State Journal-Register, which is based in Springfield and serves the central part of the state.

Overall, Illinois newspapers play an important role in keeping residents informed about local and national news, events, and issues. Whether through major metropolitan newspapers or smaller community-based publications, these newspapers are a vital source of information for the people of Illinois.

Top Illinois Newspapers

Here are the top Illinois newspapers in the English language mentioned below.


Telegraph is a leading broadsheet formatted daily newspaper among Illinois newspapers. It is distributed in Alton city since 1836.


News-Democrat is a daily newspaper with several sister newspapers such as The Highland News Leader, Tri-County Leader, and more.

Evening News

Evening News is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that is distributed in the Benton community since 1922.


Pantagraph is one of the oldest running Illinois newspapers in the English language that covers news in Bloomington-Normal.

Southern Illinoisan

Southern Illinoisan is one of the major regional Illinois newspapers that is commonly known as the Southern to the nation.


News-Gazette is one of the most widely circulated Illinois newspapers in the English language with its several radio stations.


Times-Courier is a popular regional newspaper in the English language that mainly serves Charles county, US.

Clinton Daily Journal

Clinton Daily Journal is a leading regional newspaper in the English language that is distributed twice a week in Clinton.

Northwest Herald

Northwest Herald is a tabloid formatted daily newspaper among American top newspapers that has won multiple awards.

Herald & Review

Herald & Review is one of the influential daily newspapers in Illinois that has also founded auto race competitions.

Top United States newspapers:

Illinois Newspapers List

There are many communities and regional Illinois newspapers in the USA.

  • Daily Chronicle – Daily Chronicle is a regional newspaper that serves Dekalb county, Illinois.
  • Dekalb Health Chronicle – Dekalb Health Chronicle publishes health news, medicine, and tech updates.
  • Du Quoin Evening Call – Du Quoin Evening Call is an evening daily newspaper based in Du Quoin, Illinois.
  • Edwardsville Intelligencer – Edwardsville Intelligencer is an American daily newspaper that is distributed in Edwardsville, Illinois.
  • Journal-Standard – Journal-Standard is a local newspaper in the English language owned by Gannett since 1848.
  • Daily Register – Daily Register is a daily newspaper along with its sister newspaper named The Eldorado Daily Journal.
  • Kankakee Daily Journal – Kankakee Daily Journal reports national news, country news, and international news.
  • Star-Courier – Star-Courier delivers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Courier – Courier features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Lincoln Daily News – Lincoln Daily News provides business news, city news, USA news, and more.
  • McDonough County Voice – McDonough County Voice gives the latest news and current news of the USA.
  • Daily Republican – Daily Republican is an American daily newspaper that provides Illinois news.
  • Review Atlas – Review Atlas is an English-language daily newspaper among Illinois newspapers.
  • Morris Herald News – Morris Herald News is a community newspaper that covers Morris news regularly.
  • Pekin Daily Times – Pekin Daily Times started 1881 its journey as a daily newspaper in the English language.
  • Pontiac Daily Leader – Pontiac Daily Leader publishes daily American news, USA news, and Illinois news now.
  • Journal Star – Journal Star is an independent newspaper providing daily Illinois news, world news, and European news.
  • Quincy Herald-Whig – Quincy Herald-Whig is a renowned newspaper that serves Adams county.
  • Daily News – Daily News is an online newspaper in Illinois that gives trending news regularly.
  • Register Star – Register Star features the current news of the USA and breaking news of Illinois.
  • Rock Island Argus – Rock Island Argus is an online newspaper among Illinois newspapers for American natives.

American Daily News

Illinois news sites and news portals give 24/7 coverage of Illinois to the nation.

  • Advantage News – Advantage News is a nondaily news media in Illinois providing USA daily news.
  • Aledo Times Record – Aledo Times Record is a city newspaper that covers the Aledo region, Illinois.
  • Amboy News – Amboy News publishes current news, daily news of the USA, and international news.
  • Gazette-Democrat – Gazette-Democrat publishes business news, farm news, health news, and more.
  • Reflejos – Reflejos is a national newspaper among the American top newspapers in the English language for US people.
  • Ashton Gazette – Ashton Gazette expresses sports news, political news, entertainment news, and business news.
  • Astoria South Fulton Argus – Astoria South Fulton Argus reports on country news, Illinois news today, and US news.
  • Cass County Star Gazette – Cass County Star Gazette publishes the current news and affairs of Illinois.
  • Hancock County Journal-Pilot – Hancock County Journal-Pilot is a common newspaper that is based in Carthage.
  • My Suburban Life – My Suburban Life features rural news, community news, local news, & events.
  • Galesburg Register Mail – Galesburg Register Mail is a city newspaper in the English language for Illinois natives.
  • Journal & Topics – Journal & Topics delivers political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Metropolis Planet – Metropolis Planet covers crime news, social news, different activities, and campaigns.
  • Mendota Reporter – Mendota Reporter casts daily US news, entertainment news and different shows & programs.
  • – is a news site in Illinois that covers breaking news and headlines.
  • Bureau County Republican – Bureau County Republican delivers social news, economical news, and international news.
  • Rochelle News-Leader – Rochelle News-Leader provides health news, science news, fair news, and events.
  • State Journal-Register – State Journal-Register updates Illinois people with community news and events.
  • Star-Times – Star-Times contains domestic news, county news, American news, and world news.
  • Egyptian – Egyptian is a student-run newspaper in the English language by the SIUC, Illinois.
  • Northwestern – Northwestern is a student newspaper of Northwestern University, Illinois.
  • Western Courier – Western Courier provides campus news and events of Western Illinois University.
  • Illinois Press Association – Illinois Press Association is an association that operates all the newspapers published in Illinois state.

In fact, Illinois news media are on social media platforms to keep updated readers along with Illinois newspapers.

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Q: What are some major newspapers in Illinois?

A: Some major newspapers in Illinois include the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, and The State Journal-Register.

Q: What topics do Illinois newspapers cover?

A: Illinois newspapers cover a wide range of topics including local and state news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, and culture.

Q: Can I access Illinois newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Illinois newspapers have online editions that are accessible to readers. Some newspapers may require a subscription to access certain content.

Q: Are there any free newspapers in Illinois?

A: Yes, there are some free newspapers in Illinois such as the Chicago Reader, RedEye, and StreetWise.

Q: Are Illinois newspapers biased in their reporting?

A: Like all media outlets, Illinois newspapers have their own editorial perspectives and biases. It is important to read from a variety of sources and critically evaluate information to form your own opinions.

Q: Are there any newspapers that specialize in a particular region of Illinois?

A: Yes, there are many newspapers that specialize in covering news from a particular region of Illinois such as the Peoria Journal Star, The Southern Illinoisan, and the Daily Chronicle (DeKalb).

Q: How can I submit a letter to the editor of an Illinois newspaper?

A: Most Illinois newspapers have guidelines for submitting letters to the editor on their websites. Look for a “Letters to the Editor” section or contact the newspaper directly for more information.

Q: How can I advertise in an Illinois newspaper?

A: Contact the advertising department of the newspaper you are interested in advertising with. They can provide you with information about rates, deadlines, and ad placement options.

Q: How often are Illinois newspapers published?

A: Illinois newspapers are published on a variety of schedules, from daily to weekly to monthly. Check with the specific newspaper for their publishing schedule.

Q: Are Illinois newspapers available in languages other than English?

A: Some Illinois newspapers offer content in languages other than English, such as Spanish or Polish. Check with the specific newspaper for their language offerings.

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