List Of Nova Scotia Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Nova Scotia newspapers that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, health news, national news, and international news.

Nova Scotia is one of the smallest provinces among all other provinces in Canada. It is highly known for high tidings and cultivations of apples and blueberries.

Leading Nova Scotia Newspapers

Here are some leading newspapers in Nova Scotia according to readers around the world.

Chronicle Herald

Chronicle Herald is one of the most read Nova Scotia newspapers in Canada. The daily broadsheet formatted newspaper is owned by Saltwire Network.

Cape Breton Post

Cape Breton Post is the only daily newspaper that is distributed on Cape Breton Island. The newspaper contains local news, events, and sports from communities.

Dalhousie Gazette

Dalhousie Gazette is a student-run newspaper among Nova Scotia newspapers. The newspaper is from Dalhousie University publishing since 1868.

Guysborough Journal

With the tag of Keeping an eye on the coast, Guysborough Journal is a weekly community newspaper in Canadian newspapers. The newspaper first started as a monthly newspaper in 1994 before turning into a weekly paper.


Laker is a widely known local newspaper in Nova Scotia newspapers in Canada. It provides business news, sports news, and community news to Fall River, Waverley, and Bank River.


Reporter is a well-known regional newspaper among Canadian newspapers. The newspaper is distributed since 1982 & owned by Advocate media.

Shoreline Journal

Shoreline Journal is a popular monthly newspaper that serves the community in Bass River, Nova Scotia. The newspaper started its journey in 1994 with Ken Kennedy publications.

Le Courier de la Nouvelle-Ecosse

Le Courier de la Nouvelle is a French-language newspaper that covers mainly national news, local news, arts, entertainment, and culture in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Read more Canadian newspapers:

Halifax News Today

Nova Scotia news sites are also active on various social media platforms for readers so they can engage as a community.

  • Xaverian Weekly – Xaverian Weekly is a monthly student newspaper among Nova Scotia newspapers. The newspaper is an official publication from Saint Francis Xavier University since 1895.
  • Grapevine – Grapevine is a community newspaper that is focused on arts and culture, publishing writings of the community and stories to Annapolis Valley, Canada.
  • Lighthouse – Lighthouse is a community newspaper among Nova Scotia newspapers that promotes local news, community news, and cultural events to local people in Canada.
  • Halifax Examiner – Halifax Examiner is a community newspaper in Nova Scotia, Canada that casts national news, Nova Scotia news, political issues, and other discussions to the nation.
  • The Coast – The Coast is an independent digital newspaper and a community-run newspaper in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Aurora Newspaper – Aurora Newspaper is a major daily newspaper in Nova Scotia, Canada. The newspaper has also pdf versions for its readers.
  • Halifax Today – Halifax Today is an independent community newspaper among Canadian newspapers. The newspaper contains current news, Canadian facts, daily news, and international news.
  • Daily Business Buzz – Daily Business Buzz is a business-oriented newspaper that publishes business, Nova Scotia news, finance, and entrepreneurship news to Canadians.
  • Farm Focus – Farm Focus is an agricultural news source in Nova Scotia that features news on-farm, agricultural and other guidelines about them.
  • Inverness Oran – Inverness Oran is a community newspaper that provides entertainment news, health news, and social news to Canadians.

Hence, Nova Scotia newspapers publish Nova Scotia news daily to keep updated the people of Canada.

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