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A list of Mississippi newspapers that cover sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, USA news, national news, and international news.

Mississippi is a southeastern state in the United States which is known for traveling, agriculture, & delicious food.

About Mississippi Newspapers

Mississippi has a rich history of newspapers dating back to the early 1800s. Today, the state has a variety of newspapers serving both large and small communities. These newspapers cover a range of topics including politics, sports, business, entertainment, and local events.

One of the most prominent newspapers in Mississippi is The Clarion-Ledger, which is based in Jackson and has been in circulation since 1837. The newspaper has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting, including one in 1983 for its coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Clarion-Ledger has a daily circulation of approximately 60,000 and covers news from around the state.

Another major newspaper in Mississippi is the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, which is based in Tupelo and serves the northeastern part of the state. The Daily Journal has a daily circulation of approximately 30,000 and covers news from a wide range of topics including local and state politics, business, and sports.

In addition to these larger newspapers, there are also numerous smaller newspapers serving local communities throughout the state. These newspapers provide valuable coverage of events and issues that may not receive as much attention from the larger newspapers. Some examples of these smaller newspapers include The Oxford Eagle, The Greenwood Commonwealth, and The Natchez Democrat.

Overall, Mississippi newspapers play an important role in keeping residents informed about what is happening in their communities and throughout the state. They provide a platform for local voices to be heard and help to promote transparency and accountability in government and other institutions.

Top Mississippi Newspapers

Here are the top Mississippi newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Sun Herald

Sun Herald is one of the largest Mississippi newspaper in the English language that is distributed Biloxi, Gulf Coast.


Leader is a leading broadsheet formatted daily newspaper along with its sister newspaper named the home times of Flanagan, & the blade of Fairbury.

Commercial Dispatch

Commercial Dispatch covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle for Mississippi people.


Corinthian is one of the widely circulated Mississippi newspaper that serves the northeast region & founded in 1899.


Commonwealth is an English language  popular daily among Mississippi newspapers that is available in Greenwood since 1896.

Hattiesburg American

Hattiesburg American that was previously known as Hattiesburg Progress is an American newspaper that is published thrice a week.


Clarion-Ledger is one of the oldest Mississippi newspapers in the broadsheet format and owned by Gannett company.


Enterprise-Journal is a regional daily newspaper in the English language that is based in McComb, Mississippi.

Meridian Star

Meridian Star is a well known triweekly newspaper among Mississippi newspapers in Meridian & founded in 1898.

Natchez Democrat

Natchez Democrat is a well known local daily newspaper that is available in Natchez, Mississippi for American natives.

Top United States newspapers:

Mississippi Newspapers List

Mississippi has several local and regional newspapers to serve the American people widely.

  • Oxford Eagle – Oxford Eagle is a daily regional newspaper that serves Eagle, Mississippi.
  • Picayune Item – Picayune Item is a broadsheet formatted local newspaper that is founded in 1904.
  • Starkville Daily News – Starkville Daily News is a Mississippi online news media that covers Starkville.
  • NE Mississippi Daily Journal – NE Mississippi Daily Journal is the largest newspaper in northeast including multiple sister newspapers.
  • Vicksburg Post – Vicksburg Post is an English language community newspaper that is based in Vicksburg.
  • Times Leader – Times Leader is a daily news site that covers national news and international news.
  • Monroe Journal – Monroe Journal delivers city news, county news, national news, and world news.
  • Panolian – Panolian features regional news, community news, and American daily news.
  • Sea Coast Echo – Sea Coast Echo is a semi-weekly national newspaper among Mississippi newspapers.
  • Belzoni Banner – Belzoni Banner reports on USA news, Biloxi Mississippi news, & Mississippi news live.
  • Rankin County News – Rankin County News is a regional newspaper that is also available online for readers.
  • Conservative -Conservative expresses Mississippi news online, European news, and world news.
  • Carthaginian – Carthaginian is an online newspaper in Mississippi that is established in 1872.
  • Clinton Courier – Clinton Courier updates with the current news, affairs, and issues of the Americans.
  • Columbian-Progress – Columbian-Progress is a bi-weekly newspaper that has started its journey in 1935.
  • Meteor – Meteor contains relevant information, political articles, blogs, and trending topics.
  • Kemper County Messenger – Kemper County Messenger is an English language news site in Mississippi, US.
  • Scott County Times – Scott County Times is another community newspaper that provides daily news, sports, & health updates.
  • GrenadaStar – GrenadaStar casts national news, cultural news and events to the USA natives.
  • DeSoto Times-Tribune – DeSoto Times-Tribune provides Mississippi daily news, Mississippi news now, & USA online news.
  • South Reporter – South Reporter contains news on culture, real estate, media, and politics.
  • Chickasaw Journal – Chickasaw Journal givers updates of community business, fairs, and sports.
  • Enterprise-Tocsin – Enterprise-Tocsin is an English language weekly newspaper among American daily newspapers.
  • Mississippi Business Journal – Mississippi Business Journal delivers news on business, finance, farm, and investment.

