List Of Uganda Newspapers & News Sites

A list of Uganda newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Uganda is one of the least developed countries that is located in East Africa. The landlocked country is known for its unique wildlife and agricultural products globally.

Top Uganda Newspapers

Here are the top Uganda newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

New Vision

New Vision is a major national Berliner formatted newspaper among Uganda newspapers in the English language that is founded in 1986.


Monitor is an independent daily newspaper among Uganda newspapers with its sister newspapers such as Saturday Monitor, and Sunday Monitor.

Weekly Observer

Weekly Observer is a weekly newspaper in the English language that provides news on health, education, business, culture, & lifestyle.


Bukedde means Morning has come, is a leading newspaper in the Luganda language that is distributed in Kampala, Uganda since 1994.


Independent is an English language news magazine among Uganda newspapers that is circulated in Kampala covering national news.

Chimp Reports‎

Chimp Reports is an online newspaper that expresses the latest news and breaking news of Uganda, African news, and global news.

Nile Post‎

Nile Post is a leading news portal that distributes regional news, local news, social news, political news, technology news, and economical news.

Soft Power

Soft Power reports on the recent news, current news, issues, and affairs of Uganda, and African news regularly in the English language.

PML Daily

PML Daily is a widely circulated daily newspaper among African newspapers that claims to publish reliable and accurate news to the nation.

Watchdog News

Watchdog News reports on crime news, investigative news, social news, international political news, and current issues in the English language.

Ugandan Diaspora

Ugandan Diaspora publishes community news, local news, city news, African news, and Uganda news today to the Ugandan people.


Eagle is a daily newspaper among African newspapers that has different sections of news such as technology, business, entertainment, and world news.


Grapevine is a Ugandan newspaper that is available also online for engaging with global readers in social media platforms.


Sunrise features Uganda news daily, East African news, sports news, business news, cultural news, breaking news latest news of Africa.

Uganda Business News

Uganda Business News covers news on finance, investment, farm, agriculture, commerce, and small business in Uganda.

256 Business News

256 Business News publishes commercial news, financial news, and business news to the Uganda people in the English language.

Uganda Media Centre

Uganda Media Centre telecasts country news, entertainment news, shows, community events, and updates to the Ugandan people.

East African Business Week

East African Business Week is a weekly business newspaper that is mainly focused on business news, political news, and technology news.

Radio One

Radio One is a Ugandan radio channel that broadcasts Uganda news daily, international news, cultural programs, and events.

‎Flash Uganda Media

Flash Uganda Media features Uganda news online, Uganda news today, Uganda news now, and world news to the Ugandans.

‎Uganda News

Uganda News delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the English language.

In addition, Uganda newspapers serve the African people with the latest news 24/7.

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