Massachusetts Newspapers List: MA News Sites

A list of Massachusetts newspapers that covers sports news, USA news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Massachusetts is the most populous city in the United States and is known for many colleges & universities including the famous Harvard University.

Top Massachusetts Newspapers

Here are the top Massachusetts newspapers in the English language given below.

Athol Daily News

Athol Daily News is one of the most read daily Massachusetts newspapers. The small broadsheet formatted newspaper covers the north-central region.

Sun Chronicle

Sun Chronicle is one of the major Massachusetts newspapers. The daily has sister newspapers such as Foxboro Reporter, weekly North Chronicle, etc.

Cape Cod Times

Cape Cod Times is a leading daily newspaper in the English language. The broadsheet formatted newspaper is owned by Gannett since 1936.

Salem News

Salem News is a widely circulated newspaper in Massachusetts, USA. The broadsheet formatted daily was known as Salem Evening News before.


Enterprise is a wide known American newspaper that is distributed every afternoon. The newspaper is also considered a newspaper of record in Brockton.

Herald News

Herald News is one of the main Massachusetts newspapers on the South Coast along with its sister newspaper named O Jornal, & El Latino Expreso.

MetroWest Daily News

MetroWest Daily News is a well-known American newspaper that is distributed in Framingham, Massachusetts with its online version.

Gloucester Times

Gloucester Times is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper among Massachusetts newspapers in the English language founded in 1888.


Recorder is a daily newspaper that is considered a newspaper of record in Greenfield & owned by Newspapers of New England, US.

Daily Item

Daily Item is an independent morning newspaper in the English language that provides national and international news in Massachusetts.

Top United States newspapers:

Massachusetts News Online

Massachusetts news sites give 24/7 coverage of the USA to the American natives.

  • Milford Daily News – Milford Daily News is a regional newspaper that serves Milford, Massachusetts.
  • Standard-Times – Standard-Times is a popular daily with its sister newspaper The Advocate, The Chronicle, and more.
  • Daily News – Daily News covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Eagle-Tribune – Eagle-Tribune is the largest circulated daily newspaper that has won many national awards.
  • Hampshire Gazette – Hampshire Gazette is the longest continuous daily newspaper in Massachusetts.
  • Berkshire Eagle – Berkshire Eagle is a national daily newspaper that has won several awards in the USA.
  • Patriot Ledger – Patriot Ledger is award winner daily newspaper that is based in Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • Southbridge News – Southbridge News is a weekly newspaper that is distributed in Southbridge, Massachusetts.
  • Taunton Daily Gazette – Taunton Daily Gazette is a local English-language newspaper that serves Taunton, Massachusetts.
  • Telegram & Gazette – Telegram & Gazette is the only daily newspaper in Worcester since 1866.
  • Abington Mariner  – Abington Mariner is a nondaily newspaper in the English language for Amerian natives.
  • Amherst Bulletin – Amherst Bulletin is an online newspaper that gives the latest news & breaking news of the USA.
  • Andover Townsman – Andover Townsman reports on Massachusetts news today and American daily news to the Massachusetts people.
  • Barnstable Patriot – Barnstable Patriot delivers political news, farm news, national news, and more updates.
  • Cape Cod Chronicle – Cape Cod Chronicle is a nondaily newspaper that publishes county news, local news, and national news.
  • Dorchester Reporter – Dorchester Reporter is an English-language newspaper for the Massachusetts people.
  • Duxbury Clipper – Duxbury Clipper provides domestic news, regional news, city news, and American news.
  • Vineyard Gazette – Vineyard Gazette delivers relevant information, political articles, and trending topics.
  • Foxboro Reporter – Foxboro Reporter is a weekly newspaper with its sister newspaper Sun Chronicle.
  • Landmark – Landmark is another weekly newspaper that features Massachusetts daily news, American news, and world news.
  • Wanderer – Wanderer features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Inquirer and Mirror – Inquirer and Mirror publish current news, daily news of the USA, and international news.
  • Haverhill Gazette – Haverhill Gazette is a city newspaper that covers news in North Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Weekly News – Weekly News is an online news portal in Massachusetts that covers news weekly.
  • Mirror-Spectator – Mirror-Spectator is an English-language newspaper that is for the Armenian community in Massachusetts.
  • Community Advocate – Community Advocate provides daily USA news, American news, and Massachusetts news today.
  • Worcester Business Journal – Worcester Business Journal is a business-focused newspaper that publishes financial news in Worcester.
  • Tufts Daily – Tufts Daily is a student-run newspaper by Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA.
  • New England Newspaper Association – New England Newspaper Association is an association that controls all the newspapers published in Massachusetts.

Hence, Massachusetts newspapers help us to observe the daily news & affairs happening in the state.

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