List Of New Brunswick Newspapers & News Sites

A list of New Brunswick newspapers covering sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, farm news, youth updates, and more.

New Brunswick is one of the largest provinces in Canada and is known to people for its natural beauty and wilderness.

Top New Brunswick Newspapers

Here are the top New Brunswick newspapers given below.

L’Acadie Nouvelle

L’Acadie Nouvelle is a French-language newspaper among New Brunswick newspapers. The newspaper has categorized news on daily Canadaian news, sports news, arts & entertainment news, and cultural updates.

Saint Croix Courier

Saint Croix Courier is an independent, community newspaper that is founded in 1865 and provides news on social, political, Canadian news, and business development in New Brunswick Canada.


Brunswickan is an independent newspaper, also Canada’s oldest official student publication. The newspaper publishes community news, New Brunswick news, regional news, cultural news, and multimedia.

Farm Focus

Farm Focus is an agricultural focused newspaper among New Brunswick newspapers. The newspaper is a great source of guidelines for farms, businesses, cattle, and other local businesses.


Acquinian is a student-owned and controlled newspaper among Canadian newspapers. St. Thomas University’s official publication is Acquinian, which is also available as a New Brunswick online newspaper.

Info Weekend

Info Weekend is an online newspaper of New Brunswick in Canada that provides all the information, and events updates going on there including political, sports, New Brunswick news, and cultural news in the French and English languages.

Miramichi Online

Miramichi Online is an online newspaper among New Brunswick newspapers. The newspaper is mainly focused on crime and investigative news in Canada.

Canada Municipal

Canada Municipal is a monthly magazine established in 1998 that publishes regional updates of New Brunswick.  The magazine in the French and English languages is widely known to Canadians for relevant information and usefulness.

Apart from these, there are also local New Brunswick newspapers and news sites available for Canadians.

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