Nigerian Newspapers List & Naija News

A list of Nigerian newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Nigeria is one of the developing countries that is located on the Western coast of Africa. The most populated African country is called the giant of Africa and is known for fashion and technology.

About Nigerian Newspapers

Nigeria is home to a vibrant media landscape with a plethora of newspapers covering a wide range of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. The Nigerian newspaper industry has a long history dating back to colonial times, and today, it continues to play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and disseminating information to the masses.

Some of the oldest and most respected newspapers in Nigeria include The Guardian, Vanguard, The Punch, Daily Trust, and ThisDay. These newspapers have a wide readership and are known for their thorough reporting and in-depth analysis of issues affecting Nigeria and the wider African continent. They are also highly respected for their investigative journalism and their commitment to holding those in power accountable.

In addition to the major national newspapers, Nigeria has a range of regional newspapers that cover local news and events. These include The Nation, The Sun, Leadership, and The Daily Independent, among others. These newspapers are important sources of information for people in their respective regions and often have a strong local following.

Over the years, the Nigerian newspaper industry has faced its fair share of challenges, including government censorship, financial difficulties, and the rise of online news sources. However, the industry has continued to thrive, adapting to changing circumstances and embracing new technologies to reach audiences in new ways.

Today, many Nigerian newspapers have online editions, making it easier for readers to access news and information from anywhere in the world. Social media has also become an important tool for Nigerian newspapers to engage with readers, share news stories, and promote their brands.

Nigerian newspapers play a vital role in shaping public opinion and informing citizens about issues affecting their lives. With a long history and a commitment to excellence in journalism, Nigerian newspapers continue to be an important source of information and a cornerstone of the country’s media landscape.

Top Nigerian Newspapers

Here are the top Nigerian newspapers in the English language mentioned below.


Vanguard is one of the most read daily Nigerian newspapers in the English language that is based in Lagos and was founded in 1983.


Punch is one of the most widely circulated daily Nigerian newspapers in the broadsheet format that started its journey in 1973 in Lagos.


With the tag of truth in defense of freedom, Nation is a leading newspaper that is mainly focused on business news and political news.


With the motto of conscience, nurtured by truth, Guardian is an independent broadsheet formatted daily that is established in 1983.


Trust is an English-language newspaper among Nigerian newspapers that has a sister newspaper named Aminiya in the Hausa language.


ThisDay is a major national newspaper in the English language that has won prestigious social awards for outstanding performance.


Sun is one of the best-selling Nigerian newspapers that bears the tag of Voice of the nation and covers national & international news.

PM News

PM News is a well-known daily newspaper in Nigeria along with its several sister publications such as The news magazine & tempo.

Nigerian Tribune

Nigerian Tribune is the oldest English language daily among Nigerian newspapers that is circulated in Ibadan since 1949.


Leadership reports on Nigerian news, Nigerian news today, local news, country news, African news, and world news to the Nigerian people.

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Nigerian News Online

Nigeria has numerous local and regional newspapers to serve the whole nation regularly.

