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A list of Vermont newspapers that covers USA news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Vermont is one of the least populous in the United States which is known for natural beauty, green mountains, and hiking sceneries.

About Vermont Newspapers

Vermont, a small state located in the northeastern region of the United States, has a rich history of newspaper publishing. Vermont newspapers have played an important role in shaping the political, social, and cultural landscape of the state. From the early days of the Republic to the present, Vermont newspapers have provided a voice for the people of the state and have covered local news, events, and issues.

Some of the earliest Vermont newspapers were published in the late 18th century, shortly after Vermont gained statehood in 1791. The first newspaper in Vermont was the Vermont Gazette, which was established in 1783 in Bennington. Other early newspapers included the Vermont Journal, which was established in 1797 in Windsor, and the Rutland Herald, which was established in 1794.

In the 19th century, Vermont newspapers played an important role in the abolitionist movement and the fight against slavery. Many Vermont newspapers were staunchly anti-slavery and were vocal advocates for the cause. The Vermont Phoenix, which was established in 1834 in Brattleboro, was one of the most prominent anti-slavery newspapers in the state.

During the early 20th century, Vermont newspapers covered the state’s rapid industrialization and growth. Many newspapers also played an important role in supporting the state’s conservation efforts, including the creation of the Green Mountain National Forest in 1932.

Today, Vermont newspapers continue to play an important role in the state’s political and cultural landscape. Some of the largest newspapers in the state include the Burlington Free Press, the Rutland Herald, and the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus. These newspapers cover a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, sports, and entertainment.

In addition to these larger newspapers, Vermont also has a number of smaller community newspapers that serve specific regions or towns within the state. These newspapers provide in-depth coverage of local events and issues and are an important source of information for residents of those areas.

Overall, Vermont newspapers have a long and proud history of providing important news and information to the people of the state. Whether covering political campaigns, environmental issues, or local events, Vermont newspapers have remained an important part of the state’s media landscape.

Top Vermont Newspapers

Here are the top Vermont newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Times Argus

Times Argus is one of the most Vermont newspapers that serves Vermont daily in the English language & founded in 1897.

Bennington Banner

Bennington Banner is a leading daily broadsheet formatted that covers national news and international news in Bennington.

Brattleboro Reformer

Brattleboro Reformer is one of the largest Vermont newspapers with its publication Weekend Reformer in Brattleboro.

Burlington Free Press

Burlington Free Press is a tabloid formatted daily newspaper that is also considered a newspaper of record in Burlington.


Caledonian-Record is a widely circulated newspaper among Vermont newspapers that is distributed in St. Johnsbury.

Newport Daily Express

Newport Daily Express is a popular regional newspaper that serves Newport weekly in the English language.

Rutland Herald

Rutland Herald features Vermont news live, Vermont news online, Vermont news headlines, European news, and international news.

St. Albans Daily Messenger

St. Albans Daily Messenger keeps updated the American natives with the latest news and current news 24/7 of Vermont.


Reporter covers news on health, education, business, culture, lifestyle, county, and the world to the Vermont people.

World, The

World, The reports on relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions in the English language.

Top United States newspapers:

Vermont Daily News

Vermont has numerous local and regional newspapers to serve the American natives

  • Chronicle – Chronicle is a weekly tabloid formatted newspaper that is circulated in Barton, USA.
  • Journal Opinion – Journal Opinion is a weekly broadsheet formatted that is based in Bradford.
  • Seven Days – Seven Days contains Vermont local news, Vermont news headlines, and county news.
  • Charlotte Citizen – Charlotte Citizen covers domestic news, community news, farm news, and more.
  • Chester Telegraph – Chester Telegraph is a digital news media of Vermont for American people.
  • Colchester Sun – Colchester Sun is an online newspaper among Vermont newspapers daily.
  • Essex Reporter – Essex Reporter features health news, technology news, Vermont news daily, and world news.
  • County Courier – County Courier contains city news, rural news, cultural programs, and events.
  • Mountain Times – Mountain Times is a community newspaper that is located in Killington.
  • Manchester Newspaper – Manchester Newspaper provides American daily news, European news, international news, and national news.
  • Manchester Journal – Manchester Journal is a familiar weekly newspaper among American daily newspapers.
  • Addison County Independent – Addison County Independent is a weekly newspaper that has won awards for excellence in journalism.
  • Milton Independent – Milton Independent is an independent news site that publishes regular American news.
  • Bridge – Bridge features Vermont news live, Vermont news online, and Vermont news headlines to the Americans.
  • News & Citizen – News & Citizen is a weekly newspaper that is circulated in Morrisville since 1908.
  • Herald of Randolph – Herald of Randolph is a nondaily newspaper in the English language among Vermont newspapers.
  • Shelburne News – Shelbourne News provides the trending news, current news, and affairs of Vermont.
  • Other Paper – Other Paper delivers campus news, social news, youth news, and economical updates.
  • Stowe Reporter  – Stowe Reporter telecasts country news, world news, entertainment shows, and events.
  • Valley News – Valley News gives updates on cultural programs, community events, and activities.
  • Williston Observer  – Williston Observer is an English-language news media in Vermont, USA.
  • Business People Vermont  – Business People Vermont delivers business and financial content in Vermont.
  • Deerfield Valley News – Deerfield Valley News publishes Vermont local news, Vermont news online, city news, and American news
  • Middlebury Campus  -Middlebury Campus delivers campus news, youth news, and events of Middlebury College in Vermont.

In addition, Vermont news media are also available on social media to engage with the readers including Vermont newspapers.

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Q: What are the major newspapers in Vermont?

A: The major newspapers in Vermont are the Burlington Free Press, the Rutland Herald, and the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus.

Q: What kind of news do Vermont newspapers cover?

A: Vermont newspapers cover a wide range of news topics, including local and state politics, community events, business and economic news, sports, entertainment, and more.

Q: Are Vermont newspapers only available in print?

A: No, many Vermont newspapers are also available online. In fact, most newspapers in Vermont have a strong digital presence, with websites, social media accounts, and mobile apps.

Q: How can I subscribe to a Vermont newspaper?

A: You can subscribe to a Vermont newspaper by visiting the newspaper’s website, calling their subscription department, or visiting a local newsstand or bookstore.

Q: Are Vermont newspapers politically biased?

A: Like most newspapers, Vermont newspapers may have a political leaning or bias, but they strive to report the news in a fair and balanced manner. It is always a good idea to read multiple sources and viewpoints to get a well-rounded understanding of the news.

Q: Are Vermont newspapers a good source for local news and events?

A: Yes, Vermont newspapers are an excellent source for local news and events. They often have dedicated sections or columns that focus specifically on local happenings, as well as in-depth reporting on issues that affect Vermont communities.

Q: Can I submit a news story or event to a Vermont newspaper?

A: Yes, many Vermont newspapers welcome news tips and submissions from readers. You can usually find information on how to submit news stories or events on the newspaper’s website.

Q: How often are Vermont independent newspapers published?

A: Most Vermont newspapers are published daily, while some smaller community newspapers may only be published weekly or bi-weekly.

Q: Can I access older articles or issues of a Vermont newspaper?

A: Yes, many Vermont newspapers have online archives that allow you to search and access older articles and issues. Some may require a subscription or payment to access these archives.

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