List Of Prince Edward Island Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Prince Edward Island newspapers and news sites contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Prince Edward Island is a small province among all other provinces in Canada. The newspapers are majorly printed in the English language.

Top Prince Edward Island Newspapers

Here is the description of the top Prince Edward Island newspapers given below.


Guardian is one of the most read Prince Edward Island newspapers in the English language that cast live news videos, sports news, business news, cultural news, weather, opinion, and more updates.

La Voix Acadienne

La Voix Acadienne is a French-language newspaper distributed once a week in Canada that updates information about culture, community news, and heritage news. It is available online to readers each Tuesday.

PEI Canada

With the tag, because life is local, PEI Canada is a local newspaper among Canadian newspapers that publishes business news, farm news, and health news to Canadians.

Eastern Graphic

With the motto of The Lively One, Eastern Graphic features farm news, agricultural news, tourism news, Prince Edward news, and community news in the English language.

West Prince Graphic

West Prince Graphic is an online Prince Edward news site that is controlled by PEI Canada and covers the western part of Prince Edward Island, also active on multiple social media platforms.

The Buzz

The Buzz is a popular magazine that distributes monthly to the region and contains art, community, books, culture, and events going on in Prince Edward Island, Canadian.

Farm Focus

Farm Focus is a well-known newspaper that is claimed to be an agricultural source of Atlantica Canada. The newspaper widely covers on-farm, agricultural, food habits, and articles on related content.

CBC News- Prince Edward Island

CBC News gives coverage of Prince Edward Island’s current issues, events, latest news,¬† national news, international news, and other information in the English language to Canadians.

Finally, Prince Edward Island newspapers mostly feature regional news and community news for Canadians.

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