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A list of Wisconsin newspapers contains USA news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Wisconsin is one of the largest and most populous state in the United States which is known for leading dairy producers.

About Wisconsin Newspapers

Wisconsin has a rich tradition of newspapers that dates back to the early 1800s. The state has a diverse range of newspapers that cater to different communities and interests, from large daily newspapers to small weekly publications.

One of the most well-known newspapers in Wisconsin is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which is the largest newspaper in the state. The Journal Sentinel was created in 1995 by the merger of the Milwaukee Journal and the Milwaukee Sentinel, two newspapers with a long history in the city. The newspaper covers a wide range of topics, including local news, sports, business, and politics.

Another major newspaper in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin State Journal, based in Madison. The State Journal was founded in 1839 and has been covering the news in the state capital ever since. The newspaper has won numerous awards for its investigative journalism and is considered one of the most respected newspapers in the state.

In addition to these major newspapers, Wisconsin has a number of smaller publications that serve specific communities or interests. For example, the Capital Times in Madison is a left-leaning newspaper that focuses on progressive politics and social justice issues. The Daily Cardinal is a student-run newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that covers campus news and events.

Other notable newspapers in Wisconsin include the Green Bay Press-Gazette, which covers the news in the Green Bay area and is known for its coverage of the Green Bay Packers football team, and the La Crosse Tribune, which covers news in western Wisconsin.

Overall, Wisconsin has a vibrant and diverse newspaper industry that provides a wide range of news and information to its residents. From major daily newspapers to small community publications, Wisconsin newspapers play an important role in informing and engaging the people of the state.

Top Wisconsin Newspapers

Here are the top Wisconsin newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal is a leading daily among Wisconsin newspapers that is distributed in Antigo, America.


Post-Crescent is one of the most read daily Wisconsin newspapers that is owned by Gannett since 1853.

Ashland Daily Press

Ashland Daily Press is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper among USA daily newspapers that publishes twice a week.

Beloit Daily News

Beloit Daily News is a popular daily among Wisconsin newspapers in the English language that is circulated in Beloit.

Chippewa Herald

Chippewa Herald is a widely known regional newspaper that covers national news and international news in the USA.


Leader-Telegram features relevant information, blogs, articles, political news and discussion to the Americans.


Press-Gazette casts country news, political news, community news, entertainment shows and cultural events in Wisconsin.


Gazette provides news on news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in Wisconsin to the USA people.

La Crosse Tribune

La Crosse Tribune is a major broadsheet formatted news source that is founded in 1904 in the English language.

Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin State Journal is one of the most widely circulated Wisconsin newspapers that is available in Madison.

Top United States newspapers:

Wisconsin News Channels

There are numerous regional and community newspapers in Wisconsin to serve the Americans.

  • Marshfield News-Herald – Marshfield News-Herald is a common regional newspaper that is owned by Gannett.
  • Oshkosh Northwestern – Oshkosh Northwestern is a general local newspaper that serves Oshkosh & owned by Gannett.
  • Shawano Leader – Shawano Leader features Wisconsin daily news, Wisconsin news today, and American daily news.
  • Stevens Point Journal – Stevens Point Journal delivers social news, economical news, technology news, health news, etc.
  • Watertown, Daily Times – Watertown, Daily Times covers Wisconsin news live, Wisconsin news today, & European news.
  • Wausau Daily Herald – Wausau Daily Herald is a national newspaper that circulates in Wausau.
  • Wisconsin Rapids Tribune – Wisconsin Rapids Tribune is an English-language news channel among Wisconsin news channels.
  • Baraboo News Republic – Baraboo News Republic publishes city news, community news, and American current news.
  • Bloomer Advance – Bloomer Advance is a community news portal that casts American news and USA news.
  • Independent Register – Independent Register is an independent newspaper among American newspapers list.
  • Advocate – Advocate features the latest news, current affairs, and issues in the USA.
  • Mykenoshacounty.com – Mykenoshacounty.com is an online news site in the English language in Wisconsin.
  • Country Today – Country Today is an independent news channel among Wisconsin news channels in America.
  • Reporter – Reporter gives updates on political articles, and trending topics to the
  • Dodge County Pioneer – Dodge County Pioneer covers business news, financial news, and commercial news.
  • Dunn County News – Dunn County News
  • Peshtigo Times – Peshtigo Times is a news channel in Wisconsin, the USA in the English language.
  • Price County Review – Price County Review has also an online newspaper for global readers.
  • Review – Review publishes Wisconsin news now, Wisconsin news today, and Wisconsin online news.
  • Journal Times – Journal Times features country, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Sounder – Sounder provides European news, American daily news, European news, and Wisconsin online news.
  • Lakeland Mirror – Lakeland Mirror¬†is an American daily serving USA people globally.
  • Spooner Advocate – Spooner Advocate is a general newspaper that is located in Spooner county.
  • Tomahawk Leader – Tomahawk Leader is a city newspaper based in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.
  • Waunakee Tribune – Waunakee Tribune reports on the latest news and breaking news of Wisconsin, USA.
  • Waushara Argus – Waushara Argus provides Wisconsin news online, Wisconsin daily news, and American daily news.
  • Badger Herald – Badger Herald is a student newspaper among American daily newspapers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Marquette Wire – Marquette Wire delivers campus news, stories, and youth news to Marquette University.
  • Wisconsin Newspaper Association – Wisconsin Newspaper Association is an association that represents all the newspapers published in Wisconsin.

Along with, Wisconsin newspapers, news sites and news media also serve the Americans 24/7.

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Q: What are some popular Wisconsin newspapers?

A: Some popular Wisconsin newspapers include Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, Green Bay Press Gazette, The Capital Times, and La Crosse Tribune.

Q: Are there any online Wisconsin newspapers?

A: Yes, most Wisconsin newspapers have online versions of their publications. Additionally, some newspapers like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal offer digital subscriptions that allow readers to access the newspaper online.

Q: What types of news can I expect to find in Wisconsin newspapers?

A: Wisconsin newspapers cover a variety of news, including local and state news, national news, sports, weather, and entertainment. Some newspapers also have sections dedicated to business news, health, and opinion pieces.

Q: Can I submit a news tip to top Wisconsin newspapers?

A: Yes, most Wisconsin newspapers have a “submit a news tip” feature on their website where you can submit a story idea, photo or video.

Q: Can I purchase back issues of Wisconsin newspapers?

A: Some Wisconsin newspapers may offer back issues for purchase, either in print or digital format. However, availability may vary by the newspaper.

Q: Are there any free Wisconsin newspapers?

A: Yes, some Wisconsin newspapers are available for free, including community newspapers and some college newspapers. However, many of the larger newspapers require a subscription or purchase for access to their content.

Q: How can I cancel my Wisconsin newspaper subscription?

A: To cancel a Wisconsin newspaper subscription, you will need to contact the newspaper’s customer service department. This information can usually be found on the newspaper’s website or on your subscription confirmation email.

Q: Can I place a classified ad in a Wisconsin newspaper?

A: Yes, most Wisconsin newspapers offer classified advertising for various categories including jobs, real estate, merchandise, and more. You can usually find information about how to place a classified ad on the newspaper’s website or by contacting their advertising department.

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