List Of Manitoba Newspapers & News Sites In Canada

A list of Manitoba newspapers that contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, tourism news, education, and health updates.

Manitoba is the Central province among all other provinces in Canada and is known for natural beauties and different festives.

Leading Manitoba Newspapers

Here are leading Manitoba newspapers including major cities Winnipeg and Brandon have given below.

Winnipeg Newspapers

Winnipeg Free Press

The Free Press is one of the oldest daily newspapers among Manitoba newspapers. The newspaper is publishing news on sports, breaking news, Canadian daily news, and international news for 150 years.

Winnipeg Sun

Winnipeg Sun is a daily tabloid format newspaper among Winnipeg newspapers. The paper reports on health, education, Manitoba news today, business, culture, and lifestyle.


Manitoban is a student newspaper among Manitoba newspapers founded in 1914 that publishes news on research, technology, sports, Manitoba news update, and community updates.

La Liberte

La Liberte is a French-language newspaper among Canadian newspapers established in 1913 that contains articles on Manitoba global news, food, art, culture, and other things.

Filipino Journal

Filipino Journal is a community newspaper among Manitoba newspapers that are dedicated to the Philippine community since 1987.

Logberg Heimskringla

Logberg Heimskringla is a community newspaper that is both available in print and online and dedicated to Iceland and North America region.


Projector is a student-run & controlled newspaper from Red River College Polytechnic in Canada.

Real Estate News 

Real Estate News is a news site in Winnipeg, Canada that is focused on the real estate industry in Manitoba. It is under the control of a board that makes a report on regional area development since 1903.


Uniter is a student & community newspaper from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba that contains arts, culture, podcasts, and opinions to Canadians.

Pilipino Express

Pilipino Express is a news media based in Manitoba that creates bonding in the Philippines and Canadian by presenting this monthly magazine articles and news.

Brandon Newspapers

Brandon Sun

Brandon Sun is a wide known daily newspaper among Brandon newspapers that distributes Monday to Saturday in Manitoba, Canada.

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Rural Manitoba Newspapers

There exist many newspapers and news sites in all other cities in Manitoba for news readers around the world.

  • Clipper Weekly  – Clipper Weekly is a weekly newspaper in Canada that covers community news, information, and commercial from the North Eastman region.
  • Dauphin Herald – Dauphin Herald is a leading daily newspaper that was founded in 1899, normally familiar for community and regional news to Canadians.
  • Reminder  – Reminder is a weekly newspaper among Canadian newspapers that started in 1946 as an award-winner community server.
  • Minnedosa Tribune  – Minnedosa Tribune is the oldest weekly newspaper that is based in western Canada, serving the nation since 1883.
  • Central Plains Herald-Leader  – Central Plains Herald contains current news, Canadian facts, daily Manitoba news, international news, and regional news to the nation.
  • Selkirk Record  – Selkirk Record provides relevant information, political articles, trending topics, latest news to Canadians.
  • Carillon News  – Carillon News serves 24/7 coverage, breaking news, current news, and Manitoba news to Canadians.
  • Swan Valley Star and Times – Swan Valley Star and Times is a weekly, award-winner newspaper among Canadian newspapers serving Manitoba and surrounding areas people.
  • Opasquia Times  – Opasquia Times is an old independent Canadian newspaper that has several sister newspapers named Dauphin Herald, Swan Valley Star, and Times.
  • Thompson Citizen – Thompson Citizen is a regional newspaper among Manitoba newspapers provided throughout Northern Manitoba.
  • Virden Empire Advance – Virden Empire Advance is a weekly community newspaper published every Friday in Manitoba, Canada & owned by the Glacier Media Group.

Hence, the Manitoba newspapers are as important as the province in Canada.

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