  • Complete Sports – Complete Sports claims to be Nigeria’s number 1 sports daily and also one of the most circulated sports newspapers in West Africa.
  • Business Day – Business Day is one of the best business newspapers that is circulated in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • The Tide – The Tide is a tabloid formatted daily newspaper that is established in 1971 with the tag of a commitment to truth.
  • Osun Defender – Osun Defender is a major daily newspaper in the tabloid format that is based in Osun State.
  • Nigerian Observer – Nigerian Observer is a popular regional newspaper that is available in Benin city.
  • Premium Times – Premium Times covers mainly crime news and investigated news in the English and Hausa languages.
  • Independent – Independent is an independent newspaper that provides African news, Nigerian daily news, and world news.
  • National Daily – National Daily features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions for Nigerian people.
  • Nigeria CommunicationsWeek – Nigeria CommunicationsWeek is an online newspaper that publishes news on information & technology.
  • Blueprint – Blueprint is a tabloid-formatted daily newspaper that is distributed in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • The Point – The Point is a Nigerian newspaper that contains news on health, social, technology, education, and business.
  • Champion Newspapers – Champion Newspapers is a well-known English-language newspaper for Nigerian people.
  • Fresh Angle – Fresh Angle is a Nigerian newspaper that publishes Nigerian news 24, Nigerian news today, and African news.
  • Desert Herald – Desert Herald is a Nigerian news portal that covers local and regional news.
  • Royal Times of Nigeria – Royal Times of Nigeria casts headlines, trending news, and breaking news about Nigeria.
  • Abuja Inquirer – Abuja Inquirer delivers political news, sports news, the latest news, and breaking news about Nigeria.
  • Thinkers – Thinkers is a common daily newspaper that is also available online for global readers.
  • Daily Post – Daily Post is a Nigerian newspaper that publishes local news, and social news & won a popular award.
  • Sahara Reporters – Sahara Reporters is an online newspaper that delivers the latest news of Nigerian news.
  • Politics Nigeria – Politics Nigeria is a political newspaper that provides crime news, economy news, and policy news.
  • TheCable – TheCable is a Nigerian newspaper that features Nigerian news, community news, and events.
  • Eagle Online – Eagle Online is an online newspaper among Nigerian newspapers in the English language.
  • All Nigeria Soccer – All Nigeria Soccer delivers sports news, league news, football news, and local sports news.
  • Voice of Nigeria – Voice of Nigeria is an English-language news site in Nigeria that covers Nija news, & breaking news of Nigeria.
  • TheCitizen – TheCitizen gives coverage of Nigerian news 24, Naija news, and African news.
  • Business News – Business News provides news on commerce, investment, finance, and farm news.
  • Today – Today is an English-language newspaper among Nigerian newspapers online.
  • Tori – Tori highlights Nigerian news 24, Naija news, Nigerian news now, and African news.
  • Ripples Nigeria – Ripples Nigeria is an online newspaper that delivers crime news, investigative news & multimedia news.
  • Nigerian Bulletin – Nigerian Bulletin is an English-language news site that provides Nigerian news 24.
  • Daily Advent Nigeria – Daily Advent Nigeria is a daily news portal that covers country news, city news, and national news.
  • Nigerian Eye – Nigerian Eye is a prime news source that delivers Nigerian daily news and community news.
  • – is an online newspaper that features Naija news, and Nigerian news now.
  • Hallmark News – Hallmark News gives coverage of Nigerian news today, African news, and international news.
  • – is a Nigerian news media that provides country news, regional news, and entertainment news.
  • Freedom Radio – Freedom Radio is a Nigerian radio channel that casts Naija news, social news, and cultural programs.
  • – is a Nigerian news portal that publishes Nigerian daily news, &  Nigerian news now.
  • Nigerian Watch – Nigerian Watch is a community newspaper that is based in the UK for Nigerian people.
  • THEWILL – THEWILL is an English-language newspaper along with its sister weekly TheWill Downton magazine.
  • News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) – News Agency of Nigeria is a news agency that represents all the newspapers published in the country.

Hence, Nigerian newspapers play a vital role in communication in the daily lives of Nigeria.

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Q: What are Nigerian newspapers?

A: Nigerian newspapers are print or digital publications that cover news and current events in Nigeria.

Q: How many newspapers are there in Nigeria?

A: There are many newspapers in Nigeria, with varying degrees of circulation and influence. Some of the major ones include ThisDay, The Guardian, Vanguard, The Punch, and Daily Trust.

Q: What kind of news do Nigerian newspapers cover?

A: Nigerian newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including politics, business, entertainment, sports, and culture. They also report on local and international news events that affect Nigeria or have relevance to Nigerians.

Q: How often are Nigerian newspapers published?

A: Most Nigerian newspapers are published daily, while some are published on a weekly or monthly basis.

Q: Are Nigerian newspapers available online?

A: Yes, most Nigerian newspapers have online versions of their publications, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Q: Are all Nigerian newspapers biased?

A: Like most media outlets, Nigerian newspapers have their own biases and political leanings. It’s important for readers to be aware of these biases and seek out a range of sources to get a balanced perspective.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Nigerian newspaper?

A: To subscribe to a Nigerian newspaper, visit the publication’s website or contact their customer service department for information on subscription rates and options.

Q: Can I advertise in a Nigerian newspaper?

A: Yes, most Nigerian newspapers accept advertising from businesses and individuals. Contact the publication’s advertising department for information on rates and guidelines.

Q: How can I submit a story to a Nigerian newspaper daily?

A: Most Nigerian newspapers have a process for submitting news stories and articles. Check the publication’s website or contact their editorial department for information on how to submit your story.

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