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A list of Louisiana newspapers that cover sports news, USA news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Louisiana is one of the smallest & populous states in the United States which is known for its cultural heritage and differences.

About Louisiana Newspapers

Louisiana newspapers play an important role in keeping the people of the state informed about local and regional news, as well as national and international events. Louisiana has a rich history of newspapers, with the first one, The Louisiana Gazette, being published in 1794. Today, there are dozens of newspapers across the state, covering a wide range of topics and interests.

One of the most well-known newspapers in Louisiana is The Times-Picayune, based in New Orleans. The paper was founded in 1837 and has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting, including for coverage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Times-Picayune is known for its in-depth reporting on local issues, as well as its coverage of the arts, sports, and entertainment.

Another notable Louisiana newspaper is The Advocate, based in Baton Rouge. The paper was founded in 1842 and has a reputation for its investigative journalism and political coverage. The Advocate also has a strong sports section, with a focus on Louisiana State University athletics.

Other major newspapers in Louisiana include The Shreveport Times, The Monroe News-Star, and The Lafayette Daily Advertiser. These papers cover news and events in their respective regions, as well as statewide news of interest.

In addition to these traditional print newspapers, Louisiana also has a number of online news outlets. NOLA.com, for example, is the online home of The Times-Picayune and features breaking news, sports coverage, and local events. The Louisiana Illuminator is a nonprofit news outlet that covers politics and policy in the state.

Overall, Louisiana newspapers play a vital role in keeping the people of the state informed and engaged with the issues that affect their lives. With a rich history of quality journalism and a commitment to covering the news of the day, Louisiana newspapers continue to be an important part of the state’s cultural and political landscape.

Top Louisiana Newspapers

Here are the top Louisiana newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Town Talk

Town Talk is a leading daily newspaper among Louisiana newspapers in the English language that is based in Alexandria, USA.

Beauregard News

Beauregard News is one of the most read Louisiana newspapers that is distributed in DeRidder, USA & founded in 1945.

Franklin Banner-Tribune

Franklin Banner-Tribune provides daily USA news, Louisiana news now, Louisiana news today, national news, and world news.


Star is one of the most circulated Louisiana newspapers that is a broadsheet formatted daily covering Hammond city since 1959.


Courier is an award winner prestigious newspaper in American newspapers that is also available online for Louisiana people since 1999.

American Press

American Press is a well-known regional daily newspaper among Louisiana newspapers that is located in Lake Charles, America.


Press-Herald is another local daily newspaper that is printed in Minden, Louisiana in the English language for American natives.


News-Star is a regular community newspaper in Monroe, Louisiana that is owned by Gannett in the USA.


Times publishes regional news, local news, cultural news, crime news, investigative news, sports news, business news, and Louisiana online news.

Top United States newspapers:

Louisiana Newspapers List

Louisiana has many local and regional newspapers that serve the whole state.

  • World – World is a general daily newspaper in the English language for the Louisiana people.
  • Daily News – Daily News is a tri-weekly newspaper among USA newspapers founded in 1930.
  • Comet – Comet is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that serves Thibodaux, Louisiana.
  • Abbeville Meridional – Abbeville Meridional delivers Louisiana news now, Louisiana news today, & daily USA news.
  • St. Bernard Voice – St. Bernard Voice reports on local news, county news, and American daily news.
  • Basile Weekly – Basile Weekly is a weekly newspaper that covers county news, city news, & Louisiana news today.
  • Business Report – Business Report is a common business daily online newspaper in Louisiana, USA.
  • Capital City News – Capital City News provides community news, city news, social news, and events.
  • Psychology Times – Psychology Times publishes psychological news, reports, local news, and updates.
  • Plaquemines Gazette – Plaquemines Gazette delivers American top news, Louisiana daily news, and world news.
  • Press-Tribune – Press-Tribune is a local newspaper along with its sister newspaper Minden Press-Herald.
  • St. Charles Herald-Guide – St. Charles Herald-Guide contains social news, economical news, and daily American news.
  • Bunkie Record – Bunkie Record provides the latest news, breaking news, & current affairs in Louisiana.
  • Central City News – Central City News publishes trending news, blogs, and articles in the USA.
  • Crowley Post-Signal – Crowley Post-Signal delivers daily USA news, Louisiana news now, and American news.
  • Livingston Parish News – Livingston Parish News is a nondaily newspaper in the English language.
  • DeQuincy News – DeQuincy News publishes news on health, education, business, & culture.
  • Donaldsonville Chief – Donaldsonville Chief is one of the longest continuous weekly Louisiana newspapers that has won many awards.
  • Eunice News – Eunice News is a Louisiana news media casting national news, and cultural programs.

