List Of Prince Edward Island Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Prince Edward Island newspapers and news sites contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Prince Edward Island is a small province among all other provinces in Canada. The newspapers are majorly printed in the English language.

About Prince Edward Island Newspapers

Prince Edward Island is a small province located in Canada’s eastern region, known for its scenic beauty, delicious seafood, and friendly people. The province is also home to several newspapers that serve the local communities and keep the residents informed about the latest news and events.

The Guardian, founded in 1870, is the most prominent newspaper on Prince Edward Island. It covers all aspects of island life, including local news, sports, business, and culture. The Guardian is published six days a week and has a circulation of over 9,000 copies per day. It also has a strong online presence, providing 24-hour coverage of breaking news and events.

Another popular newspaper on the island is the Journal Pioneer, based in Summerside. It has been serving the western part of the province for over 140 years and is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis of the local issues. The Journal Pioneer covers local news, politics, sports, and entertainment, and is published six days a week.

Apart from these two major newspapers, there are also several community newspapers that serve specific areas of Prince Edward Island. The Eastern Graphic covers the eastern part of the province and has been in operation since 1957. The West Prince Graphic and the County Line Courier are two other community newspapers that serve the western part of the island.

The newspapers on Prince Edward Island play a vital role in keeping the residents informed about the latest news and events. They provide a platform for local businesses, organizations, and individuals to share their stories and connect with the community. The newspapers also help to preserve the island’s culture and traditions by highlighting local festivals, events, and traditions.

Prince Edward Island’s newspapers play an essential role in the province’s social, economic, and cultural development. They serve as a source of information, entertainment, and community engagement for the residents and visitors alike. With their strong commitment to journalistic excellence and local coverage, the newspapers on the island are likely to continue to be a crucial part of the island’s media landscape for years to come.

Top Prince Edward Island Newspapers

Here is the description of the top Prince Edward Island newspapers given below.


Guardian is one of the most read Prince Edward Island newspapers in the English language that cast live news videos, sports news, business news, cultural news, weather, opinion, and more updates.

La Voix Acadienne

La Voix Acadienne is a French-language newspaper distributed once a week in Canada that updates information about culture, community news, and heritage news. It is available online to readers each Tuesday.

PEI Canada

With the tag, because life is local, PEI Canada is a local newspaper among Canadian newspapers that publishes business news, farm news, and health news to Canadians.

Eastern Graphic

With the motto of The Lively One, Eastern Graphic features farm news, agricultural news, tourism news, Prince Edward news, and community news in the English language.

West Prince Graphic

West Prince Graphic is an online Prince Edward news site that is controlled by PEI Canada and covers the western part of Prince Edward Island, also active on multiple social media platforms.

The Buzz

The Buzz is a popular magazine that distributes monthly to the region and contains art, community, books, culture, and events going on in Prince Edward Island, Canadian.

Farm Focus

Farm Focus is a well-known newspaper that is claimed to be an agricultural source of Atlantica Canada. The newspaper widely covers on-farm, agricultural, food habits, and articles on related content.

CBC News- Prince Edward Island

CBC News gives coverage of Prince Edward Island’s current issues, events, latest news,  national news, international news, and other information in the English language to Canadians.

Finally, Prince Edward Island newspapers mostly feature regional news and community news for Canadians.

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Q: What are the main newspapers in Prince Edward Island?

A: The main newspapers in Prince Edward Island are The Guardian and The Journal Pioneer.

Q: What type of news do Prince Edward Island newspapers cover?

A: Prince Edward Island newspapers cover a range of news topics including local and national news, sports, entertainment, business, politics, and community events.

Q: Are Prince Edward Island newspapers available in digital format?

A: Yes, both The Guardian and The Journal Pioneer have digital versions of their newspapers available online.

Q: How often are Prince Edward Island newspapers published?

A: The Guardian is published six days a week (Monday-Saturday), while The Journal Pioneer is published five days a week (Monday-Friday).

Q: How can I subscribe to Prince Edward Island newspapers?

A: You can subscribe to The Guardian and The Journal Pioneer through their websites or by contacting their customer service departments.

Q: Can I purchase individual copies of Prince Edward Island newspapers?

A: Yes, individual copies of both The Guardian and The Journal Pioneer are available for purchase at newsstands and other retail locations.

Q: Are Prince Edward Island newspapers available for home delivery?

A: Yes, both The Guardian and The Journal Pioneer offer home delivery options for subscribers.

Q: Are there any other newspapers published on Prince Edward Island?

A: Yes, there are several smaller newspapers published in Prince Edward Island, including The Eastern Graphic, The West Prince Graphic, and The Buzz.

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