Mississippi News Today

Mississippi news sites & news portals try to cover the latest news 24/7 regularly.

  • Jackson Free Press – Jackson Free Press is a tabloid formatted magazine that has won many national awards.
  • Northside Sun – Northside Sun is a weekly newspaper online that is available in Jackson.
  • Star-Herald – Star-Herald publishes breaking news, current news, and headlines of Mississippi.
  • Greene County Herald – Greene County Herald is also on social media for readers around the world.
  • Holmes County Herald – Holmes County Herald presents socio-economical news, local news, and agricultural news.
  • George County Times – George County Times publishes community notices, activities, articles, and guidelines.
  • Magee Courier – Magee Courier delivers Mississippi news live, Mississippi news online, and international news.
  • Franklin Advocate – Franklin Advocate provides city news, business news, farm news, and social economic news.
  • New Albany Gazette – New Albany Gazette delivers Mississippi news today, Mississippi news live, and country news.
  • Neshoba Democrat – Neshoba Democrat is distributed in Philadelphia regularly for Mississippi people.
  • Pontotoc – Pontotoc highlights daily USA news, world news, and European news among Americans.
  • La Noticia MS – La Noticia MS is a nondaily Spanish language newspaper among American best newspapers.
  • Madison County Journal – Madison County Journal is an English language common newspaper among the US newspapers.
  • Lee County Courier – Lee County Courier is a nondaily among the USA newspapers based in the Lee county.
  • Newton County Appeal – Newton County Appeal contains¬† community business, fairs, sports, and youth news.
  • North Mississippi Herald – North Mississippi Herald features Mississippi online news &American breaking news.
  • Stone County Enterprise – Stone County Enterprise is a weekly newspaper that is circulated in Wiggins.
  • Mississippi Press Association – Mississippi Press Association represents and controls all the newspapers published in Mississippi.

Hence, Mississippi newspapers play a great role in the regular lives of American people.

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Q: What newspapers are available in Mississippi?

A: There are several newspapers available in Mississippi, including the Clarion Ledger, The Sun Herald, The Commercial Dispatch, The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, The Oxford Eagle, The Greenwood Commonwealth, The Vicksburg Post, The Natchez Democrat, The Daily Leader, and The Hattiesburg American.

Q: Can I access Mississippi newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Mississippi newspapers have online editions available on their websites. Some newspapers may require a subscription or payment to access their online content.

Q: How often is Mississippi today published?

A: Most Mississippi newspapers are published daily or several times a week, while some smaller publications may be published weekly or bi-weekly.

Q: What types of content can I expect to find in Mississippi newspapers?

A: Mississippi newspapers typically cover a wide range of topics, including local news, state news, national news, sports, business, entertainment, and opinion pieces.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor or an opinion piece to a Mississippi newspaper?

A: Yes, many Mississippi newspapers accept submissions from readers, including letters to the editor and opinion pieces. However, submission guidelines may vary by publication, so it’s best to check with the specific newspaper for their guidelines.

Q: Are there any free newspapers available in Mississippi?

A: Some Mississippi newspapers offer free editions, such as the Jackson Free Press, which is a weekly alternative newspaper available for free in the Jackson area.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Mississippi newspaper?

A: You can typically subscribe to a Mississippi newspaper through their website or by contacting their customer service department. Subscription options may include print, digital, or a combination of both.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with Mississippi news if I don’t subscribe to a newspaper?

A: There are several other ways to stay up-to-date with Mississippi news, including following local news stations on social media, signing up for email newsletters from local news outlets, and checking online news websites like Mississippi Today or the Mississippi Business Journal.

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