Louisiana News Today

Louisiana news covers 24/7 current news for the American natives regularly.

  • Gazette – Gazette is a leading daily American newspaper that is based in Farmerville, Louisiana.
  • Concordia Sentinel – Concordia Sentinel is an online news media in Louisiana, America.
  • Weekly Citizen – Weekly Citizen is a weekly newspaper that is distributed in Gonzales & owned by Gatehouse media.
  • Gueydan Journal – Gueydan Journal publishes American daily news, USA news, national news, and international news.
  • Tri-Parish Times & Business News – Tri-Parish Times & Business News provides business news, financial news, and commercial news in Louisiana.
  • Jena Times – Jena Times is a regular newspaper in the English language for Louisiana people.
  • Jennings Daily News – Jennings Daily News provides news on arts, blogs, politics, business, and country news.
  • Independent – Independent is a monthly newspaper that started its journey in 2003.
  • L’Observateur – L’Observateur is a national newspaper that publishes Louisiana news in the English language.
  • Lafourche Gazette – Lafourche Gazette delivers American top news, USA daily news, and Louisiana daily news.
  • Sabine Index – Sabine Index provides national news, international news, USA news, and European news.
  • Hawkeye – Hawkeye features national news, USA news, business news, farm news, and health news.
  • Bayou Journal – Bayou Journal contains regional news, city news, county news, and European news.
  • Plaquemine Post/South – Plaquemine Post/South is an online newspaper in Louisiana, USA.
  • West Side Journal – West Side Journal covers local news, national news, social news, and issues.
  • Ruston Daily Leader – Ruston Daily Leader is a Ruston city-based daily newspaper that is also available online for readers.
  • Teche News – Teche News delivers the breaking news and headlines of the US to the American nation.
  • The Best of Times – The Best of Times is an independent news portal that serves the Louisiana community.
  • Forum News – Forum News features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Inquisitor – Inquisitor is a local newspaper that is circulated in Shreveport, Louisiana since 1997.
  • Ville Platte Gazette – Ville Platte Gazette is a daily newspaper in the USA for American natives.
  • Ouachita Citizen – Ouachita Citizen is an English-language newspaper for Louisiana people.
  • Franklin Sun – Franklin Sun is a community newspaper that covers daily news, updates, and events.
  • Daily Reveille – Daily Reveille is a student-run newspaper by Louisiana State University, the USA.
  • Tech Talk – Tech Talk is a student newspaper at Louisiana Tech University among Louisiana newspapers in America.
  • Lion’s Roar – Another popular student-operated Louisiana newspaper is Lion’s Roar by the Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Tulane Hullabaloo – Tulane Hullabaloo provides campus news, events, and updates to the students in Louisiana.
  • Louisiana Press Association – Louisiana Press Association is an association that controls all the newspapers published in Louisiana.

However, Louisiana newspapers are an important medium in the daily lives of the Louisiana people.

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Q: What are some of the major newspapers in Louisiana?

A: Some of the major newspapers in Louisiana include The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate, The Advocate, The Shreveport Times, The Lafayette Daily Advertiser, The Baton Rouge Advocate, and The Monroe News-Star.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Louisiana newspaper?

A: You can subscribe to a Louisiana newspaper online through their website or by calling their customer service department. You may also be able to subscribe through a third-party service or through your local newspaper distributor.

Q: What types of news can I expect to find in Louisiana newspapers?

A: Louisiana newspapers cover a range of topics including local news, state news, national news, sports, entertainment, business, and more. They may also include editorials, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor.

Q: Are Louisiana newspapers available in both print and digital formats?

A: Yes, most Louisiana newspapers are available in both print and digital formats. Many newspapers offer digital subscriptions that provide access to their content online, as well as through mobile apps and e-readers.

Q: Can I submit a news tip or story idea to a Louisiana newspaper?

A: Yes, most Louisiana newspapers have a dedicated section on their website where you can submit news tips or story ideas. You may also be able to contact the newspaper directly through email or phone to pitch a story.

Q: How can I find job openings or classified ads in Louisiana newspapers?

A: Job openings and classified ads are often included in the print and digital versions of Louisiana newspapers. You can also check the newspaper’s website or contact their customer service department for more information.

Q: Are Louisiana news biased in their reporting?

A: Like any news organization, Louisiana newspapers may have certain biases or perspectives that influence their reporting. However, most newspapers strive to present accurate and balanced reporting and provide readers with a range of viewpoints.

Q: How often are Louisiana newspapers published?

A: Most Louisiana newspapers are published daily, while some may be published on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, the frequency of publication may vary depending on the newspaper and its audience.


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